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Continued From "Transformations, part one"


Deep inside the mountain, in the base Razer and Dusk used, the small group assembled. The somewhat pentagonal control room narrowed at the far end from the main entrace was nother door. The wass that the entrance was on slanted back, dissapearing into the shadows. On the wall across from the main door was a rather large computer console that reminded Jade and Windstriker of Teletraan-1. Only this one was grey, with a wider console, and slightly smaller screen, with a smaller mini-screen on either side of the main one. Needle, the black green and blue pickup truck had gone to help windstriker, and Dusk had assisted.

Dusk, a near carbon-copy of razer, walked back in as the conversation began. The blue, pink, and red flier had pointed wings that slanted down towards the floor instead of normal seeker wings. A cybertronian battlecraft, perhaps? or, rather, a battle flier of some kind. her alt. mode did kind of look like a space ship. Her cockpit windows glimmered in the dim light from the corner.

Mic spoke first. "Who are you guys?" he looked over at the reddish brown, green, and black Razer, who's black visor and vocaliser mask gave away no expressions, then at Dusk. Razer took a step forward. "why do you think?" he answered. "We need your help." he added, a slightly regretful tone to his voice. "We have to end this war, but do not have the means nessesary to use it yet"

Syus, the now-a-green dragon, turned to his friends, iridescent hues giving his scaled armor blue and yellow shadows. "It seems we are part of this war now, until we can find a way home"

Gobee fidgeted. "And how are we gonna do that?" he asked, as if afraid to ask.

"Yeah! You saw what happened to Windstriker!" Mic echoed, only louder, and more confident. Syus looked thoughtful as he replied. "I'm sure the device Jade has has something to do with this. If it brought us here, perhaps it can send us home."

"And Windstriker's fine, thanks." a voice sounded from the doorway. There stood the purple Thunderbolt. Her armor was still dented and singed in places, but nonetheless, she was still as cheery as before. "I hope you weren't talking about me much." she teased. She walked over to where Wyldkat was, and leaned against a boulder. "So, what did I miss?" she prompted, glancing at the duo of fliers at the computer console.

"Not much." Jade replied from where she was leaning against the far corner of the console. "We were just discussing how we're going to find a way home, but we're stuck her untill then"

Syus glanced at the femmeseeker. "Ann, you have a way of oversimplifying things." Jade, who he'd called 'Ann' (her human name) gave him a look that said 'Yeah, then you explain it better than that'

Syus shook his head. "we have a choice." the dragon rumbled.

"what, hide out in a cave till we can go home, or get shot by the Autobots. Or wose yet, the Decepticons!? some choice." the small seeker shot back.

"If I may." Dusk interceded, pressing a button on the console. "Here is your way home." she motioned to the screen, and everyone turned and look. Jade shot Syus a sardonic smirk.

"This is the last kown location of the decepticon spacebridge." Dusk continued as the computer brought up a map. "Our orbiting sattelites will pick up the spacebridge the next time the decepticons open it, wherever they may build it." she explained. Mic snorted. "Some way home." Dusk shot him a querilous look, then glanced at the others. "Is this not what you were looking for?" she asked. "We're not from Cybertron." Needle sounded from the corner. Syus gave him a slightly suprised look, as though the green black and blue pickup truck had just blown their cover. And at the same time to tell him to be quiet. A small brightening of the optics, a tiny widening of the edges. That was all he needed to relay his message. Needle almost inperceptibly nodded, lookingdown at the floor and glanced back up with his optics. A descreet nod. Dusk caught both motions. "Oh." she replied, nonplussed.

that got even more suprised looks. altohugh Syus didn't seem to react. Turning back to the computer, Dusk smiled behind her facemask. Her voice took on a slightly more amused tone. "What, did you think you were the first humans to enter our dimension?" she asked, her amusement evident. She typed a couple more commands in before turning back to the group. "And you're not the first mech to resemble Megatron." she said to Bullet.

The light grey mech looked a little suprised. "What was his name? oh, I've gone and forgotten it. Oh well." she turned back to the computer.

What happened to them?" Syus asked. The green dragon's amber-colored optics flickered between Dusk and Bullet. "Some of them returned home, to your dimension." she brought up a map. "Some of them are still emprisoned on Cybertron." she added, drawing shocked gasps from the gathered group. "This is the decepticon detention facility on Cybertron. Whre the personality components of Decepticon political prisoners are held." she explained. "It's a mind-prison of sorts." windstriker put in. "we know what it is." she added. "I thought you might." Dusk nodded. "They are being held here." she pointed to a blip on the diagram. "If we can locate the spacebridge andget to cybertron, we have a chance at locating our allies in hiding there." she continued. "They may be able to help us free our imprisoned comrades." she finished.

"Once we locate the spacebridge, it shouldn't be a problem, right Megatron?" Jade asked, giving Bullet a broad grin. "Well, I'm not going alone." he finally responded.

"that is true." Syus glanced at the fliers, then at Bullet. "Starscream allways goes with him, doesn't he?" his gaze fell on Jade. The femmeseeker was more... feminine than the decepticon air Commander, but her paint job did remind him of him. "Yeah, Megs can't trust him to be out of his sight for more than a minute at a time." she chortled. Then she got an idea. "Hey, my transformation is the same as Starscream's. With a little armor alteration, and a vocaliser adjustment, I might be able to pass for a decent imitation." she said. "Right, oh-mighty-leader?" Syus raised an optic ridge at the title. Jade was looking at Bullet.

Syus realised she hadn't meant him, and looked over at bullet. "Well, I'm not so sure about vocaliser adjustments." Razer said, "but as for armor and a paint job, that we can do." he finished with a nod. "Bullet, can you imitate Megatron's voice?" Syus asked. Bullet smirked, and the next thing he said sounded just like Megatron. "Of course I can." a smirk appeared on the grey face.

"Well, what about a paint job?" Windstriker asked "You're a different shade of grey, and your cannon is on the opposite arm. And your sidepanels are blue instead of red, like his." Shockwave will notice, yaknow." she pointed out. "Not a problem." Dusk replied. "We can get started right away. Syus, can you come up with a plan, in case we need a backup"

Wait!" Gobee intervened. What ever happened to trying to get home!" he argued. "Yeah." Mic frowned. "We're gonna put our asses on the line, just because of someone else's problems?"

Syus's face clouded over, like a thunderstorm waiting to break loose. "Those 'other people' you talk about so flippantly, Mic, are human beings." he hissed, the basstones in his voice resonating around the cavern. He put accent on Mic's name, so the camaro would know this was business, an no longer just a friendly discussion. "They are human beings who were brought here and trapped just like we are. And we are going ahead with this plan. If you have a problem with it, I don't see how you have any role in this mission, so don't bother worrying yourself over it." he practically hissed.

he wasn't using a threatening tone, but the challenge was there. Mic narrowed his cerulean blue optics slightly. Either he could argue, or he could step back. He didn't have any role in this mission, so why should he be concerned? oh yeah, because these were his friends. Well, for the most part. And he didn't know those other people. But he wouldn't condemn a human being to such a horrible fate under any other circumstances, would he? No. he wouldn't.

He looked away from Syus's thundering gaze, a motion of deference. He looked at the floor and mumbled where the dragon couldn't herar "fine. but don't come crying to me when you get caught." Syus watched him for a second, then nodded. He didn't hear what Mic mumbled.

He turned and started to work on his plan. "I'll need are maps, places they can hide out and/or regroup, places the patrols won't think to look of. What methods they use for detection, patrol routes, if you have any of that." Mic looked at him as he walked away, then went to find something to do.\

Halfway into his planning, Syus noticed a shadow over his left shoulder. standing there was Wyldkat. The four-door car had been quiet throughout the entire meeting. she didn't want to question their leader in front of the others and create dischord. She knew that any team had to work as a team, otherwise they would get nothing accomplished, nevertheless the smallest of goals. "Sir, I don't know about this. What if Shockwave finds out who they really are?" Syus looked at her. I mean, turned and fully faced the reliant, not just a cursory glance. His face reflected her concern. "Don't worry. If they do everything the way they're supposed to, it will work." he replied. "And besides, if they rescue the humans there, maybe they can tell us how to get home." After a minute, Wyldkat reluctantly nodded. She walked away. Syus went back to his planning.

"Syus?" she called. The dragon turned. "Is it all right if I go for a drive? I promise I won't attract attention. And I'll be careful not to be seen leaving or returning"
Syus thought quickly. "Wouldn't the humans be worried about a driverless car driving around?" he asked. Wyldkat thought. "Yeah, I suppose so." then she got an idea. "Hey I can come up with a hologram." she transformed, and a hologram of a woman appeared in the driver's seat. The woman was about 37 or so, with long brown hair with two braids in the front, on either side, tanned skin, and brown eyes. The dragon sighed. "Very well, but report in in one hour. and be carefull. You spot an Autobot or Decepticon, or even think you have, radio us immediately"

"Yessir." the car waved off a salute and transformed, rolling for the door.