Wyldkat plodded to the base's washracks. They were lucky Razer and Dusk had constructed the base close to a nearby river. They had installed a set of turbines, which provided electricity for the entire base thanks to the river, and also had a purification system, much more advanced than the humans' methods, to use the water for the washracks. They even had a heating unit for the water, so nobody would have to endure a cold shower. The carfemme was thankfull one of the two fliers (Dusk, probably), had thought of heating the water.

She got out one of the containers of soap and headed to one of the stalls. Speaking of the flier femme... Wyldkat thought she had heard the sound of water running. "Is somebody in here?" she said over the metal divider.

"Just me." the sound of Dusk's voice echoed in the steam-filled room. "Ah, I thought I heard someone." Wyldkat leaned out of her stall just as Dusk did hers. The femme was covered in soot black-colored smears from head to toe. Wyldkat blinked. "Wow, what happened to you?" Dusk turned the hot water up, making steam roll out from her shower stall as thick as smoke. "I was out procuring charcoal and other carbonic materials for the base's water filtration system.

"Huh." Wylkdat turned on her own water. "I didn't know that's what's used for filtering water."

Dusk's light laugh sounded. "Cybertronians have more advanced methods for filtration and purification, but using charcoal, and other similar carbon-materials is a trick we picked up from the humans. They're not as stupid as eveyone may think." she said.

"Hmpf. Nice to know I'm not alone on thinking that." Wyldkat muttered, grabbing the washrag and pouring some soap on it. Dusk laughed again. "You should have seen Razor's face when I researched the human worldwide bulletin board for information, and told him that the stuff they make regular faucet filters out of comes from cocunut shells."

Wyldkat gave the wall of her stall a "you're crazy" look. "You're kidding, right?"


"Huh." the blue carfemme started rinsing off. Nothing could take off stress like a nice, warm shower.

"Although, most of the time, we can procure the materials needed and alter them for our own uses. The charcoal itself has to be infused with certain other elements, which are also rare on this planet, however their is a small vein of something called silver running through this mountain. I'm just glad we only need a few micrograms to infuse the charcoal with." the flier femme switched bottles and started applying a fine coating of wax.

"nanosilver infused charcoal is another thing the humans use for their water. Kills all kinds of bacteria and stuff." she shrugged. "I wouldn't normally worry about such a thing, but one can never be too careful on an organic planet." she stuck her head out of her stall "I heard they have over a thousand varieties of mold. Some that can grow in below-freezing temperatures, and some that don't even need light or water to grow."

She scrunched up her nose behind her faceplate. "Have you SEEN some of the mold and other micro-oganisms that grow on this planet? there's this one, called the... she searched her memory banks for it, then sent the file to Wyldkat. The femmecar wished she hadn't opened it as soon as she saw the gangly, brown and cream colored half-moon shapes. "It's called honey mushroom. It's not mold, but it's a very similar organism. They produce little microscopic things called spores that can grow ANYWHERE. BRRR!"

Wyldkat had to try not to snicker at the femme's reaction.

"Honestly, I'd rather not have some parasitic fuzz feeding off of *my* systems. ugch!"

Again, Wyldkat smothered a snicker. "I think they're called fungus."


By now, Dusk sounded completely disgusted. Wyldkat simply shook her head. "Well, I for one am glad we have hot water." she smiled at Dusk as she turned the water off and walked past to grab an oversized towel. Dusk nodded as she wiped the large terrycloth square over her armor. "Thanks, I'm glad you like it." Wyldkat quickly finished washing and grabbed another oversized towel. Dusk tossed hers on the drying rack and headed for the door. "Hey Dusk?" Wyldkat called after her.


"You think we'll ever be able to get home?" Dusk thought for a second. "well, the Device is capable of a great many things. If It can turn Transformers into humans and vice-versa, and it brought you here, it should very well be able to send you back home." she shrugged. "I think it's more of an issue of figuring out how the Transmognifier functions rather than whether it does or not.

Once you figure out how to make it do any one things, you should be able to decipher the rest." she thought for a second, as though taking a fresh breath. "I suppose the question is not whether it work or not, but rather Ihow/I it works."

Wyldkat nodded sagely. "Yeah. I guess so." she looked at the flier femme. "You think Backdraft's information will halp any?"

"Definitely." Dusk nodded. "In fact, I'll go ask him to start compiling what information he has. Maybe your team could work with him and figure out how to make it do what you want."

"Okay." wyldkat nodded, hanging up her towel. "Thanks." Dusk nodded and walked out. Wyldkat followed, but turned left instead of right like Dusk, and headed towards the recharging area.

===============END NOTES=====

A/N: The references on charcoal and water filters came motly from /water_filters_ and the fact I have a Brita tapwater filter.

The giant fungus references are mainly from wikipedia. Although I have found other sites on it. I find it terribly amusing that Dusk is so afraid of fungi, yet Oregon is home of the "world's biggest mushroom", the a variety of honey mushroom that had Rhizomorphs which extend underground for several miles.

I think it's even funnier that this happened, since I first read about the "world's biggest mushroom" on the back of a Honey Nut Cheerios box. XD. Some varieties of the family of 'shroom that the honey mushroom belongs to glow in the dark. No kidding.

Anyway, enough rambling. More soon!