Chapter One---Where'd You Go?

There's an empty roomful of memories
And everywhere I look, its where you used to be
It's like a photograph, a moment froze in time
I'm staring at your face even when I close my eyes

Leon stared at his ceiling in the darkness of his room. He'd been staring at that stupid, off-white, peeling and cracking surface for hours now, the sounds of Demyx strumming his guitar to Sora's clear, sorrowful voice drifting through the house, torturing his consciousness...torturing his sanity. His entire family was artistically inclined and his two brothers were proof enough of that as their sad song wove a web of sorrow. Sorrow none of them had been able to live done for the last three years.

Was it never meant to last? The candles burned from yesterday,
The past is over
gone ahead and watch the glow just fade away
I can't run to catch my breath, I can't hide to see what's left

Leon pulled his pillow over his head in hopes to block out the lyrics of Demyx's latest lyrical disaster. Disaster in the sense that It was one of those songs that resurfaced all the bad memories you'd rather forget. The pillow was not effective in Leon's quest to be rid of the soul searching melody that haunted him like ghosts of yesterday.

The plans, the hopes, the dreams, the tears
All disappeared…Oh, o, where'd you go? I thought you'd never leave
Oh, oh you should have known how much you mean to me
Oh, oh where you are is where I wanna be so it's a shameThat you'll never really know

it's shame that you'll never really know,
It's a shame that I never really showed...

As the soft sounds of Demyx's guitar and Sora's voice faded, Leon lifted the pillow, his chocolate locks falling into his eyes. This was ridiculous. He couldn't spend the rest of his life hiding from what had happened. He never hid from anything and he most certainly wasn't going to hide from this anymore. Standing, he stretched lazily and made his way to the bathroom with a fresh pair of clothes in his hands. The hot water felt like a purifier on his pale skin and he leaned his head against the shower wall. It had been three years. He'd barely left the house in that period and it was high time Leon faced the world. It hadn't stopped for him so he might as well move with it.

The door to his room loomed before him like some impenetrable force. His hand shook as he reached for the knob and turned it. The dim light of the hallway was a relief to his dark-accustomed eyes and he looked about for his siblings. Demyx was no longer on the couch with Sora. Instead Zexion sat with Kadaj, both glaring at the TV rather angrily with their arms folded over their chests, looking for all the world like sulking children. Leon couldn't hold back the laughter that bubbled in his chest. All eyes turned towards the 21 year old and his sudden onslaught of laughter, staring at the brunette with surprise. It was rare when the man left the sanctuary of his room and they were glad to see him.

"Hey! Welcome to the land of the living bro!" Sora greeted him with a cheerful face but Leon knew it was an imitation of his real smile, the one that looked so much like their mothers…

"…Whatever." Sora didn't miss the barely there smirk on his older brothers lips and he laughed heartily.

For a moment, at least, the world was right again

"Dude, Axel come eat!" Zack called to his brother. Axel thundered down the stairs, announcing his so called magnificent presence in the loudest, most annoying manner possible. Cloud glared at him but otherwise ignored the redhead. He'd done a lot of that lately; ignoring things.

"I already ate man. Thanks though." Axel headed out the door before either Cloud or his twin could question him on where he was going or when he'd eaten. Zack shrugged and served his brother a plate. A slender blonde descended the stair much more quietly than her redheaded brother and smiled slightly at Zack before serving herself.

"School going ok so far, Namine?" Namine nodded and took her plate upstairs, leaving Zack staring after her sadly. Shaking his head he sat beside his twin and began eating quickly.

"So who's the new scholarship winner?" Cloud made a non-committal sound in the back of his throat and ignored the grey eyed man.

"Stop ignoring me, you retarded loser." Sighing, Cloud pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Leon Everheart. He's some artist from Hollow Bastion. I've heard great things about his art but terrible things about his attitude. I don't need another Axel on my hands." Zack let the conversation die because Cloud obviously didn't want to be having this discussion in the first place. Moving the sink, Zack rinsed his plate and went up stairs to his room. His stereo was turned on rather loud, much to Cloud's displeasure, as he entered the bathroom and emptied the contents of his stomach into the toilet.

A.n: Ok, so I sat down and thought about this…and thought about it….and thought some more and something decent finally came to me. I hope you enjoy it. The angsty-ness will be explained in I later chapters and I promise there will be funnies made enjoi.