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When Sara and Grissom arrived home, it was to the delight of a dog that had missed Sara so much, he promptly peed on her luggage. Laughing at the entire incident, they scrubbed out the bag, and dumped all the clothes into the washing machine before snuggling up on the couch.

They'd been talking for hours, relaxed.

"I'm afraid you'll leave me," Sara stated. "Put that under me."

"I'm afraid you'll leave me," Grissom replied. "I guess I put that under me, too."

"While sex is wonderful with you, sometimes we use it to replace actual talking," Gil said. "I'll put that under both of us."

"I know I don't often show you romance," Sara said. "People would be surprised at how romantic you often are – sending me gifts, bringing flowers…"

"Put that one under me. I need to be more romantic," she concluded.

"I don't say the words you need to hear," he said, "I'll put down to tell you I love you more often under me."

It wasn't until late that night that they finished walking through every ache and every insecurity they'd ever felt.

Years later, going through some old boxes in the attic, Catherine and Sara would find it and laugh for weeks.

Sara and Gil Grissom had built their future on a complex matrix of communication – and somewhere along the way had figured out how to use theoretical mathematics to do it. More specifically, they used matrix optimization techniques to maximize their probability of success.

Whatever works.


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