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Red Thread

"But... but Dune-kun!"

She'd put it off long enough, and so he took the liberty of teaching her himself.

"I don't want sewing lessons!"

"Listen, miss Class President," he groused, plucking a small needle from Guilt-na-Zan's sewing kit and taking her hand in the other. He placed the needle in the hand. "You are a girl. Girls sew. That's just the way God made you."

"But Dune-kuuun...!"

"No buts," he replied sternly, grabbing his own needle and threading it. "Now you."

Ten minutes later, she had threaded her needle. Dune sighed. "Ten... minutes."

"I'm not good at this!" Shizuka said, tears pricking the corners of brilliant ivory eyes. "I can barely see this white string!" He flinched; tears and those who shed them were not his forte. Instead, he began to rummage around in the kit once more.

"You have to learn to do this," he said, but more gently. "I won't be here to patch your umbrellas forever, you know."

She started. "I... I never thought of that." She cast her eyes to the side. "Do you want to leave, Dune-kun?"

"I..." don't know what to say to that. He sighed.

"What are you looking for?"

"Darker thread," he replied quietly, "so you can see it."

"Oh, Dune-kun..." She smiled, reaching into the large kit herself. Let me help you.

He glanced at her. She was so focused on--



Both pairs of hands shot up at the same time, hers grabbing his. "What's wrong??"

"I pricked my... finger..." he said, blinking at their hands. Both were tangled with weightless, earlier-unnoticed crimson string.

Shizuka's heart skipped a beat. "Oh... oh my."

"What is it?" Dune asked, slightly flustered. She was still holding his hands, after all. "If it's the string, it'll be easy to get off, but untangling it is another matter..."

"No... it's..." she wiggled her fingers, blushing. "The legend."


"Th-there's a legend," she said, "that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance... anything, really. Fate. The thread may stretch or tangle, but... it will never break."

They were quiet for a moment until Dune let out a shaky laugh. "Well, we've met, have we not?"

Shizuka blinked and then... smiled.

"We have indeed, Dune-kun."

"There's not..." he paused. "More to the legend is there?"

Oh please, Lord, please, tell me, please oh p--

"Well... I suppose I would like to find out." She entered into his unfathomable ocher gaze. Slowly, ever so slowly, her fingers shyly fit themselves in between his. "Wouldn't you... Dune-kun?"

He breathed and smiled.

"Bring it on, Class President."

Oh, it is love
From the first
time I pressed my hand into yours
thinking, oh, is it love?

- Fin -

Hee! Shizuka and Dune together taste like pretty! Unfortunately, I can't find any fans for them on Youtube, deviantArt, or fafiction. I feel so sad.