Cover Your Navel

Unbandaged fingers found the pale flesh of his protector's stomach to be quite extraordinarily smooth. Dune was used to sleeping at the school, but when Shizuka had seen angry gray clouds cluttering up the sky, she immediately requested that he come home with her. The difference between the couch in the teachers' lounge and the young woman's futon were unmistakably large: for one, the futon had a couply comfortors, not to mention Shizuka herself. Nothing but dark seeped through the class president's window.

Nothing, of course, until a flash of white-hot light gave only a second's-worth of a look around the room and Shizuka's frightened eyes.

"Don't move, Dune-kun!" she whispered shakily, pressing her own fingers down over his. His hand molded further into her abdomen. "Don't move!"

"Why are we doing this again, class president?" he mumbled, though not finding it an entirely disagreeable position to be in. A warm bed and a warmer girl curled up into him? He'd had it worse, for sure.

"Grandmother told me," she whispered into his shoulder, "that that lightning will steal my navel if I don't keep it covered during a thunderstorm!"

"I see."

Why break human traditions? If she felt more secure when his digits splayed over her lower torso, fingers forming pretzel-knots with hers when the thunder rumbled, close enough to hear his confused (frantic) heartbeat, well then, so be it. Who was he to rob this girl of her security?

"But don't mind me," she said when the noise died down, her voice no longer a quivering mess (though her legs woven with his could not say the same). "Please sleep, Dune-kun. But don't leave me."

As it was, Shizuka fell asleep first, despite the rolling drumbeat above. Dune himself was beginning to drift of when his charge shifted, instinctively moving closer to his warmth, thereby pushing his hand a little ways south. The monster seized power of his appendage again when it was a considerable distance lower from her belly button. Slowly, so as not to wake her, he pulled it back over her navel.

He wouldn't want it stolen by the lightning. After all, when would he ever get access to a free futon if his reason for being in it was gone?

Dune rationalized that anyone who happened to be in his current position would be blushing as well.

I'll bask in your forever...
I want to drag you down
Down with me


Lyrics: Angels Fuck, Devils Kiss by Jack Off Jill