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Bella's POV. The wedding is closing in and there are a few details Alice and Bella need to iron out.

Chapter 1 - Alice in Action

A rather intimidating notebook lay in the middle of Alice's bed, a good three inches thick and overflowing with magazine clippings and internet print-outs. I sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed and scowled at my soon-to-be sister while she chattered on about fabrics and flowers and music and food. "Alice, you know I don't want to make a big production out of this."

She glared at me, "That was not one of your rules."

I sighed and looked at the floor. "Whatever you come up with will be beautiful, I'm sure." I shrugged, "I just prefer simple, you know?"

Her face softened and she perched lightly beside me. "Bella, have a little faith. Do you really think I would let this wedding be anything less than perfect for the two of you?"

"Yeah, I know. I guess I'm just nervous about being the center of attention."

"Don't worry about a thing! All you have to do is stand there and be pretty." She grinned, and resigning myself to her mercy, I picked up the notebook and flipped through the pictures she'd marked with Post-It Notes.

"So which of these things are you using?" I asked.

"Oh, very little really." She dismissed me with a wave of her hand.

"Then why do you have notes written all over this stuff?"

"Those were just my brainstorming notes from beforeā€¦" she trailed off that thought and quickly changed track, "It doesn't matter. I have most everything already done. You didn't give me much time, you know."

"Before what? Alice, how long have you been working on this?" I asked, confused. "What have you done besides having my dress made and sending out the invitations? I still think those were too fancy, by the way."

She ignored my questions and jumped on the comment about the invitations. It was kind of a sore subject with her. "Yes, well, a decision had to be made. They had to go out almost immediately and I didn't have time to argue with you about them. Getting the guest list together was difficult enough." She stood up and snatched the notebook away from me.

"You dodged my questions. What else have you done already?"

"Almost everything. It's only two weeks away!" With a dramatic sigh she folded herself neatly down onto the floor in front of me. "You really want to know?" I nodded. "OK, your flowers are white roses, Calla lilies, and freesia. Decorations are going to be simple: just white candles and greenery on the staircase and placed around the landing and living room with white silk bows on the arrangements. The guys are in classic Armani tuxes. You've seen your dress and mine is a surprise. I designed it myself, and nobody gets to see it before that day. The food is being catered by that Italian place you like so much, and your cake is a simple three-tier white with strawberry filling between the layers, rolled fondant icing with faux pearl trim and fresh flowers topping it." Satisfaction radiated from her entire being.

"That doesn't sound overdone at all!" I exclaimed. She grinned at me. I was truly surprised by how simple she'd kept things so far. The guest list was still longer than I'd have really liked, but that part was over and done. However, it did remind me of another concern "Alice, if the ceremony is here in the house, where are we putting all the guests?"

"Silly Bella, you never expect more than about half the people invited to actually show up. Lots of them will just send a gift and not come to the ceremony. We'll basically clear out the downstairs except for the piano, arrange chairs around the landing since that's where the ceremony will take place, put the gift table and guest book against the far wall, and lay out the food for the reception in the dining room. No problem!"

I mentally cringed at the mention of gifts. What on earth were we going to do with the more traditional wedding gifts such as toasters, dishes, and cutlery? She must have noticed the look on my face because she quickly reassured me, "Don't worry, I've made sure that everyone knows you two prefer personalized mementoes or gift cards to the typical 'setting up house' types of presents. The fact that you wouldn't register anywhere made it more difficult, you know. Not everyone has decided yet, but hopefully you won't have too much to return." She smiled, held up one finger and closed her eyes for a second. "So far there's only one blender, a few stems of crystal, and one set of Calphalon pots."

"You know Alice, this might turn out alright after all." I giggled. I was actually starting to get a little excited about my pending nuptials. She hadn't gone completely overboard and maybe being the center of attention wouldn't be so bad, especially since I wouldn't have to do anything but stand there and repeat after Emmett.

My confidence was short-lived, however. With a mischievous little smirk, Alice jumped up and dragged me to my feet. "OK, now that's all settled, let's get Jasper and go downstairs where there's more room."

"More room?"

"Of course! There's not nearly enough floor space in here."

"Um, not enough floor space for what, exactly?"

She rolled her eyes and pulled me out the door. "To teach you to dance, silly! Don't you want to know what you're doing for your first dance with Edward at the reception?"

"Alice! You never said anything about dancing!" I attempted to plant my feet and balk, but when tiny little Alice narrowed her eyes and growled, "Don't make me carry you." I had no choice but to relent and let myself be herded down the stairs.