Coming too was an odd affair. His head was on something warm and soft, but the rest of his body was being jostled about and it was being poked and scratched by something unpleasant. He felt perfectly calm and at ease, and that was what set off the warning bells. Never did he feel at ease in Oto, never. He sat bolt upright and found himself in the back of a carriage, with bales of hay in it, being pulled by an old looking horse on a dusty old rocky road. The last thing he noticed was Sakura, who was sitting just behind him.

She had a small half smile on her face with one eye brow cocked. Everything came crashing down around him. He said he'd come home. He remembered that much, why he said he'd come home, he wasn't sure. The amused look on her face vanished, and she glared hard at him. Wracking his mind, he flitted through multiple scenarios, different endings, the ultimate goal could it be achieved or not was his main focus at the end of each path his mind created. At the end, he figured, going back to his home village was not in his best interests, and that going back to Oto was.

He shifted so his feet were hanging off the back of the cart, it was moving so slowly that jumping off would be of no trouble. He could feel her glare; he'd brush what ever he'd said off as nothing but a disillusion. Moving his arms he made to jump off the cart but the pressure point in his neck was hit before he could. He slipped back into unconsciousness.

Coming too this time he was immediately aware of the ropes that now bound him, he was in the same position as before, but now she was humming. She looked quite content, eyes closed, face relaxed, leaning against the bales of hay. His head was in her lap again with her hands soothing his scalp. The minx.

"Sakura." He growled. He was not pleased, he did not want to be going back. This would not end well for anyone. He had been expecting her to look down and him and give a little gasp of surprise that he was awake. And then remove her hands from his hair. Because he hated when people touched him. But she didn't do anything. She continued humming and stroking his hair. She completely ignored him, "Sakura!" he barked this time. Again nothing.

Humming happily, lost in her own little world, eyes closed and with the most annoying damn smirk he had ever seen. He narrowed his eyes, she knew. He made a move to sit up, but she held him down. Her fingers laced over his forehead and prohibited his torso from moving. Damn her! Still humming, she simply held him down as he tried a number of escape maneuvers.

Finally after the last failed attempt he growled at her. It was nasty and overly harsh and utterly undeserving, he knew that, but he was completely frustrated. And found himself falling unconscious as she hit his pressure point in response.

The third time Sasuke came too, his position had changed. Sakura was now sitting with her legs straight out in front of her, while he was sitting next to her, his head resting on her chest, just below her chin with her arms around him. She was still humming and stroking his hair softly. "We'll be in Konoha tomorrow." She murmured. "I can take these ropes off you and we can say you've come back on your own accord, or we can keep them on and I will carry you back. If you stick with the ropes your punishment is going to be much harsher." She added in a matter of fact tone. "It's really all up to you Sasuke," She looked down at him, her green eyes looking right into him. "so what will it be?"

"Get them off." He grumbled, breaking eye contact with her. He was rather flustered with the whole ordeal. She nodded and unwrapped her arms from around him.

"Now if you try and escape, truly, I won't be as nice as I have been!" Sakura said with a smile that threatened more violence than he was used to from her. She undid his hands and then went to undo his ankles too but he grunted and began them himself. "There we go! All set!" She was too damn happy. Sitting cross legged with her head cocked to the side and that god damn smile plastered on her stupid face. He glared hard at her. She was too damn cute. And that was what unsettled Sasuke the most.