My Eternal Flame

Another new story from yours truly…………………..and I don't think I need to mention that I don't own anything, except my own character Jamie, and this plot.


Chapter 1: Jamie's Dilemma

Everyone had always told Jamie McGinnis that she was the smartest witch of her age, but when it came to romance, she was just as clueless as every other teenager. She wasn't ugly; oh, no, she was far from it. She had stopped wearing baggy jeans and big sweaters and sweatshirts and started wearing clothes that showed off her curves. She still had the same ebony mass of waves and curls that fell to the middle of her back, and her face was still the same: classically beautiful, with a heart-shaped face, a cute nose, slightly pouting lips, the beauty mark on her right cheek and the same bright, ocean blue, almond-shaped eyes.

Since she had changed her look, a lot of boys (and even grown men) had started to notice her a lot more. Sirius Black, her best friend Harry Potter's godfather, had started to openly flirt with her since she had turned 17, the age that you're considered an adult in the wizarding world. She just laughed it off; while she was definitely flattered that Sirius saw her in that way, he was only a good friend. Harry's other godfather, Remus Lupin, though?

He was most definitely another story…………Jamie was hopelessly in love with him.

He was just so………..Remus. There was no other word to describe how amazing he was. Jamie had been in love with him ever since he had taught at Hogwarts as the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher in her 3rd year.

She had thought he was gorgeous, with his sandy brown hair that was slightly shaggy and peppered with grey, his warm bright blue eyes, and his adorable smile. He was so kind and gentle, and he treated everything with caution. Now that she was old enough to understand her feelings, she knew that she wanted him. I mean, sure, there was a bit of an age difference, but Jamie didn't care in the least. She knew what she wanted, and it was Remus.

She had awoken that morning with a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach, knowing that Remus was right downstairs chatting with Sirius, James and Lily, Harry's parents. She hopped out of bed and took a quick shower, and she stepped in front of the wardrobe mirror, trying to decide on the right outfit to make him notice her.

Finally thinking of one, she flicked her wand over her hair first, drying it and styling it into a French braid and leaving a couple of stray pieces out to frame her face. She then flicked her wand again, and she was dressed in a low ride, tight black jean skirt, a Gryffindor red t-shirt that hugged her chest and bore the words "You know you want me" in black and a pair of chunky-heeled, black flip-flops. She then added a touch of light brown shimmer lip gloss, and, satisfied with the overall look, she grabbed her wand, tucked it into the back pocket of her skirt and set off downstairs.

As soon as she walked into the kitchen, she heard a wolf-whistle come from the table in the middle of the kitchen, and she didn't even have to look to know who it was. She walked over to the refrigerator and opened it, looking for something to drink and she felt someone's arms snake around her waist, and a voice said in her ear, "Well, if I had known you were going to dress like this just to impress me, I would've made an effort to look a little more presentable."

Jamie smiled and turned in Sirius' arms, and she said cheekily, "What makes you think I wanted to impress you, Padfoot?" and he responded, saying, "Maybe because you're so attracted to me." She giggled and said in an overly dramatic tone, "Oh, yes, Sirius. I think you're a god and I can't keep my hands off of you! I just want you to take me and make me yours!" Sirius waggled his eyebrows suggestively, saying, "Oh, trust me, I will make you mine someday! You're just still in denial about your feelings for me." Jamie pecked him on the cheek and started walking to the table, saying, "Sure I am, Sirius. Sure I am."

She then sat down with a glass of orange juice, and she said, "Good morning, Aunt Lily. Morning, Prongs." Lily and James Potter both said, "Good morning, Jamie." Just as Jamie was about to ask where Harry was, he walked in.

Jamie almost started drooling right there because Remus looked so good; he was wearing a tight black t-shirt, a pair of faded blue jeans and black boots. His hair was falling into his face a bit, like it always did, and he had a smile on his face that seemed to light up the whole kitchen. Jamie knew she was probably staring like an idiot, but she didn't really care.

He said a quick good morning to everyone and did the same thing Jamie had done, and he approached the table with a glass of orange juice, also. He then said good morning properly, looking everyone in the face, and when he saw Jamie, he winked and said, "Morning, pet." He had started calling her "pet" when she had turned 15, and the nickname stuck, just like she called him Remy. She said back, "Morning, Remy" and he smiled at her, and she knew that she had melted right there.

He then said, "Have a good sleep?" and she nodded. Then he seemed to notice her outfit, and he said, "You look cute, pet. Who's it for? Harry?" Jamie's mouth fell open from shock, and she started laughing, saying, "God, no! Harry's like my brother. No, it's definitely not him." Then, Remus said, as he felt a small spark of jealousy, "Ron, then?" Jamie burst out laughing at that, and she couldn't speak for the next few minutes from laughing so hard. She then said, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, "Remy, come on. Ron and I fight way too much for there to be a relationship, and he's also like my brother; my really annoying prat of an older brother who lives to antagonize me."

Remus laughed at that, and the others started to talk with each other. Then the kitchen door opened up and Harry walked in. As he went around the table, he said, "Morning" to Remus and his father, and he kissed Lily on the cheek and said, "Good morning, mum." He then sat next to Jamie and kissed her on her cheek, and he said, "Good morning, you." Jamie pretended to cringe when he kissed her, and she said, "Ew….Harry germs." He chuckled, and he grabbed an apple from the bowl in the middle of the table. Jamie talked to everyone around the table, but she couldn't keep her mind off of Remus; he just looked so deliciously shaggable that she wanted nothing more than to leap across the table and beg him to take her right there.

Then, a little later, everyone started to leave, but Jamie purposely stayed behind to toy with Remus a bit; she knew she was a tease, and she loved it.

She got up, pushed her chest up a little and exposed a bit of her cleavage, and she gave a fake yawn, and she said, "I'm still a little tired. I didn't really sleep that well, actually, Remy." Remus quirked an eyebrow and said, "Why?" and Jamie said, "Oh, nothing. Nothing, except, I had a little dream about a certain someone, and boy, was it a dream." She was, of course, lying through her teeth, but he didn't know that, so that made it perfectly fine.

She then moved around the table and sat next to Remus, and she moved her chair closer to his, and she purposely leaned over, exposing her cleavage. She noticed that Remus' eyes flicked down and stayed there for a bit, and then he looked back up and he said, "Was it a… erotic dream?" Jamie grinned shiftily, and she said, "Maybe……..why do you ask?" She darted the tip of her tongue out quickly and licked her lips slowly, and she saw Remus' eyes follow her tongue; he looked like he wanted nothing more than to kiss her senseless at that moment. Inside, she was jumping for joy; her plan was working!

She grinned at him, and he said, "I was merely wondering….." and she said, "Wondering what? If the dream was about anyone you know?" Remus couldn't explain it, but he felt that sudden spark of jealousy as he said, "Was it about Sirius?" Jamie bit her lip and she smiled, then she looked at him and said, "Maybe it was………and, then again, maybe it wasn't." Remus' eyes grew a bit wider, and his head seemed automatically drawn to hers, and he whispered, his breath playing on her lips, "Was it about…….me?" Jamie smiled, and she lifted her eyes to meet his, saying, "It might have been." Then, before he could blink, she had leaned forward and captured his lips in a chaste kiss.

Then, she pulled back, winked at him, got up and turned to leave, only to feel a pull on her wrist. She turned and saw his hand had caught her wrist, and he said, "Jamie……" and she said sweetly, "Yes, Remy?" He looked like he was fighting an internal war with himself, and he finally said, "Never mind." He released her wrist, and she said, "See you later, Remy." She then turned and left, smiling to herself.

Remus watched her go, the whole time wondering what had just happened. He thought about how she had licked her lips and how he had wanted to kiss the hell out of her. He wouldn't deny it, she had become an extremely attractive girl, and there were a lot of boys and men who looked at her now. The wolf in him growled possessively, as if to say, "She is mine." Remus shook himself, saying, "Stop it, you randy old wolf. She doesn't want you; she probably wants Sirius." Remus knew that Sirius was smitten with the girl, even if he did try to play it off like a joke. The only problem was that…………he was in love with her.

Yes, Remus Lupin, 37-year-old werewolf, was in love with a girl who was almost half his age. She was stunningly beautiful, and she was opinionated, fiery, and passionate. He had tried to deny it many times, but it would always come back to him the same way; he was definitely in love with the daughter of one of his best friends.

He knew that she wouldn't want him when she could have…… 'Wait a minute!' he thought suddenly. 'She had been toying with me. That means that she feels the same way. Oh, that naughty little minx. I think I'll toy with her, just to see how she likes it.' Remus smirked, and he walked out of the kitchen, ready to put operation: "Toy with Jamie and Make Her Want Me" into motion.