Chapter 11: Never Again

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Jamie and Remus made their way back to the castle after spending almost 3 days in the Shrieking Shack; Jamie gave a whole new meaning to the "Shrieking" part of that title, courtesy of one Remus Lupin and his numerous bedroom skills. She also came away with a new nickname; Remus had thought it fitting to give her a nickname now that she was practically a Marauder, and he had chosen Nightshade, which Jamie agreed to, saying that it was perfect.

They joined everyone for dinner one night after, and Remus stood and pointed his wand at his throat and muttered, "Sonorus" and then he said, "Can I have everyone's attention, please?"

The whole hall went quiet and every eye was on him, and he glanced at the Gryffindor table; Jamie caught his eye and she nodded slightly and winked at him, and he smiled and, addressing the Hall, he said, "I have an announcement. You all know of my relationship with Jamie" and most of the heads nodded. He then finished, saying, "Well, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. We're officially engaged!"

The Great Hall erupted into cheers and applause, and most of the girls and the female staff raced over to the Gryffindor table and hugged Jamie, gushing over her ring and telling her how lucky she was, while Remus suddenly found himself the target of slaps on the back and many congratulations from the boys and the male staff.

Jamie asked Ginny to be her maid of honor and Luna to be her magical witness, while Remus asked Sirius to be his best man, with James as his magical witness. They all agreed in a heartbeat, and Ginny and Luna started planning Jamie's bachelorette party, while Harry, Ron, Sirius, James and Nate immediately jumped on planning Remus' bachelor party; Remus and Jamie were both in agreement that there would be no strippers at either of their parties, even though they each trusted the other implicitly.

Over the next couple of months, things went smoothly; they had gotten married in December because Jamie had always wanted a winter wedding, and it was a breathtaking ceremony. All was peaceful for the newlyweds…….that is, until the Ministry of Magic got wind of their marriage.

Cornelius Fudge was highly upset that he hadn't heard of two werewolves getting married earlier, and as soon as he heard the news, he took a document and, going to Hogwarts with a Ministry official, he set out to rectify this……abomination.

Jamie and Remus were spending some much needed time alone with a bowl of peaches and whipped cream, and Remus had just finished sucking peach juice off of Jamie's pussy and bringing two delicious, back-to-back orgasms out of her; they were right in the throes of lovemaking when the fire erupted, turning green and Minerva's head appeared in the fire. She yelped and said, "Oh, my!" and Remus growled in annoyance and he muttered, "Fuck", pulling his still-hard cock out of Jamie while she turned a brilliant shade of magenta and covered herself with the sheets.

Remus grabbed his boxers off of the floor and put them on before turning to face Minerva's head floating in the fire, and he said, "Can my wife and I help you with anything, Minerva?" Minerva said, "I'm so sorry that I interrupted you two, Remus, but you and Jamie need to come to Albus' office straight away. It is of the utmost urgency." Remus nodded and said, "Give us a minute and we'll be there" and Minerva's head disappeared; he and Jamie then proceeded to get dressed , and needless to say, Remus was beyond pissed. He was going to have blue balls for who knew how long, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

They used the Floo and appeared in Albus' office, wondering what was so urgent. Nothing could have prepared them for what was awaiting them there. Albus was sitting at his desk, all traces of his usual twinkle gone and looking very angry (which was a look that no one really wanted to see on him), Minerva was standing next to him, also looking angry, and Severus was also there, along with Poppy.

As they went up to Albus' desk, they spotted Cornelius Fudge, who was looking at Albus with a kind of vindictive pleasure on his face, and as he saw Remus and Jamie he said, "Oh, well, now that you and your wife have decided to join us, Mr. Lupin, we can start." Remus and Jamie both sat down in the chairs in front of Albus and Remus said, "What's this all about, Minister?" and Fudge frowned and said, "Well, my boy, I feel I have some rather……disconcerting news, regarding your marriage to young Mrs. Lupin."

Remus frowned, but before he could say anything a small "hem, hem" came from their right, and they all looked. A woman came out of the shadows, and Remus instantly recognized her as Dolores Umbridge, a woman who he went to Hogwarts with. She was two years above him, but she was a piece of work back then, and from what he had heard about her within the Ministry, not much had changed. As she stepped out, two Aurors stepped out from behind her also, and Jamie got an ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Umbridge said, in a simpering voice that had Jamie instantly disliking her, "Well, Mr. Lupin, we really don't know how the news of your marriage didn't come to us sooner, but as soon as we heard, we came to….talk to you about it" and Jamie said suddenly, "What do you mean, 'talk about it'? Is there something wrong?" Umbridge's gaze snapped to her and she said, with a fake smile on her face, "I'm so sorry, my dear, but I believe I was talking to your husband. If you would please be so kind as to wait until I address you…." and Jamie frowned deeply, feeling her inner wolf starting to get riled.

Before Jamie could say anything back to her, Minerva said, "Would you please get on with it, Dolores?" and Umbridge smiled and said, "Very well, Minerva. Well, to put it simply, we do not think that this marriage is a wise idea." Remus said, "What do you mean by that, Dolores?" and she said, chuckling slightly, "Well, only that the rules about people of……..your kind still stand, and they clearly state……" but Jamie's eyes flashed an electric blue and she said coolly, "I'm sorry, Madame Umbridge, but I believe that I do not like what you are insinuating when you say 'your kind'. Yes, we are werewolves, but I have read almost anything having to do with the wizarding world, and nowhere does it say that werewolves cannot marry. Also, if you knew anything about werewolves, considering that we have mated already, we were technically already married before."

Remus looked over at Jamie and smiled, feeling immensely proud that his beautiful wife was standing up to Umbridge; he looked around and saw that everyone else was also looking at her with smiles on their faces, but Umbridge was not.

She "smiled" at Jamie again, although there was a muscle in her jaw that was twitching, which was a clear sign that she was not happy at all, and she said, in a voice of controlled calm, "I believe I already asked you to wait until I addressed you, young lady" and Jamie said, her voice wavering slightly, "And I believe that you are not my father and have absolutely no right to patronize me, Madame Um-Bitch."

Remus and Severus almost laughed and tried to cover it up by coughing, making Umbridge snap her gaze to them. Fudge said, bristling slightly, "Now see here, young lady! That is no way to talk to a Ministry official. You should respect…….." but Jamie turned her gaze to him and said, "Minister, respect should be earned, and I will give it to someone who has shown me the proper respect as well, and Umbridge has done nothing but patronize me. Therefore, she has not earned my respect, so it will not be given to her."

Fudge looked at Remus and said, barely concealing his anger, "That's……..that's some girl you have there, Lupin" and he smiled fondly at Jamie and said, "She's a spitfire, but it's one of the things I love about her."

Umbridge then said, all traces of her simpering voice and sickeningly sweet smile gone, "You and your little half-breed bint, Lupin, will dissolve this marriage at once…….." but Lupin had stood so fast that no one had really seen him move, besides Jamie, and his eyes were amber, which meant that Moony had heard what she called Jamie, and he was not happy at all.

He snarled out, "Call my mate out of her name again and I will rip your throat out" and Umbridge looked reasonably terrified. She then composed herself and said icily, "We will separate you both today, 2 days before the full moon, and monitor your behavior, and if we do not like what we see, we will terminate your so-called….marriage."

Jamie felt as though she had been doused in ice water; her breath caught in her throat and her eyes widened. After that fiasco that happened 4 months ago, she would be damned if she let some hopped-up toad try and separate her and Remus, or terminate their marriage. She would not lose her soul mate again…..and she would make sure of that.

She stood swiftly and said, "No! I will NOT be separated from Remus again! You can't do this!" and Umbridge said, smiling vindictively, "Oh, we can and we will, you little demon! We will have him fired, and you will never see him again……."

Jamie's inner wolf was beyond pissed, and Jamie's eyes instantly flickered from ocean blue to electric blue; curling her lip and growling loudly, she ran at Umbridge, saying, "YOU EVIL BITCH!!" Before Jamie could pounce on Umbridge, one of the Aurors that had accompanied them stepped up and grabbed her around her waist; kicking and flailing, Jamie screamed out, "LET ME GO, YOU BASTARD!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS…...YOU CAN'T SEPARATE US! GET OFF OF ME!" and the Auror started to drag Jamie out of the office.

Remus, seeing this, roared and charged the Auror, saying, "Take your damn hands off of my wife!" but the other Auror stepped up and, before anyone could react, Remus was bound…….in silver chains. He screamed out in pain as the silver burned his arms, and he dropped to his knees, screaming in agony; Jamie, seeing this, started crying hysterically and fighting tooth-and-nail to try and get back to him, and she screamed out, "NO! Stop it! Let me go! STOP…..YOU'RE HURTING HIM!! LET GO OF ME! REMUS!"

Albus had stood by this time and he walked around his desk and marched up to Fudge, saying quietly but venomously, "Stop this at once, Cornelius! This is extremely unnecessary! You could kill him; remove those silver chains! NOW!!!" Fudge gulped and nodded at the Auror, and he took out his wand and removed the chains. Remus slumped to the ground, unconscious, and Jamie said, through tears and sobs, "Oh, god, Remus!! He's okay, right? LET ME GO; I WANT TO KNOW IF HE'S OKAY! GET OFF OF ME, DAMN YOU!"

Minerva walked up to Umbridge and got in her face, saying viciously, "I hope you're happy, you horrid old toad! You will get your comeuppance! Mark my words; you will pay for this injustice."

The Auror dragged Jamie through the hallways of Hogwarts, not caring that she was still punching and kicking at him to get back to Remus. She was beyond hysterical; she could already feel her soul shattering at the loss of closeness with her mate, and it physically felt like she was being torn in two. Students were stopping in the hallways and muttering to each other, saying things like, "What's going on?" "Why's Jamie being dragged away like that?" "Where's Professor Lupin?"

Jamie was hurling every obscenity she knew at the Auror, and she was still fighting him to get back to Remus. She was taken to the dungeons and thrown into an unused classroom, landing on her side, but as soon as she hit the floor she rolled and crouched down into a position that made it look as if she was about to attack the Auror. She bared her teeth and growled menacingly at him, and he stepped to the side, revealing Um-Bitch.

She stepped into the doorway, looking at Jamie with a sadistic smile on her flabby face, and she said, laughing cruelly, "Oh, are you worried about your half-breed? Well, you needn't worry any more; he'll be taken care of." Jamie growled, saying, "You spiteful, ugly fucking hag! You WILL NOT get away with this. We will get back to each other, and you will pay." Umbridge just smiled and left the room, and the Auror locked the door. Jamie ran at the door and started banging on it, screaming, "LET ME OUT! I HAVE TO GET TO HIM! PLEASE, LET ME OUT! REMUS! REMUS!!!!" She suddenly remembered her wand, and she reached down into her jeans pocket only to find it missing and, in a fit of rage, she picked up a chair and threw it at the wall, screaming furiously. She continued throwing things around the room, screaming and cursing, before she gave up and collapsed, dropping to the floor and sobbing, chanting his name over and over.

Meanwhile, The Room of Requirement was getting the same treatment from Remus. He was livid; how dare Fudge try to break up their marriage? He was going to kill him and that Umbridge bitch for this and he was going to snap the neck of that Auror who put his hands on Jamie. He could feel his soul reaching out for her, and it was tearing him apart not being close to her…….not being able to hold her. The room suffered his wrath, and he was throwing anything that he could lift, yelling his frustrations. He opened his mouth and let loose an inhuman roar that shook Hogwarts down to its foundation and made everyone stop and look around warily, wondering where it came from.

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For the next day and a half, Jamie and Remus tried everything they could think of to break out of their prisons and get to each other, but each attempt was just as disastrous as the last. They could feel how their separation was affecting them, and it was like a slow, unimaginable torture.

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Luna had been informed of their situation, as was Sirius, Nate, Lily, James, and Ariella, and they were all very adamant that Albus find some way to get them back with each other.

The day of the full moon, a half hour before, Jamie had been sitting on the unused teacher's desk when all of a sudden, she felt hot. Not hot as in a headache hot, but hot internally, like someone had lit a fire inside of her. She shook herself and tried to think about Remus, but that had the opposite affect. Instead of easing the fire, thinking of him ignited it, and she felt flush all over; an ache had settled between her legs, and she suddenly felt restless, so she slid off of the desk and started pacing.

When she couldn't take it any longer, she cried out in frustration, wondering what the hell was wrong with her, when something in her head clicked. She took a minute and put two and two together, thinking, 'Okay……I'm a she-wolf……restlessness, flushed all over……Oh, crap! I'm in heat!!' She gasped when she realized that she was in heat, and she knew that Remus would be able to smell her, no matter where he was in the castle, and that he would be trying like hell to get to her.

Remus was sitting against the wall, his head back as he tried to doze off, when suddenly he sat straight up. Something in the air was different, and he could smell it; sniffing slightly, he tried to figure out what had changed. After a couple of seconds, however, his eyes widened when he realized what it was: his mate was in heat. He thought, 'Oh, shit……Jamie's in heat! She smells so intoxicating; I have to get to her' and he immediately stood and, snarling, he started banging on the door and throwing himself against it, trying to get to her.

Minerva had just come to check up on Remus when she heard him snarling and banging on the door, and she went to Albus' office straight away. She entered and said, "Albus, something is going on with Remus. He seems determined to break the Room of Requirement's door down, but I have no idea why; he was also snarling and growling." Albus nodded and said, "Ah… seems that he has realized that Jamie is in heat" and Minerva gulped and said, "You mean, he can smell her from all the way up here, when she is down in the dungeons?" Albus said, "Do not underestimate the abilities of werewolves, my dear Minerva."

He then said, "We have to get them to each other somehow….." and the cogs in his brain started whirring, trying to form a plan. He then sent Minerva to the Ministry, asking her to create a diversion with Fudge and Umbridge, and he sent for Severus and asked him to go down to the dungeons and retrieve Jamie.

Jamie was lying on the floor at this time, rubbing her thighs together, trying to get comfortable, and she had started whimpering like an injured puppy. Severus went to the room she was being kept in, and, hearing her whimpering, he unlocked the door using wandless magic and entered; upon seeing her, he went to her, bent down and whispered, "Don't worry, Jamie. I'm going to take you to your mate" and she raised her head and looked him in his eyes. He saw that her eyes had turned electric blue, and he knew that he needed to get her to Remus, fast. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the room and up to the Room of Requirement.

Remus was pacing the Room of Requirement impatiently, growling, waiting for his mate; she was getting closer, he could smell and feel it, and he knew that Albus must have figured something out; he had always known that he wouldn't let them suffer for something they had no control over.

Suddenly, the door opened, and he became alert; when he saw Severus come in, he bared his teeth and growled, but Severus said, "Calm down, Moony…..I have a present for you" and Remus calmed down once he saw his mate in Severus' arms.

Severus put Jamie down on the ground and Remus came up to her and dropped to his knees; he started to nudge her head with his, growling softly in the back of his throat, and she immediately pushed back against him, her whimpering softening. Severus saw that the moonlight was spilling into the room from the window outside, and he saw them both start trembling, so he closed and warded the door, and he left.

Jamie and Remus both started transforming, and once it was over, Remus said to her telepathically, // Jamie, are you all right, pet? // and she said back, // Yes, love. I'm fine. So, you obviously know that I'm in heat…..what am I supposed to do? // and he said, // Just do what you're instincts are telling you to do….besides, I'm sure you read about werewolf mating somewhere //. Jamie then laid down on all fours and started moving towards Remus slowly, whimpering softly and showing her submission to him. He bent his head and licked her muzzle, growling, and he circled her while she rolled on the floor and stayed down, still being submissive.

He then came up behind her and mounted her, and from there, their wolves took over. Jamie stayed still and let Moony take her, and when they were done, Moony circled her again and laid down behind her, curling around her protectively and licking and nipping at her ear. Pretty soon, the two werewolves were asleep, transforming back in the middle of the night as the moon slowly disappeared.

The next day, Remus awoke first and briefly wondered what had happened last night when he remembered, and he looked down at his wife, who was currently wrapped in his arms and still sound asleep. His eyes swept over her and his hand followed, moving gently over her curves as he admired her body; no matter how many times they made love, he could never get over how perfect her body was. He could smell that she was still in heat, so he rolled her onto her back gently, and he spread her legs, making her shift a little; he then moved down her body, planting kisses on her stomach and his mouth moved further down, until at last he got to her beautiful pussy, and he spread her slightly and he started to eat her.

Jamie moaned softly in her sleep, thinking that she was having the most amazing dream of Remus eating her out, when she felt lips clamp onto her clit and suck, and her eyes opened as she bucked her hips and moaned loudly. She looked down and saw that she was not dreaming (thank Merlin) and she muttered, "Remus....." making him look up and smirk at her. He stroked her thighs lightly, saying, "Good morning, my love" and she smiled, then said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Get back to work, Mr. Lupin" and he smiled back and said, "If you insist, Mrs. Lupin."

He went back to ravaging her, making her squeal and grind her hips as her hands wound themselves into his hair, holding his head in place. He kept eating her until she came in his mouth, and he licked up all of it before he crawled back up her body and kissed her. He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders before he pushed himself into her, making her throw her head back and cry out as he hit her g-spot at that angle. The room was soon filled with the sounds of flesh slapping together and Jamie moaning and Remus cursing as they brought each other closer to their orgasms. Finally, with a cry of each other's names, they came, and Remus collapsed on top of her, making Jamie let out an "Oomph!" as he landed on her.

After a while, Jamie said, raking her fingers through his hair, "You're heavy" and he chuckled and started to tickle her playfully, making her squirm and giggle hysterically, trying to grab at his hands. He stopped tickling her and pulled her into his arms, and she said quietly, "I was so terrified when they put those silver chains on you……I could feel you hurting, and I couldn't do anything to stop it. I can't believe they'd try to keep us apart like that; that was so scary." Remus kissed the top of her head and said, "Don't worry, pet. I'll never let anyone separate us again. If someone tries to, I'll kill them" and Jamie said, "And I'll help. I'm never going through that again."