Brian Kinney sighed heavily as he adjusted his pillow for the hundredth time that night, trying to get comfortable. He'd been lying there for over an hour trying to get to sleep. He rolled over to his other side and was facing someone's back. Normally, Brian would have to think to remember who he slept with last night, but Brian's life has changed slightly. He didn't have to think, he knew that he would wake up next to Justin.

Brian, without thinking, reached over and touched Justin's shoulder with the tip of his finger. Justin rolled over onto his back and looked over at Brian. He pushed his hands into his eyes groggily. "What time is it?" Justin asked.

"2:30 in the morning," Brian said. "Go back to sleep, I didn't mean to wake you."

"Can't sleep?" Justin asked.

"No. I've been thinking about work. I'm meeting with an important client in the morning."

Justin lifted his arm and Brian shifted closer. He rested his head on Justin's shoulder and wrapped his arm around Justin's torso as Justin lowered his arm around Brian. Brian felt Justin's lips kiss the top of his head. He watched the way Justin's chest rose and fell with each breath. Feeling comforted and safe, Brian closed his eyes and started to relax. The last thing that Brian remembered thinking before he fell asleep was how content he felt when he was with Justin.

Six hours later, Brian felt someone shaking his shoulder. Brian mumbled something incoherent and fell back asleep. The next thing he knew, he felt a set of lips on his, not fully awake yet, Brian responded by kissing the person back before opening his eyes. Justin smiled at him and started to get up. Brian grabbed Justin by the hand and pulled him so he was straddling him. Justin leaned down and kissed Brian again. As Brian was kissing him back, Justin pulled away. Brian let out a soft whimper.

"Come on, sleepy head," Justin said, pulling the covers off the bed. "You have a very important meeting with a very important client." Brian sighed and got up.

When Brian was ready and fully dressed, he gave Justin a kiss before leaving. "See you later."


After a quick bite at the diner, Brian, Justin, Michael, Emmett, and Ted all headed over to Babylon. They were hanging out at the bar, observing Ted as he got rejected by every guy that walked by. As a good song came on, Justin started to dance in place while proceeding to drag Brian onto the dance floor. Brian handed his drink to Michael as he let himself be pulled into the mob of dancing bodies. Justin and Brian let their bodies move together as their lips met every once in a while.

After an hour or two, Justin and Brian left Babylon and headed back to Brian's car. "Shit, my jacket," Justin realized. "I left it inside." He stood there wrapping his arms around himself to shield himself from the cold.

"Leave it, I'll get you a new one," Brian said, hugging Justin to give him warmth.

"It'll just take a second," Justin insisted. "I'll meet you in the car." Justin turned and jogged back in the club as Brian climbed into the car and lit a cigarette. After grabbing his jacket and putting it on, Justin left Babylon again.

"Hey," Justin heard. Turning around, he saw a well built man in his early thirties checking him out.

"I'm not interested," Justin said, turning away from the man. Justin only walked a step before he felt something hard hit him in the head, and then everything went black.


Brian finished his cigarette and glanced at his watch. Ten minutes. Now he was getting pissed. He could just picture Justin dancing with some hot guy or fucking someone. Brian was horny and planning to fuck Justin and his dick didn't like waiting. Brian entered Babylon and found Ted, Michael and Emmett exactly where he left them. "Have you seen Justin?" he asked.

"No," they said.

"Fuck," he said in frustration, looking at the large crowd of half nude men dancing. Pulling out his cell phone, he tried calling Justin's cell, only to get Justin's voicemail message. After looking for Justin for twenty minutes, he gave up and figured he found some guy to fuck. Feeling rejected he got in his car and went back to his empty loft.


Justin woke up with his head pounding. He figured he must have a hangover. Justin tried to use his hand to rub his eye, but soon realized that he was tied spread eagle, face down. He opened his eyes in panic, but there was only darkness. He was blindfolded. He moved his hands in vain, but they were tightly bound. There was duck tape over his mouth. His heart started to race as he tried to remember what happened. He remembered dancing with Brian at Babylon, but he doesn't know how he got here.

He tried to get his bearings. Shifting around, he felt cloth under him, like he was on a bed. He was naked. Oh, God, he was naked. Was he raped? Was it sex gone wrong?

There wasn't anyone in the room with him. All he could do was wait in fear. He shivered, wishing to be safe in bed with Brian. How did he get himself in this situation?


Closing the door behind him, Brian pulled his shirt off over his head as he walked towards the bed. As he suspected, the bed was empty. Undressing, he climbed under the blankets, feeling lonely. He thought of Justin fucking some stranger, feeling jealous. He knew that they had an open relationship, but lately, Brian was actually thinking about talking to Justin as ending that agreement and having a committed relationship. Brian doesn't have the same need to fuck hot strangers anymore. Could it be that he is actually ready to settle down? That he may be in love? That he wants Justin to be his partner. Brian smiled at the thought. But knowing that Justin was out there fucking someone else was painful.


Justin heard the door open and then close. Justin tried to shout out, but all that came out was muffled noise because of the duck tape. Justin felt the bed dip to the side as the person climbed on the bed. The person, who Justin sensed was a man, straddled Justin's legs, trapping him. He felt the denim material of the man's pants and the buckle of a belt felt cold against Justin's skin. Justin struggled and tried to throw the man off him. Justin felt a tongue touch his shoulder and trail down his spine and back up. The man bit Justin softly on his left shoulder. Then the mouth kissed the spot he bit. The man bit Justin's right shoulder much harder, causing Justin to scream into his gag.

The man slid down Justin's legs and climbed off the bed. Justin's stomach clenched when he heard the all too familiar sound of a belt unbuckling. He's going to rape me, Justin thought. Justin pulled on his restraints, trying to free himself. He was expecting to hear the man's pants drop. He was expecting a cock at his anus. He was not expecting to hear the belt hitting his skin. And he didn't expect tremendous pain. It was the worst pain he had ever felt. Justin screamed and wailed into his gag and struggled against his restraints. Justin was gasping for breath through his nose between sobs when the belt hit his back again. He screamed as another surge of pain rushed through his back. The belt slid across his stinging skin. Justin heard the belt make a whistling sound as it swung through the air, followed by the crack as the leather struck flesh, accompanied by Justin's muffled screams. Justin felt the rope dig into the skin on his wrists and ankles as he struggled to free himself.

It hurt so bad that Justin couldn't even think straight enough to pray to God. A damp spot of tears collected on the sheets beneath him. The whipping seemed to go on forever. After fifteen lashes, Justin's bladder let loose and he wet the mattress. He stopped screaming and just cried in humiliation. After thirty lashes, his body started to go numb.


As Brian sat through a meeting the next day, he had one of those gut feelings that something really bad was happening. He pushed it from his mind and finished up the meeting, it returned again. He kept on trying to ignore it, but each time he did, it would return stronger and stronger. Closing himself in his office, he called Justin's cell, getting his cell phone. Looking at the clock, he realized that Justin was probably still in school, so that would explain why he wasn't answering his cell phone. He had no luck with calling the loft they shared. Just to give himself peace of mind, he called Justin's school.

"Pittsburgh's School of Fine Art, this is Nancy, how can I help you?" a woman answered.

"Yes, I was trying to contact one of your students, Justin Taylor," Brian said. "It's very urgent," he added.

"Please hold," Nancy said. Brian waited in silence for a minute before Nancy came back on the phone.

"I'm sorry, but he did not come to school today."

"Well, did he call in sick or something?"


"Thank you," Brian said before hanging up.

Brian tried to convince himself that he was overreacting. Justin was fine. He was just fucking someone, breaking their rule about coming home. He must have fallen asleep at some guy's place and then decided to skip school and do something else. But he would have called. Maybe Justin's mad at him. But what could Brian have done to upset him? Maybe his cell phone died. Telling himself that, Brian started to go through some files. Still, Brian couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, and he had a feeling that Justin might be in trouble.


Justin must have passed out because he woke up in a lot of pain. It only took a moment for it all to come rushing back at him. Justin didn't understand why this man kidnapped him. There are plenty of guys who are into leather and being submissive and role playing. Why him? He didn't know if Brian could hear him, but he decided it was worth a shot. Brian, can you hear me?, Justin thought. Brian, I'm so scared. I need you. I'm hurt, cold, and hungry. I'm lying here in my own piss. I know you probably can't hear me, but I hope to God that you realize I didn't go home with some guy to fuck. I hope that you realize that I've been kidnapped and I'm in trouble. I hope that you've called the cops. Brian, I need you now more than I have ever needed anyone in my entire life. Please, Brian, please save me.


After ten minutes, Brian couldn't shake the feeling. As a salesman, he learned to listen to his gut when it came to business. But he had never believed anyone could sense that something was wrong, somewhere else. Picking up the phone, he called everyone: Debbie at the diner, Vic at Debbie's house, Michael, Ted, Emmett, Lindsay, and even Daphne. Debbie, Vic, and Daphne hadn't heard from him. Michael, Ted and Emmett volunteered to check out Babylon and Woody's. After a half hour, Brian got a call from Michael.

"We didn't find him," Michael said.

"Alright, just keep looking," Brian said and hung up.

Getting up, he gathered this stuff and headed out of his office.

"Brian," Cynthia cornered him. "Where are you going?"


"You can't go home. You have a meeting with the Gilldenberg Foundation in fifteen minutes."

"Find someone else. I don't care. I have an emergency to deal with, so get the fuck out of my face before I smash it in." With that he stormed out of the building. He was no longer in denial that something has happened to Justin. He prayed that he would find Justin in the loft, passed out, which would explain not answering the phone.

Letting himself into his loft, he looked around. "Justin!" he called out. "Justin, are you here?" Looking throughout the loft, he didn't find him. There was one last person to call.

Staring at the phone with much hesitation, he picked it up and dialed.

"Hello? Hello? I'm hanging up the phone."

"Jennifer," Brian interjected.

"Yes?" Jennifer Taylor responded.

"It's Brian. Have you heard from Justin?" He tried not to worry her.

"No, I haven't. Why?"

"Justin, he," Brian felt his throat tighten as he was speaking Justin's mother. "He didn't come home last night, and I just have a bad feeling that something's happened. And I don't want to worry you, and he's probably fine, but I just can't shake this feeling."

"You tried calling him?" she asked.

"Yes. I called his cell phone and he's not at our place. The school said he didn't show up. He's not at Debbie's and Michael, Ted, and Emmett have checked all the clubs and bars and didn't find him."

Jennifer took a shaky breath. "Have you called the cops yet?"

"I was planning on calling them after I called you."

"Call them and I'll be over there soon."

"You should wait at your place in case he calls or comes home."

"Ok. Call me as soon as you hear anything."

Hanging up he called 911.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"I'd like to declare someone missing."

"Please hold while I direct your call." He was redirected. "Missing Persons, how can I help you?"

"My boyfriend, Justin Taylor, is missing. He didn't come home last night and I can't find him. My name is Brian Kinney and I last saw Justin at a dance club called Babylon in Pittsburg at 11:30 pm when he went back in to find his jacket."

Brian left his information and agreed to meet with a police officer at his loft. Fifteen minutes later, he was talking to Officer West and Officer Troy. Brian agreed to allow them to tap his phone in case Justin called. Handing Officer Troy a picture of Justin, Brian told him, "I need him safe. I-I love him."

The buzzer from the door went off. With a feeling of hope, he raced to the buzzer and pressed the button. "Hello?"

"It's Michael."

His heart dropped as he pressed the button to let Michael up. As soon as Michael was through the door he went up to Brian and embraced him. Brian held on as if for dear life. He squeezed his eyes shut to try to stop the tears. "I'm starting to get scared."

"I'm sure he's fine," Michael tried to reassure him.

Brian shook his head. "I can feel it in my gut. Something bad has happened. I don't know what, but I do know that he's scared and he needs me and I can't do anything to help him." His shoulders started to shake before he even realized that he was crying.


Justin heard the door open and close. Justin heard the man unbuckle his belt again. Not again, Justin thought. This time, he heard pants unzipping and clothing falling to the floor. He's going to rape Justin. Justin hoped that it wouldn't hurt. He hoped that the man would at least use a condom. Justin felt the cool liquid of what he assumed was lube at his anus. The man climbed on top of Justin and aimed his cock at Justin's opening. He touched Justin's anus and pushed forward. Justin didn't struggle; he just resigned to his fate. There wasn't really much pain, thanks to the lube. The man went slow at first, and then picked up speed. He was surprisingly gentle. Justin wondered if this was the same man who whipped him earlier. After a while, he actually started to respond. Against his will, his cock started to harden. He actually started to feel pleasure. He was disgusted with himself. What was wrong with him? Enjoying his own rape. He tried not to, but he couldn't help it. He came. He cried in shame until it was over and the man ejaculated into the condom. The man collapsed on top of him, crushing Justin under his heavy body. The man recovered and pulled out.

To Justin's surprise, the man started to undo his restraints. With a glimmer of hope, Justin thought that the man might let him go. The man flipped Justin onto his back and pulled Justin's arms above his head again and tied them above his head to the headboard. Justin felt the man's weight as he straddled his chest.

"I'm going to take the tape off your mouth," he warned as he reached over. "This may hurt. Please don't scream. I don't want to hurt you."

The man ripped the tape off quickly. "Ahh!" Justin exclaimed at the pain. "Please let me go," he pleaded. "I swear I won't tell the cops. I haven't seen what you look like, just let me go."

"Shhh," the man soothed. "Please be quiet. I don't have much time. I wanted to tell you what the plan is. There are three of us. Me and two others. I just fucked you. The other two are going to fuck you. They will beat you more. But they will not kill you. They will drive you far away and drop you off somewhere. You will walk until you find a phone which is when you will call someone to get you. You can call the cops but it won't matter since we use condoms and you haven't seen our faces."

Justin cried. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because you're just a kid. Because you remind me too much of my nephew. That's why I went easy on you. But I can't protect you, I can only warn you. Just don't try anything stupid, because we will free you. You have to trust me. Do you trust me?"

Justin hesitated before he nodded. The man helped him to the bathroom and gave him food and water. The food was familiar. When he got to the lemon bars, he knew that the food had come from the Liberty Diner. Debbie must have seen one of the men, coming in to pick up the food, not realizing that she was serving the man who was holding the sweet boy she called Sunshine hostage. Had Brian been there? Oh, God, he missed them. He gave him a blanket to warm himself up. Justin felt grateful that the man was being kind to him, but he was scared of the two other men that will rape and beat him.