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—Scattered Feathers—

"Dark, watch out!"

"WOAH! Thanks."

"Pay more attention!"


Dark sped through the dark halls of the museum, looking behind him only to see Satoshi right behind him, hot on his tail. Dark looked forward in time to jump over another trap that would have landed him in a well. Satoshi jumped over it as well and followed more closely.

"DARK!! That was waaay too close, pay attention! You know we can't get caught!" Daisuke yelled in his head.

"Don't worry, Dai-chan, everything will be just fine, trust me," Dark said to his alter ego.

"God, I hope so." Daisuke fell silent.

Dark looked back once more to see…no one there. He frowned, but kept on going, reaching the roof door and going through. It started to rain heavily as he ran out. Looking around, he didn't see anything—no traps, no policemen, and no commander, which made Dark nervous.

"What's wrong, Dark?" Daisuke asked.

"Something's not right here, Dai-chan. Where's that creepy bastard, and why is everything so quiet all of a sudden? I don't like it," Dark commented.

"Well then what are you waiting for? Let's get going before something does happen, this might be a trap and I really don't want to get caught," Daisuke said, his own nervousness increasing.

"All right Dai-chan," Dark sighed and walked over to the rail surrounding the roof. Then he heard a snicker in the corner. Dark turned around to see who was there, but couldn't see anything… and the evil snickering continued.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" Dark yelled, wary of being snuck up on.

"Why, Dark Mousy, have you forgotten me already?" asked a voice from the shadows…a voice that sent chills down Dark's spine.

"Come into the light," Dark said in a controlled voice, letting none of his fear come through in his tone.

A figure stepped from the shadows and into the light—or relative light, anyway, as it was stilling raining heavily. He had long blonde hair and golden eyes to match. A long white robe and white wings fluttered around him. One could have called him angelic, if not for the sadistic smile on his face as he looked at Dark. And as Dark looked at him, only one word came from his lips.


"Ah, so you do remember me! That will make this much easier, don't you agree?" asked Krad with an avaricious glint in his eyes as he looked the thief up and down.

"Dark, do you know who this is?" asked Daisuke.

"Yes Daisuke, I do, and I hope to god that we can get out of here alive," Dark replied.

Daisuke started to get worried now; Dark seemed genuinely afraid of this guy, which could only mean trouble.

"Dark, let's get out of here now, while we still have a chance!" Daisuke mentally yelled at Dark.

"Sorry Daisuke, that option's out of the question; he would just chase us down and kill us, he's more powerful in magic than I am, but I have the advantage on the ground and in hand-to-hand combat."

"So hurry and do something, Dark, he's coming!!" Daisuke yelled, and Dark snapped out of it in time to dodge a ball of energy.

"Sorry Dark, but you weren't paying any attention to me, so I decided to bring you back to reality," Krad said as he stepped closer.

Damn, Dark thought as he gripped his arm. He hadn't been completely successful in dodging the blast.

"Oh my, did I wound you? I am so sorry Dark, I should have looked at where I was aiming." Krad's laugh was like a thousand needles piercing Dark, and he shivered, a chill going up and down his spine.

"Well, it was lovely seeing you again and all, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut this reunion short. Bye, you asshole, and don't bother to keep in touch!" Dark yelled as he jumped off of the museum and into the air, carried away by his black wings.

Krad looked up in annoyance and followed quickly, smirking the whole time as Dark futilely dodged his energy blasts. He became more confident and quickened his speed, firing his energy at much closer ranges.

Dark was having a hell of a time trying to get out alive. He could tell when Krad threw one of his energy blasts, but as Krad got closer, Dark was having more trouble dodging. Not only that, but his wings were getting soaked and it was becoming increasingly hard to stay in the air. Finally Krad hit him hard in the back and he heard a couple of ribs snap under the pressure. Dark felt nauseous as his wings folded in and he fell toward the ground, but he gritted his teeth against the pain and forced his wings to carry his weight again.

"Wiz, no!" he screamed as a shriek split the air and Wiz, in his black transformed form, attacked Krad, digging his claws in and binding to the white-winged angel. There was a flash of light and a pitiful wail, and even through the pouring rain Dark could smell burned feathers and scorched flesh as Wiz disappeared, presumably falling to earth in his true form.

Krad smirked as his energy blast hit Dark dead in his back. He knew it would only be a matter of time before Dark became his. He saw Dark lose altitude below him, and decided that now would be a good time to finish it.

He was momentarily distracted as that rodent-thing that sometimes acted as Dark's wings attacked him, but it was soon taken care of and he was free to consider his enemy's imminent death once again.

"Don't you dare, Daisuke is in Dark, you'll kill them both!" Satoshi yelled in Krad's mind.

"Satoshi-sama, I wouldn't butt in if I were you, I know perfectly well that your precious 'Daisuke' is in Dark, and that is precisely why I have to kill them both," Krad said in response as he gathered more energy into his palm.

"If you kill Daisuke, I will kill myself and you along with me, and since there are no more Hikaris to carry you around anymore, you'll be extinct!" Satoshi yelled, and Krad stiffened.

"You wouldn't kill yourself like that Satoshi-sama, not for one measly little wing master," Krad said calmly.

"You want to test me Krad?" Satoshi asked calmly, and Krad went silent.

"…Very well, Satoshi-sama, but remember this, do not make a habit of open threats like this to me, next time I might not listen." Krad locked his tamer up and saw that Dark had recovered and was trying to speed up and gain height again. He looked down at the fresh energy ball in his hand. It seemed a waste to just toss it aside…

Dark was trying to get ahead in the game. He had glanced behind him to see Krad distracted by his tamer, and tried to get his wings to cooperate and fly a little higher.

"Wait, you knew that Krad was in Satoshi?" Daisuke asked.

"Yes…ugn…I knew, now let me concentrate…ahh!…while we're still alive," Dark said through the pain and had just gotten to the height he wanted when he glanced back again to see Krad throw the energy that was in his hand up at him.

"You fucking bastard!" Dark yelled as he tried to dodge, but his wet wings weren't working properly, and when the blast hit him, his already abused ribs and wings simply collapsed.

And as Dark fell he looked up at Krad, who seemed to be satisfied, and saw peace in his enemy's face for the first time ever. And as he got closer to the ground and his world became darker, he could've sworn he saw someone's hand reach out for him.

Krad watched as Dark fell towards the ground far below them. He could feel peace now — he had finally defeated the Dark Mousy, after four hundred years of hatred.

"What do you mean, I thought you said you wouldn't kill him!!" Satoshi yelled hysterically.

"Oops, my bad," Krad said as he let a small smile grace his lips. "Although he's not technically dead yet, as he has yet to hit the ground."

"Krad I swear, when I get out, I'm gonna kill you, kill us both!" Satoshi said, and Krad could tell he was quite serious.

Krad's smile disappeared as he and Dark made eye contact. He felt suddenly guilty of something. His heart pounded as he abruptly watched Dark fall down much too quickly for his liking. Without thinking, he folded his wings and plunged after him, reaching out his hand and grabbing Dark just as his eyes closed and he fell unconscious. With a powerful flare of his soaked, sodden white wings, the golden angel turned the dive into a glide and then began pumping powerfully, carrying them both into safer altitudes.

Krad looked down at the unconscious Dark in his arms, utterly flabbergasted to the point of momentary speechlessness.

"Why did I just save him?" Krad asked aloud incredulously several seconds later.

"…" Satoshi stayed quiet in shock.

Krad watched as Dark's face constricted in pain, and then he groaned and burrowed his face into the golden-haired angel's chest. The thief started to mutter deliriously as Krad held the two of them still in the air, his wings working furiously to keep both immortals aloft in the all-pervasive rain.

"Seems you get your wish, Satoshi-sama, your precious Daisuke is saved." Satoshi didn't respond.

Krad glanced down again and saw that Dark looked frighteningly pale and was soaked through to the point of shivering. He felt the strange feeling bubble inside him again, like butterflies in his stomach, but shook it off as some strange occurrence as the rain grew heavier. He shot off into the sky for Satoshi's apartment.

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