"Hey, look at this." Satoshi spread out the newspaper he was holding across his knees so that Daisuke could see it too. He pointed at the article in question. "Looks like that pendant really did explode when we were pulled out."

Daisuke read the article slowly, his eyes still tender from a glass shard cutting across them. "Sugoi…what a wide range of destruction. That must have been some powerful magic."

"Yeah." Satoshi looked over at the other bed in the room and sighed. "I wonder when they'll wake up."

The bed contained the two angels, wrapped around each other in a sleep so deep that they hadn't woken since the rescue, five days ago. Satoshi and Daisuke had fared much better, mostly thanks to the fact that Krad and Dark had protected them with their wings.

Emiko opened the door to the room and smiled. Entering with a tray of food, she set it on the bed and said, "You boys still have to share a bed?"

Due to rather unusual circumstances that no one could explain, neither tamers nor angels could sleep away from each other. When Daisuke and Satoshi were separated, their anxiety levels slowly rose until they were practically trembling with the need to be near each other. Daisuke, already a very affectionate person, was far worse off than Satoshi, who was used to craving human contact and being denied it. It was physically impossible to keep the angels apart; whenever separated, they simply traveled towards each other on clouds of magic until they met, usually somewhere in the hall, where they wrapped their arms around each other and slept on. While Daiki said that the magic use was a good sign that their magic was not adversely affected by what happened, he advised against separating them again, for the good of their and everybody else's health—he'd almost tripped over them in the hall twice.

"Hai, kaa-san," Daisuke said, smiling. "Thank you for bringing us food."

"Oh nonsense," she waved off the thanks. "Neither of you are well enough to make it down into the dining room anyway, and shouldn't be walking about." She pointed to the two bowls. "Now you eat all of that, all right? They had better be empty when I come up and get them!" and she bustled out the door.

Emiko's distrust and suspicion of Satoshi had never stood a chance against her motherly instincts. When she saw how attached the two boys were to each other and how starved for affection Satoshi was, all of her protective instincts had been roused and, five days later, she was treating him as another son. It made Satoshi bemused and Daisuke beam with joy.

Both boys folded their hands together. "Itadakimasu!" they chorused, and then picked up their chopsticks to begin eating. Satoshi sighed. "I cannot wait until your mother lets us eat solid food again, Dai-chan. All of this soup is getting old, no matter how good your mother's cooking is."

"Ne, Sato-kun," Daisuke shrugged, "she'll keep us on this until she thinks we're ready. No complaining from us will change her mind, believe me."

Satoshi sighed and glanced over at the other bed again. "When do you think they'll wake up, Dai-chan? I miss…" he shrugged and half-smiled. "I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I miss Krad."

"It is rather lonely, isn't it?" Daisuke said thoughtfully. "I wonder why we didn't remerge after we came out of the pendant. Hmm." He sipped his soup thoughtfully and stared off into space, his brow creased in thought.

Satoshi thought that look was the cutest thing he had seen in years. Ever since they had gotten out he had been keeping his distance from his boyfriend, knowing that Daisuke wouldn't want his whole family to know they were dating. But as his strength came back and he was forced to stay in the same bed with his absolutely kawaii redhead, it became harder and harder to force down the urge to tackle Daisuke and molest him to the point of screaming.

He dragged his eyes away and finished his soup hurriedly, focusing on it rather than his hentai thoughts. Soon Emiko came back to collect the dishes and tell them that she and Towa were going shopping, and Satoshi groaned inwardly. The main rein on his self-control had been the fact that Emiko and Towa had a habit of coming up to check on them at random times, but now that they were going shopping that threat of being discovered was gone. Both Niwa men were gone, doing research somewhere, so they'd have the house to themselves.


Satoshi held onto his control fiercely as they listened to the door close downstairs, signaling an empty house. He closed his eyes briefly to reaffirm the fact that he could survive several hours alone with Daisuke without jumping him, and when he reopened them Daisuke was sitting right in front of him, staring at him worriedly.

"Whoa!" he shouted, scooting backward. "Dai-chan! You scared me."

"Gomen," Daisuke said, his look of worry not diminishing. "Daijobu ka, Sato-kun?"

"Nani?" Satoshi asked. "Daijobu. Doishite?"

"Because…" Daisuke twisted his hands in the comforter nervously. "You haven't touched me at all since we got back. Is it something I did?"

Satoshi stared. Then he shook his head. "Iie," he said, "you didn't do anything. I've been trying to control myself. I didn't think you wanted your parents knowing, and besides, we were recuperating."

Daisuke blushed. "Demo…they're not here now," he said quietly, looking up at his blue-haired boyfriend through his red fringe with shyly lustful scarlet eyes. Satoshi swallowed. "And we're not recuperating anymore. And we haven't even kissed since we got out of the pendant—" he was cut off as Satoshi flung himself forward, no longer able to resist the look of a sultry Daisuke, no matter how unintentional the look was.

He tackled Daisuke to the bed, taking his lips in a lustful kiss. Biting the bottom one to get Daisuke to open for him, he thrust his tongue inside and feverishly began mapping out his boyfriend's mouth, before drawing back and sucking on the redhead's tongue. Daisuke gasped in surprise, then moaned in pleasure, reciprocating the hot kiss. Filled with five days of pent-up desire, Satoshi completely dominated the smaller boy's mouth, licking his way around the inside, biting and sucking and swallowing every single hot little moan Daisuke poured into his mouth.

Finally, after several minutes where the only sounds were their harsh breathing and moans, Satoshi drew back and licked his lips. "Oishii," he whispered, and his eyes sparked with amusement when Daisuke, already flushed with arousal, blushed even further at his comment. "So, Dai-chan, how was that for a first kiss in your home?"

"Ano…it was…very nice," Daisuke answered. "But…ano…is that as far as we're going to go?"

Satoshi bit back a groan as his eyes widened and his cock, already half-hard, twitched in his pajama pants, hardening further. "We can go as far as you want, Dai-chan," he promised. He drew back, sliding off of Daisuke so that he could sit up and pull off his shirt. As he dropped it off the side of the bed, he found that Daisuke was staring avidly at his body. He grinned. "You can do anything you want to me," Satoshi said, and sat up against the head of the bed, blue eyes steady on his partner.

Daisuke knelt between Satoshi's spread legs and slowly began to explore his chest with his fingers, covering the skinny expanse with his palms. There were small scars here and there, some of which the redhead could identify from past fights between their angels. Others he had no idea where they had come from, and they told a violent story of Satoshi's childhood. Daisuke closed his eyes in pain for his lover.

"Daisuke," Satoshi said, and Daisuke looked up at him. Satoshi smiled down at him, caressing his face carefully. "You don't have to worry about my past. I'm okay. Really. And I'm here with you, now, so please don't worry."

Daisuke smiled back. "I'll try not to." He lowered his gaze back to Satoshi's chest and continued exploring, unaware of the state his touches were creating in his boyfriend. After a moment, however, he did notice how much faster Satoshi's breathing had become, and he glanced up at the blue-haired boy's face to see a look of unconcealed want in his eyes.

Daisuke flushed. "Sato-chan…" he whispered.

"Hai, koibito?" Satoshi whispered back.

"Ano…will you touch me?" Daisuke bit his lip.

Satoshi's eyes flickered down to the movement briefly, then refocused on Daisuke's face. "Absolutely." He pulled off Daisuke's shirt and dropped it on the floor, hands immediately returning to roam hungrily across the expanse of flesh. Daisuke gasped in shock at the feeling, then moaned in delight, arching into the caresses. Satoshi grinned hungrily and lowered his head to suck on the redheaded boy's nipple, feeling him writhe further as he did so.

"Ah…Satoshi!" Daisuke gasped, eyes wide as his body was swamped with sensations he'd never even imagined were possible. "What…what are you doing?" then he blushed; what a childish thing to say!

"Mmm," Satoshi hummed, switching nipples. "Making you feel good." He glanced up and grinned sexily, making Daisuke's breath hitch.

Within a few minutes both boys were naked and all over each other, any awkwardness forgotten in their curiosity and desire to touch each other's bodies. Satoshi was the first to reach for Daisuke's cock, wrapping his hand around it and stroking upward. "It's so smooth, Dai-chan," he murmured. "Smooth and yet…hard. Hot."

"Aah, Sato-chan!" Daisuke gasped, arching upwards. "Don't say things like that!"

Satoshi raised an eyebrow, still moving his hand slowly up and down. "Why not?"

"Because it makes me…feel funny inside," Daisuke gasped.

"Ah?" Satoshi gripped harder and moved a little faster. "A good funny or a bad funny?"

Daisuke paused to consider for a moment. "I suppose…a good funny," he decided. "It makes my stomach feel all melty and my head buzz."

"That is definitely a good thing," Satoshi chuckled. "Daisuke, have you ever done this before?"

"No, of course not," Daisuke said, looking down at him from his position on top of Satoshi's lap. Satoshi swallowed, forcing himself to not molest his sexy little boyfriend.

"Then which would you prefer, being the seme or the uke?"

Daisuke looked blank.

Satoshi shook his head in amusement. "You really don't know what that means?"

"Ano…" Daisuke ducked his head, a blush making him incredibly more sexy. "With my mom, it's kind of hard to find time to do research about sex…"

"Understandable. Well, the seme is the dominant in a male-male relationship and usually does the penetrating. The uke is the submissive and is usually the one being penetrated. So…" Satoshi grinned, his thumbs making circles on Daisuke's hips. "Which would you prefer? I'm warning you now, being uke hurts the first few times until you get used to it."

Daisuke slammed his hands down on Satoshi's shoulders, pinning the blue-haired boy to the bed as he snarled, "How do you know that!? Who did you do it with?!"

Satoshi blinked. "The internet is an amazing thing," he remarked offhandedly, secretly very happy that Daisuke was so possessive.

"Oh…" Daisuke removed his hands, his blush back on his face. "Etto…I don't want to dominate you, Sato-chan…And I'm not afraid of pain…"

The blue-haired police officer smiled. "I had kind of expected that. You're naturally submissive, Dai-chan, it makes sense that you wouldn't want to dominate something as powerful as sex."

"So what do we do now?" Daisuke asked, wriggling to get more comfortable in his boyfriend's lap.

Satoshi gasped, hands clenching around the small redhead's sides to hold him still. "We start by you not doing that, Dai-chan," he said through gritted teeth, "Or this might end up being much rougher than I want it to be."

"Oh?" Daisuke tilted his head to one side, and purposely wiggled his hips again. Satoshi groaned. "It looks like you enjoy that quite a bit," he giggled, now moving his hips in an almost circular motion. Then he gasped as his own erection slid across Satoshi's stomach. "Ohh…" he said, surprised. "That does feel good…"

Satoshi thought his eyes might burn up from the visual stimulation. His boyfriend, his unbelievably sexy, cute-as-sin boyfriend, was giving him an impromptu, unprofessional lapdance.

It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen in his life.

"Kuso!" Satoshi gasped, suddenly realizing something rather important.

"What?" Daisuke asked, stopping his wonderful movement.

"We don't have any lubrication," groaned the boy.

Something hit Daisuke in the side, and both boys looked over at the other side of the room. Dark lay there, grinning tiredly at them.

"There ya go, loverbirds," he yawned, sitting up. Krad wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned on his shoulder, eyes heavy-lidded. Both ex-tamers blushed a brilliant color of red. "Thanks for waking us up, by the way. I've slept enough for at least a month." Dark rose and helped Krad up. "We'll leave you two alone now to finish whatever you were planning to do, while we go find a private place of our own." He winked and dragged Krad out of the room as fast as he could, considering his legs were still shaky.

Both boys watched their angels exit with wide eyes. Finally Daisuke broke the silence. "I wonder why Dark had lube in his pocket."

"I really don't want to know," Satoshi said firmly. "What goes on between your angel and my angel can stay firmly with them."

Daisuke looked back at him and grinned, rolling his hips down again and making them both groan in pleasure. "Well, now that we have privacy and lube, what do you suggest we do?"

Satoshi growled and flipped them over, successfully setting Daisuke underneath him. "I know exactly what I want to do," he breathed in Daisuke's ear. "Whether or not you'll let me is still up to debate."

Daisuke shuddered. "What…do you want to do?"

"Well…" Satoshi smirked, hidden in the curling strands of hair by Daisuke's ear. "I want to slick my fingers with lube, then slid them slowly into your body, stretching you carefully and getting you ready for me. Then I'll have you slick me up with your small artist's hands before penetrating you slowly and carefully, pushing you onto my cock as your body slowly accepts me into it."

Daisuke was gasping in lust, his eyes dilated. Satoshi smirked, his ego stroked by his first attempt at dirty talk. Then his eyes widened as Daisuke grabbed the lube and pressed it into his hands. "Onegai," the redhead breathed, "Onegai…just…do what you said…"

Nodding, Satoshi slicked up his fingers and Daisuke obligingly spread his legs. "This will hurt a little," Satoshi warned.

"I know," Daisuke said. He smiled. "I trust you."

Throat tight, Satoshi nodded and pressed his middle finger into the small rosy pucker beckoning to him. Daisuke gasped, reflexively tightening and then relaxing. Satoshi moved it in and out carefully, getting him used to the feeling. Then he added his first finger.

Surprisingly, Daisuke took three fingers before a flicker of pain crossed his face. Satoshi immediately slowed down, trying to prep him with as little pain as possible. Finally he withdrew his fingers and wiped them on the blankets.

"Daisuke?" Satoshi held out the lube. "Get me ready."

Daisuke took it and, with trembling fingers, squeezed some out on his hands before tossing the bottle on the floor and reaching out to cover Satoshi's erection. The blue-haired boy moaned in delight, leaning his head back and enjoying the attention to his weeping cock.

"Satoshi?" Daisuke whispered. Satoshi looked down to see his lover's eyes wide in fear.

"Don't worry, koibito," Satoshi said, smiling and stroking his cheek. "I'll be gentle, I promise." He lined himself up and, gripping his base in his hand, slowly began pushing in. Daisuke gasped, his legs tightening around Satoshi's waist. Satoshi didn't stop, eyes fixed on where Daisuke's tight pucker was spreading wide to fit him in. "Daijobu, Daisuke?" he asked, breathing hard, several drops of sweat sliding down his body. He was only halfway in.

"I'm…give me a minute," Daisuke gasped, eyes clenched tight shut. It was uncomfortable for Satoshi as well; Daisuke was tight enough around him to cause discomfort.

"All the time you need," Satoshi replied.

A few minutes later Daisuke sighed and nodded. Satoshi began slowly rocking in and out, mesmerized by the sight and feel of finally having sex with his longtime love. Unconsciously he began to speed up, and at one point Daisuke's eyes flew open and he gasped.

"Oh! Satoshi, hit that spot again!"

That must be his prostate, Satoshi thought, and tried to aim for that spot again. Daisuke threw his head back and moaned, relaxing further around him. Satoshi sped up again, slipping further and further inside his boyfriend until, with a start, he realized he was fully sheathed inside the hot tight confines of the small body beneath him.

"Daisuke," he panted, "I can't hold on much longer…"

"Me neither," the redhead gasped, tightening around him. "Ah…Sa-toshi!" shuddering and gasping, Daisuke tipped over the edge into orgasm without a single touch on his spurting cock. The spasming, clenching muscles around him unexpectedly dropped Satoshi over the edge as well, his orgasm slamming into him like a tidal wave. He shook and trembled, one word making it through his gritted teeth.


They collapsed in a panting, sweaty, sticky pile of exhausted limbs. It had been incredibly short and awkward and inexpert, but it had been the best experience of either of their lives. They were already thinking about how good it would be when they had more practice.

Satoshi sighed and brushed his lips across Daisuke's temple. "We didn't use a condom," he murmured. "You'll be all sticky inside."

Daisuke shrugged. "'S not a big deal," he replied, yawning. "'S not like either of us have diseases we have to worry about…'Sides, I liked the feeling of you emptying into me…"

Satoshi smiled. "Maybe we'll never use one, then…" he murmured. With a grunt, he carefully pulled his sensitive cock out of Daisuke and flopped to the side, too tired to do anything about the mess that covered them.

Down the hall, the two angels wrapped around each other in exactly the same position, falling asleep in each other's arms.

Waaahhh!! It's OVER!! I'm done!! Ah, it feels so good… It's also really depressing. But hey, I've got fifty bajillion other stories that I can focus on now.

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Japanese terms:

Ano- um

Daijobu- I'm all right

Daijobu ka- are you all right?

Demo- but, however, etc.

Doishite- why?

Etto- er

Hai- yes

Iie- no

Kawaii- cute

Kuso- shit (I'm not sure about this one, so if it means something different could someone please tell me?)

Nani- what

Ne- hey, well, basically a filler word

Oishii- delicious

Okaa-san- mother, the O- is a more formal way of saying it

Onegai- please

Itadakimasu- thanks for the food, let's eat, I will eat now, etc.

Seme- dominant partner in a sexual relationship

Sugoi- wow, great