A New Chapter for Us

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Chapter 1:

"Ginji… Are you sure of the way? We are lost!"

"Ban-Chan… I think we should have made a turn just now… …"

"Baka! Why can't you tell me earlier? You are so going to pay for the petrol's fee. I'm running out of gas soon. Why the hell did Yarnball and Needle-Boy keep moving house?"

Giving Ban his famous puppy-eyes look,

"Ban-Chan, don't be angry."

Moving closer to Ban, Ginji pecked a kiss on Ban's cheek before turning back to the address and map he was holding, looking slightly red. Ban glanced at Ginji, smiling to himself before he turned his concentration back to the road.

After another half and hour of drive, they finally found their destination. Ban parked the car, making sure he sticks a parking coupon before he went into the building with Ginji.

… Ding Dong … Ding Dong … Ding Dong …

Juubei was irritated with whoever standing at the door that cannot help to stop pressing on the doorbell. He unlocked the door and was about to shout at the "pest" when he realized it or rather them was Ban and Ginji.

"Juubei-san! Hello!!!!"

"Needle-Boy, aren't you inviting us in?"

Juubei stepped aside to allow his visitors to enter the house.

"What are you two doing here so early?"

"Where's Kazu-Chan? Ban-Chan and I need not work today. Thus, we decided to come over early to help up before the others arrive tonight."

"Kazuki is still in bed. He did not really sleep well last night. What can I get for you guys? Coffee? Tea? Or just plain water?"

"Anything will do. Ginji and I can help ourselves. You can go and wash up."

Juubei retreated back to his room and closed the door wondering whether it is safe to leave those two alone in his living room.

He walked towards the bed; settled himself down to give his usual morning kiss to the figure on the bed.

Kazuki stirred a little before opening his eyes and looked at the person sitting beside him.

"Morning, Juubei."

"Morning, Kazuki. Why don't you sleep in a little while more? Midou and Ginji are outside. They said they are here to help up for tonight. I waked you up later."

Kazuki smiled and sat up on the bed.

"It's okay. Since I'm awake, may as well help you guys too. I will rest once I feel tired."

"K-a-z-u-k-i. You didn't really sleep last night. It's not good for your health. Be good and rest now."

"Juubei, you are such a worrier. I'm alright. Really! I am feeling… …"

Before Kazuki could finish his sentence, he jumped out of the bed and rushed to the washroom.

Juubei signed and followed behind him.

Kazuki had his head facing the toilet bowl and was throwing up to whatever is left and available in his stomach. Juubei simply kneeled beside him and hold his long hair up.

After a minute or two, Kazuki looked up and lied onto Juubei's chest.

Juubei carried Kazuki out of the washroom and placed him onto the bed.

"Juubei, I'm sorry. I thought … … '

Biting his lips, Kazuki was lost for words and his beautiful eyes were clouded with tears.

Juubei moved closely and cuddled Kazuki into his arms.

"It's okay. I understand. Shhh… it's not your fault. You stay in bed. I will bring you something warm to drink. Anything you feel like eating?"

"Nah… I don't have the appetite for anything. You just leave me here. I will be good and rest for awhile. Ban and Ginji are still waiting outside."

Juubei accompanied Kazuki till he fell asleep, made a quick wash and went out of the room.

Ban and Ginji had already made themselves comfortable in the living room when Juubei got himself ready.

"Needle Boy, what took you so long? We almost fall asleep."

"Kazuki threw up again."

"Is Kazu-Chan alright?"

"I think so. He had fallen asleep. I will check on him later. Midou, can you and Ginji go over to the supermarket to get some items? I want to go over myself but I don't want to leave Kazuki alone at home. He get upset easily these days especially when he found no one at home when he wakes up."

"We understand. Ginji and I don't mind as long as you pay for the gas and parking fee for the trip to the supermarket. Needle-Boy, give me the shopping list and the money. You don't except me to pay for me, do you?"

Looking relieved, Juubei took the list with the money and passed it to Ban.

"Oh, take the keys as well."

Stepping outside the apartment, Ban and Ginji sweat dropped at the shopping list that was as long as the length of Ban's 360.

'Never mind, Needle-Boy is going to pay for the petrol's fee. Will not hurt to buy all these things.' thought Ban as he made his way to his car with Ginji.