Panama City, Panama

The Potter family was having dinner when Maximilian, panting from exertion and red-faced, barrelled into the dining room, having just come home from work.

"You're never going to believe this!" he cried out as he burst into the room. The shock was so great and sudden that little Sarah began to cry. Ginny immediately went to her daughter, casting a deadly glare at her brother-in-law.

"What's wrong, Max?" asked Alexandra as she got up just as quickly as he'd entered the room.

Maximilian, however, didn't seem worried. If anything, he seemed…giddy. In fact, the only other times Alexandra had seen him this excited was when he had a new invention in mind or when they were engaged in more…private activities.

"What happened?" asked James. "Did the Death Eaters win a battle?"

Max shook his head rapidly. "Of course not! This isn't bad news! This is good news!"

"Sure doesn't look like it," commented Sirius as he looked at the red-faced aristocrat. "You look as if you're about to have a stroke."

Realizing the impression he must have made, Maximilian blushed in embarrassment and apologized to Sarah, who was still sniffling, and whose mother was giving him her patented Glare of Doom.

Eventually, when he managed to regain his composure, he gave the family a huge smile. "I've got the best news," he crowed.

Remus rolled his eyes. "Yes, we've gathered that much, Max. Why don't you actually tell us what it is?"

Max shook his head. "I've got a better idea. How about I show you?"

"Is this another invention of yours?" asked Lily worriedly as she glanced at Sarah who, despite her initial scare, was now looking curiously at her uncle.

"Max, please tell me you didn't just interrupt the delicate and all-important ritual of feeding for another one of your inventions…" moaned Matthew, who gained an agreeable and solemn nod from his father.

Max shook his head. "This isn't my doing, I assure you of that," he assured them. "But it's still the best news we've heard in years."

James looked at him sceptically. "Max, the only news that would rate that high for us would be to know Harry's still alive and that we had recaptured Great Britain."

Max' grin faltered slightly at this. "Well, I can't deliver on either, but I've got something just as good,"

"What do you mean?"

Max grinned widely now. "How does a new Queen sound?"

As soon as the implications of that statement hit, several things happened.

James fainted.

Lily screamed.

Sirius swore.

Remus goggled.

Alexandra gaped.

Ginny cried in happiness.

And little Sarah, not knowing what was going on, decided to emulate her grandmother and screamed at the top of her lungs.

Cheers broke out throughout the entire British Sector as the televised event broadcasted Elizabeth's crowning.

In the Potter home, the men whooped (with the exception of Joachim, who simply grinned ecstatically) at the return of the Empire, while the women cried in joy, partly due to the Empire's return, and partly from seeing Harry alive and well.

Expatriated British citizens took to the streets, waving Union Jacks in the air of varying sizes as they celebrated with one another the return of their presumed-defunct civilization. Even those natives sympathetic to the British people's plight celebrated the coronation.

It got to such a point that the Confederate government, in a simply precautionary move, deployed more policemen to those areas celebrating, as well as reinforced their Policía Contra-Magia (Counter-Magic Police) force around the British Separatist sectors, where they feared the coronation would be taken in an outraged fashion.

Sydney, Australia

Even as shells exploded over the city as the Americans and Death Eaters tried to bomb the Asian Loyalist League capital city into submission, its citizens took to the streets in celebration as the televised coronation was broadcast on every television and radio set in the ALL, AIM, and all neutral and/or allied nation of the British.

At the front lines, the footmen of the ALL roared in approval as they heard every single part of the ceremony, shouting louder in approval when Elizabeth swore to return their lost homes to the British people.

As they did, a group of four soldiers, rapidly coming under fire, ventured outside of their trenches and went to the flagpole, where they took down the ALL flag and hoisted the Union Jack. Unfortunately, for their patriotism, the four men were quickly brought down by spell fire.

With renewed vigour and fury, the ALL soldiers took to the trenches and gave the Americans and Death Eaters a really bad day in what was coming to be a 2-year-long siege.

Pretoria, South Africa

Cheers broke out in the streets when the crown touched the head of Elizabeth. It was a day where any remaining ethnic troubles ended, as both the light-skinned and dark-skinned segments of society rejoiced together in the return of the their beloved Empire. Gone were the days of mindless, irrational hatred between rightful brothers in arms and culture. Black and White mingled freely in jubilation as British Union Jacks were waved, in every size and shape, along the streets and from ivory balconies.

Hats were thrown in the air as jolly old men laughed happily at the return of a society they understood, and young men and women danced and cheered as they were swept into the patriotic furor of the British refugees.

At the top of the African Imperial League Headquarters in the middle of Pretoria, the crowd watched, amidst cheering, as the AIM flag was brought down and replaced with a magnificent and huge Union Jack.

Kyoto, Japan

Conversation ceased in the Imperial Throne Room as an aide rushed inside and announced the event going on at Harrisburg. With a clipped order, a TV was brought in and tuned into the appropriate channel, where Elizabeth could be seen walking down the main aisle towards the altar.

Narrowing his eyes, the Emperor demanded to know the reliability of the televised content, and it was soon confirmed that the events being broadcast were true. The Emperor narrowed his eyes at the event, but smiled eventually in approval as Elizabeth took her vows.

In rapid Japanese, the Emperor ordered a scribe to be brought in, determined to write a letter of congratulations to his fellow monarch.

After all, he never did like the Americans' allies much.

Rejoice wasn't the only emotion being felt towards the coronation, however. In New Avalon (as Britain had been renamed), it was fury that received the news of the coronation of the new British Monarch. In fact, within the evil walls of Slytherin Fortress, in the middle of the capital, the Inner Circle of the Death Eaters was being berated by the Council.

"Fools!" hissed the Council's avatar, a poor man called Gregory Evans. "How did the bastard whore manage to escape?" he demanded, his normal voice replaced by the conglomeration of voices of the Council.

Lucius Malfoy grovelled low as the avatar's eyes turned to him. "My Lords, Jugson was in command of that detention facility," pleaded the blonde aristocrat. "The fault lies with him, though he was killed in the Imperial raid."

"There should have been no raid!" screamed the avatar. "It was in the middle of the American homeland! How did you not stop them?"

The Inner Circle (minus Jugson) flinched at the avatar's demands. Avery stepped forward at this and bowed low.

"My Lords, we do not know how they managed to pass through the American defences, but if I may point out something?" he suggested. The avatar glared at him (made all the more intimidating by the fact that the spell used on the avatar made his eyes milky white) but nodded.

Sighing in relief, Avery ploughed on. "My Lords, the Americans have long refused to integrate themselves further with us, citing their own ability as an excuse to keep our two factions separate."

"We know this, Avery," growled the avatar.

Nodding quickly, Avery continued. "Yes, my Lords, but what I'm suggesting is that perhaps we can use this situation to our advantage?"


"Well, the Americans have failed, my Lords. They failed to protect a detention facility which you, yourselves have stated is in the midst of their homeland. If the Americans cannot even defend their own homes, how can we entrust them with our flank?"

Lucius nodded as an evil gleam came to life in his eyes. "To add onto Avery's suggestion, my Lords, perhaps it is time for the Americans to relinquish control over the new Juggernaut Cannons."

Avery nodded quickly. "As well as the necessary factories to build our own Assault Ships."

"My Lords, I must protest!" cried out Bellatrix as she glared at the two aristocrats. The avatar turned his white eyes to her. "We should not be even thinking of using these abominations! They are an insult to our culture!"

"An insult that vaporized Nott, remember?" hissed Lucius.

"Nott was a fool!" riposted Bellatrix Lestrange, "And he died while using these…abominations of nature!"

"Power is power!" shot Avery.

"Bellatrix is right!" countered Rodolphus Lestrange. "We must not corrupt ourselves by using these freaks of nature! The Dark Lord would never have condoned it!"

"The Dark Lord respected power, brother," noted Rabastan Lestrange.

"Bah!" put in Macnair. "Give me an wand over one of those cannons any day!"

"And what of Serpent Fortress?" demanded Augustus Rookwood. "The Imperials barely had to do anything after they pulverized the defences with their cannons!"

"Lack of preparation!" snapped Igor Karkaroff.

"We had eight hundred of our best!" cried out Rabastan incredulously. "How is that possibly lack of preparation?"


The arguing died out immediately as all turned to look at the avatar, who seemed somewhat amused at their bickering.

"What Lucius and Avery have said is true," stated the avatar. "Power is power. We, who knew the Dark Lord personally, could testify that he would have wanted this."

"But my Lords—"

"CRUCIO!" snapped the avatar as he pointed his wand at Bellatrix, who screamed in pain as the Cruciatus Curse hit her.

"Do not question us, Bellatrix!" growled the avatar as he let go of the curse, leaving Bellatrix panting on the floor from pain. "We may not be as merciless as the Dark Lord, but insubordination willnot be tolerated, understood?"

"Y-Yes, my lords…" whimpered Bellatrix.

Nodding, the avatar continued. "Good. Now, as we were saying…Avery! Malfoy!"

"Yes, my lords?" asked the two aristocrats.

"You will travel to the American homeland and order them to hand over the technology for the Juggernaut and the Assault Ships as reparations for the loss of our men who died when they were unable to protect their own land."

"We live to serve," intoned Lucius as both men bowed low.

Sneering, the avatar dismissed them with a wave. "Go."

The two aristocrats bowed once more before turning and leaving the room, shooting Bellatrix's puritan faction smirks. Rodolphus glared at them as Karkaroff and Macnair slumped their shoulders slightly in defeat, while Bellatrix moaned from the pain.

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