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Author's Note:

This is a oneshot based on what may have been going through Danny's mind when the Nasty Sauce silo exploded. If you've never seen The Ultimate Enemy, be warned that there are spoilers for it in this fic. Even if you don't care about spoilers, it is suggested you see The Ultimate Enemy before reading or it may not make sense. Anything italic is Danny's thoughts

---The Ultimate Wish---

Danny sucked his evil, jerky future self into the Fenton Thermos and immediately turned around. His ghost powers had given him much sharper sight and he could see the temperature gauge on the Nasty Sauce silo so high it was almost off the scale. A high beeping sound issued from it, whilst Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Maddie, Jack and Mr. Lancer were beginning to sweat and look at Danny nervously. Everything around Danny seemed to go in slow motion, making it seem as if he was running far more slowly than usual.

No! Please, No! Go ghost, PLEASE GO GHOST!

A ring formed around his waist but became vapor nearly as soon as it appeared.

No… NO!

Danny attempted to go ghost once more, but this time a ring didn't even form… He was completely drained and out of power from the ghostly wail he had performed just half a minute ago… So he ran and ran, towards his friends, family and school teacher, into the danger… if he could just get there in time…

Something hit Danny's foot, making him trip. Now the slow motion had become three times as slow, as he flew through the air and landed on his stomach on the cold, hard ground. Just as he looked up, the temperature gauge smashed, and then saw it.

NO! Please NO! It can't happen!!!

The silo exploded for what seemed like an eternity.


Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Maddie, Jack and Mr. Lancer were gone from sight. There was nothing left of the Nasty Burger, not a trace of anything except rubble and debris…

The emotional pain was so great that Danny could almost physically feel a rip straight through the middle of his heart. Everyone he knew or cared about was gone. Nothing would ever bring them back.

It's my fault they're dead… I didn't get there in time and I might have been able to save them if I had of been there… It's all my fault… I'll never see them again! And I'll become… him… All I want is them back… Please, I wish I could have them back…

Time stopped and a clock-like portal appeared, an old, frail looking ghost got out, who changed to a young baby, then to an adult. He drifted over to the Danny frozen in time, putting over him a gold medallion, a time medallion. And as Danny found himself where time stood still, he saw his friends, family and teacher floating safely in the air.

Clockwork had granted his wish.

-The End-

Author's Note:

Originally I wasn't going to type the part about Clockwork, but then I thought it seemed better if I finished this on a happy note. It's just a little oneshot, so no more chapters. Please review and tell me what you think, it was a spontaneous idea that came to mind at midnight and took me twenty minutes to write.