" This message is for Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson, Alex Cabot, John Munch, Finn Tutuola, Casey Novak, and George Huang" Craggen said over the intercom. He would regret doing this but it was the only way to get them all back. He took a deep breath "I have cookies!" he called in a sing-song voice.

"Cookies?" Liv and Casey leaned out of the archive room doorway.

"Cookies?" Elliot and John leaned out of their separate stalls where they had been standing on the seats "OW!" Elliot leaned too far and fell off his seat.

The elevator shot back up to the SVU floor. "Cookies!" Alex Finn and John bolted out.

Melinda sat up out of a dead sleep "I want cookies!"

All eight kids ran into the squad room where sure enough a plate of fresh chocolate cookies was waiting for them in the holding cell with the door wide open.

"Yay!" The all ran inside and grabbed the cookies which they soon realized were fake. Before they could even turn around to leave Craggen shut the door and locked it.

Immediately they started screaming, yelling, and whining about the unfairness of it all.

Craggen picked up a megaphone "QUIET" he said calmly into it. "Now I'm willing to give you guys another chance but do you promise to listen to me and get along?"

"Yes" the group grumbled

"Alright then" Craggen unlocked the cell and let them out. Then he felt something gently tug the bottom of his suit jacket. Craggen looked down and saw Alex standing there hugging her bear.

"You won't take Coconut away will you?" she asked with big sad eyes. It broke Craggen's heart.

"Of course not" He replied kneeling down to her level "Who told you that?"

Alex pointed at Finn "he did"

Craggen gave Finn a stern look "you. Time out. Twenty minutes"

Finn sat as his desk and stuck his tongue out at the Captain when he wasn't looking.

"And the rest of us" Craggen continued turning back to the rest of the children. "Get to watch cartoons!"

"Yeah!" The group ran into his office and crowded around the T.V. in the corner. Craggen put on Spongebob and sat behind his desk. Soon after he fell asleep.

"Is he okay?"

"Do I look like a doctor?"

"More like a clown if you ask me"


Craggen opened his eyes. His detectives were standing around his desk, fully grown each with a concerned look on their face.

"Hey Captain you alright?" Finn asked.

"Yeah" Craggen replied rubbing his forehead "I just had the weirdest dream, You were there" he pointed to Finn "You were there" he pointed to Liv "all of you were there"

Olivia giggled "Was Toto there too?" she pointed to the scruffy black dog in the corner. Toto looked up confused and trotted out the door.

"No" Craggen said "But you were all kids! Pretty damn evil ones too I might add"

They laughed.

"I'm serious!" Craggen exclaimed "Alex even had some teddy bear named Coconut"

Elliot grinned "So did Elizabeth when she was little"

"Oh" Craggen's phone rang. He picked it up.

"SVU. Captain Craggen speaking"

It was time to go back to work.