Sometimes I Wish…

A/N: Don't ask, I have no clue. All I know is it's Rose on 'Pete's World'

Disclaimer: Neither Rose or Doctor Who is mine.

It's unbeta'd, but if there are any huge mistakes let me know please :)

Sometimes I wish I'd been woken up at stupid o'clock in the morning by a text message saying "I love you". A text like that is worth waking up for.

Sometimes I wish that when he snuck into my room at night to watch me sleep — to see that I'm alright to prevent his nightmares — that he'd slide under the covers next to me, and hold me while I slept.

Sometimes I wish that when he held my hand, and our fingers entwined, that he'd pull me around and kiss me, instead of always pulling me towards danger.

Sometimes I wish that when he hugged me, and wrapped his arms around my body, that it was different, that he was loving me.

Sometimes I wish he was human, and we were normal.

But then he'll take my hand, and make sure my eyes are closed, and he'll lead me from the TARDIS on to soft, sweet smelling grass. He'll make me open my eyes and he'll look at me admiringly as my eyes widen in awe, and my mouth gapes open in wonder, and tears leak from my eyes as he shows me the most beautiful sunrise in the universe, a scene for us only, and he'll hug me and tell me this was for me, and then I'm so glad he's alien and we're dysfunctional.

But more than all of that, sometimes I just wish it wasn't all daydreams and thoughts and memories.

Sometimes I wish that he was just here.

Sometimes I just wish for him.