Part Two

I stare at my partner, Meryl Stryfe. She is staring off into space again. She does this a lot now. I know what she's thinking. She's thinking of Vash the Stampede. She's always thinking about Mr. Vash these days. I know she cares for Mr. Vash very much and I know she misses him terribly. I know she worries about him and wishes he would come back. She'd never tell me herself, but I know.

I understand what she's going through. The pain of knowing the one you love may be getting himself killed, while you wait for him in the safety of your room, not knowing if he's alive or dead. The only difference between my wait and Meryl's is my love won't come home to me. He died the day after our one and only night together.

His name was Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He was an orphan turned gunman; he adored children, and had an awful habit of smoking cigarettes. He was a priest, a very odd priest who had many flaws. A tortured soul and a mysterious way about him, but he always came through in the end. That was until the end. He died in a church. It seemed fitting he was a religious man.

I loved him very much and I know that he loved me too. He told me so the night before he died. It was sad we did not come to express our love until his final day on this planet.

I cried a lot after he died and I still do from time to time. I cried because, I miss him so much. But now I'm happy too. He left me a little gift the night before he left me, a child, his child.

I know he would be happy to be a father. I bet he would have been a great father. He loved children. He would have made a great husband too. He always treated me well. He wanted to marry me after a man named Millions Knives was stopped. He was a good man and I have no doubt I would have been his wife.

I'm beginning to cry now. I shouldn't Meryl and I have so much to do before we leave for home. We have to pack and make sure the house we stay in is in tip-top shape. We also have to purchase our tickets for the bus out of town.

We have to be brave, even when it hurts. We have to brave and move on.