Part 5

Three Days Passed, since Kimberly and Aisha's talk. The days were spent shopping and decorating for the holidays. The former Rangers wrapped gifts and often were seen at the Youth Center, helping prepare for the annual Christmas party.

Kimberly and Aisha tried continued to hide their pregnancies. They were very successive. Everyone around them, including their husbands and with exception to Kat and Tanya and now Hayley, didn't notice their sickness or their tiredness. They were all too busy and rushing around Angel Grove like it was under attack.

Relief finally came Christmas Eve and the party began. Children sang, Bulk dressed as Santa, and Skull handed out gifts to the less fortunate children. It was a merry occasion for everyone.

"Hey," Tommy said as he sat down next to his wife.

"Hey," Kimberly said smiling up at him. "Did you get my soda?"

"Of course," Tommy said handing her her drink.

"Thank you," Kim said and kissed his sweetly.

"She's amazing," Dr. Oliver said staring up at the children's choir, conducted by Tanya. He was looking directly at Alison.

"Yeah, she is," Kim said proudly.

"She gets her musical talent from you," Tommy said.

"Yeah," Kim said. "How do you feel about having another one?"

"I would love it," Tommy said with a thoughtful smile.

"I'm happy to hear that," Kim said turning to stare deeply into her husband's eyes. "Because I'm pregnant."

Tommy Oliver was speechless. He was in shock. He always dreamt of having a bigger family, but didn't think it was an issue this early in their marriage.

"Well, say something," Kim said playfully shoving Tommy's shoulder.

"Really?" was the first and only thing that came out of the former Green Ranger's mouth.

"Yes, I wouldn't lie about something like that," Kim said.

Tommy smile brightly. He pulled his wife to him and kissed her passionately.

"I take it you're happy?" Kimberly asked cheerfully after breaking the kiss.

Tommy kissed her again.

When they pulled away, Tommy noticed some excitement from the corner of his eye. Trent and Kira were under the mistletoe. Trent was down on bended knee.

"Beautiful, look to your left," he said.

Kim turned just in time to see Trent pull out a small black box and propose to the former Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger. Kira's exclamation of yes was heard over the noise in the building. Trent stood and kissed her.

"Oh, how romantic," The former Pink Ranger said.

Everyone clapped their congratulations to the young couple.

"Wow," Tommy said. "It seems that you're not the only one with an announcement tonight."

"You're right," Kim said pointing behind Tommy.

He turned to see Rocky lift Aisha, bridal style, into his arms. The Red Ape spun in a complete circle, before he walked to the table where Kim and Tommy were seated. He placed Aisha down in the chair across from Kimberly and he took the seat next to her.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked.

"I'm going to be a father," Rocky announced quickly.

"So am I," Tommy said.

The two exclaimed happily shaking hands. Kim and Aisha laughed.

"Hey, what's with all of the excitement?" Hayley asked approaching the table, knowing what was going on.

Billy and the rest to their group close behind. Everyone taking their places at their tables near them, Trent sat pulling Kira onto his lap, ignoring Conner and Ethan's teasing. Kat held Kyle on her lap as the baby chewed on his toy keys. Jason sat beside her, Zack sat beside him, Trini sat beside Zack and Just sat between Trini and Kat. Adam held his daughter while Tanya told the children to take a break. She walked over with Alison.

"Hey, guys," the former Yellow Zeo Ranger said sitting next to her husband.

Alison sat at the last remaining spot at the table with her parents.

"Tonight's a special night," Aisha said.

"Yup," Kim said. "Full of excitement and announcements."

"We saw Trent propose to Kira," Trini Said.

"That wasn't the only announcement," Aisha said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Okay what's going on?" Trini asked her.

"Well, I'm pregnant," the Yellow Bear said simply.

"And," Kimberly said in the same way as Aisha. "So am I."

The females squealed, all rushing to hug their friends.

"Thanks for taking away my thunder," Kira said with false sarcasm.

"Sorry," Kim and Aisha said in unison.

"So, I'm going to be a big sister?" Alison asked.

A glow was in the child's eyes. A baby brother or sister was something she always wanted.

"Yes," Kimberly said.

"Thank you," Ally said with a bright smile, her mother's smile.

She embraced her mother.

"Hey, what about me?" Tommy asked playfully.

"Thank you, too, Daddy," Alison said and hugged him tightly.

"Now, this is how it always should've been," Zack said.

"What?" Jason asked.

"all of us, together," the first Black Ranger answered. "Hanging out, raising kids. We should have never separated in the first place."

"Touching," Kat said. "But I'm glad we all went our own ways. If we didn't, we all wouldn't be here, as friends, as family."

"Yeah, we're a family," Alison said.

"A family that will continue to grow," Jason chuckled. "Whether it be by blood, by marriages, or by teams, we're a family."