This is a fan fiction inspired by "My Best Summer" by Hippogriff818

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This story is set in the fifth year summer holidays (That's where it starts at least – by which I mean going into the sixth year) and for some odd reason Voldemort will be completely absent with the exception of an enchanted picture in the Gryffindor common room of Voldemort dancing the Macarena


With a shooting pain running through his leg Harry Potter awoke with an upwards jolt and a howl of pain. He jumped up and hopped around the room screaming in pain as his leg muscles cramped. It took a full five minutes of jumping up and down on one leg in the center of his room for the pain to finally come to a full stop and an exhausted Harry lay on his bed drenched in sweat.

Harry looked over at his clock and noticed that it was still early in the mourning. He looked out of his window and saw the sun coming up, drenching the neat houses and pristine gardens of privet drive in a golden light.

He turned from the window and jumped at the sight of his red faced bleary eyed uncle staring at him with an expression of utter rage plastered on his face. Harry rolled his eyes and walked over to his dresser and pulled out a clean white towel and made a move towards the bathroom to have a shower when his uncle grabbed him by the arm and forced him to look at him.

"What the devil are you doing boy!" His uncle Vernon thundered

"I was planning on taking a shower" Said Harry remotely confused

"You wake up half the bloody neighborhood and you think nothing of it!" Vernon burst out, turning slowly from red to purple the vein in his temple throbbing dangerously

"Oh, yeah I'm sorry about that, had a cramp" Harry replied, finally figuring out why his uncle was awake.

"I will throttle you boy, but we have new neighbors moving into the street later on and it would look odd if you had bruises around your neck" Uncle Vernon said stifling a yawn

"New neighbors? And your bringing me?" Harry stuttered

"Most unfortunately I have too, I received a letter from that freak with the dopey eye" Vernon sighed "He said he knew about the new neighbors and if you weren't included he would be paying me a visit"

Harry could see the vein in his uncle's temple throb and grow; if there was one thing Vernon Dursley would not take lying down it was threats. He could see that his uncle was conflicted about taking him to meet the neighbors but the image of Moody's magical eye and the words that were spoken to him as Harry had left kings cross the week before was too frightful for Vernon to imagine.

"-Yeah and if we get any hint that Potter's been mistreated in any way, you'll have us to answer to,' Harry said in his best imitation of Moody's voice. This comment made the color drain from Uncle Vernon's face. Harry grinned as Vernon stomped out of the room muttering angrily. Harry showered and shaved (His facial hair was beginning to come through and was itching him like mad) and dressed in his finest clothes. He had gone shopping for some decent muggle clothing the day he had come back for the holidays.

Harry dressed in a pair of black jeans and shirt. The shirt had a scarlet lion printed on the front and Harry had enchanted it to move up and down as people looked at it from different angles. Harry grinned at the cleverness of his magic; thanking Dumbledore for convincing the minister of magic to lax the underage magic usage laws because of the return of Voldemort.

Harry looked at himself in the mirror and laughed. He had sent two sleepless nights attempting to transfigure himself to a more formidable looking young man and at the end of that time was quite pleased with the results. He had lengthened his hair so it fell to his shoulder blades and managed to alter his physique to be perfectly toned. His physical strength had been heightened and Harry was very pleased with his results. His face and height remained untouched but Dumbledore had suggested that if Harry was to be in the muggle world and unable to use significant magic against a muggle he must look formidable enough for no one to wish for a fight with him.

He slowly wandered downstairs and peered at the clock on the kitchen wall. It was now just after seven and Harry started to cook himself some breakfast. As he finished cooking one egg, one sausage and a few baked beans Harry waved his wand over the food and it multiplied to fill and entire platter.

"Will have to thank Mrs. Weasley for teaching me that one" Harry laughed to himself

"Boy stop talking to yourself, if the neighbors see they will think you've gone loopy" Uncle Vernon said sitting at the table smiling at the large platter of food in front of him. 'At lease the boy is good for something' He thought to himself.

Harry happily ate his food and proceeded upstairs to brush his teeth and hair. He grinned at himself in the mirror as he pulled his hair into a pony tail that would have made Ron's brother Bill proud. He finished off by picking up a black akubra and a pair of sunglasses off the desk and putting them on. This obscured half of Harry's face but Harry loved the look. Thinking the look could use some more, Harry pulled out his wand and started to play around trying to give himself a beard. By the time the Dursleys were ready to leave Harry had managed to give himself a black goatee.

Harry rushed downstairs and saw his slack jawed cousin look extremely annoyed at Harry. Dudley put his hand up to his poorly grown blonde goatee that was barley visible and glared at the grinning Harry.

"Ok boy, normally we tell people that you go to St. Brutus's but this moody fellow insisted that I say you go to Smeltings with Dudley" Uncle Vernon explained shuddering at the though of his son and nephew living in the same dormitory. Harry was glad uncle Vernon had shuddered or he may have noticed that Harry had shuddered too.

As they walked up to the newly occupied house that was directly across the street from their own Harry saw a tall man and woman walking over to meet them. The man smiled at the Dursley family and shook each of their hands in turn, stopping for a moment before shaking Harry's hand. 'Boy the family resemblance stops with this one' he thought to himself.

"Welcome to the neighborhood Mister and Misses Granger" Dudley drawled in his most revoltingly dignified voice

"Thank you young man" Said Mr. Granger smiling at him

"Wait a minute…Granger?" Harry asked smiling "You don't happen to be a dentist…"

"Why yes I am, me and my wife" Mr. Granger said "We are hoping for our daughter to follow in our footsteps but she has other plans"

"How do you know what my plans are?" Said a bushy haired girl from behind her father "Pleased to meet you, I'm Hermione" She said holding out a hand to Harry who took it grinning.


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