Hey guys, well this is it, the final chapter in My Privet Romance, I will be starting my new fan fiction tonight, so that should be up sometime soon

Hey guys, well this is it, the final chapter in My Privet Romance, I will be starting my new fan fiction tonight, so that should be up sometime soon. I hope you guys all read it, thank you for reviewing this and I hope the ending doesn't disappoint you! Please review my new fan fiction when I post it that would be greatly appreciated. Ill try to make this one 2,000+ words but I'm not sure I have enough imagination to stretch this ending out for that long.

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"Harry what are you talking about?" Hermione asked, looking at Harry with a worried expression on her face

"I don't care if Dumbledore says I can't fight…they need out help!" Harry yelled

"What are we going to then?" Neville said, the entire group of teens turned to face him with looks of shock on their faces "I want to fight; it's about time my parents got the retribution they deserve!"

"Good on you Neville" Harry said, glad that he had taught Neville as much as he could during their time in the DA "Look, Ron and Hermione already know this…but im not entirely happy about you all being here, but I respect you all to much to force you to go home, so Ill leave the decision up to you, you can go home or hear the plan"

"THE PLAN!" The group yelled

"Ok then, Dumbledore doesn't know this, but there is a hidden passage underneath the Cellar in Hogsmeade that leads all the way into the castle, Voldemort may know of the tunnel…but it's a way in" Harry explained, looking to each of their faces and seeing no fear "lets go!"

The group followed Harry out of the shrieking shack and raced in the direction of Honeydukes. Ignoring the screams of fear from the upper floors when the tripped the intruder alarm the bolted into the cellar and pulled open the trap door. Racing through the passage way with all the speed they possessed they arrived at Hogwarts less than half an hour later puffing and panting.

Muttering the password to the witched hump it opened and Harry shot a stunner towards a hanging torch on the wall, it rebounded and Harry heard a loud thud on the stone floor, knowing that the death eater on guard had been knocked out Harry climbed out of the witches hump and looked up and down the corridor. It was deserted except for peeved who zoomed past yelling "Fight in the tower!!"

Harry turned to the others who were helping Neville out of the witches hump and gestured towards the astronomy tower. As they burst into a hallway several stunners fired at them, Harry deflected them with Hermione's help but was knocked off of his feet. Looking up he found not Death Eaters but Tonks and Lupin looking furious.

"How did you get back in here?" Lupin thundered, Harry having never seen him this angry was now nervous

"We took the one eyes witch passage way, I deserve…we deserve to fight!"

"Dumbledore didn't want you to fight" Tonks said, slightly more kindly then Lupin

"He was all gung-ho about it when we were in the briefing" Harry retorted

"He never envisioned it being this dangerous!" Lupin shot

"Well the circumstances may have changed but were still fighting" Harry said

"I don't think so!" Lupin yelled

"Think you can take us all Remus?" Harry said

Lupin raised his eyebrows at Harry's arrogance but admitted defeat

"Dumbledore is going to kill me" He muttered before leading the way to the north tower, as they followed the path up they were accosted by two death eaters who were fleeing the scene of the fight, throwing a petrifying curse towards the two, Harry grinned when they fell to the ground. Standing over one of them he kneeled down and lifted the curse from the death eaters head area while ripping the death eaters wand away from him.

"We need information" Harry yelled at him

"Kiss my ass Potter!" The death eater spat

"You have a choice, either you tell me or you don't make it out of here" Harry growled

"You don't have it in you!" The death eater laughed, not sounding thoroughly safe

"You helped kill my godfather" Harry said, staring the Death Eater dead in the eye "Don't put anything past me at this point"

"Ok, ok, we lost the north tower to your phoenix lot, there aren't many of us left, they've all fled…only a few remain and their down in the chamber, I'm guessing your lot aren't far behind" The death Eater said all at once

"If I find out you lied to me…I will see to it you never walk again" Harry spat, turning on his heel to run to the Chamber of secrets, everyone close on his heels.

Arriving at the bathroom they found Dumbledore standing in front of the mirror to the chamber of secrets muttering to himself. He turned to face the group and looked grim; he threw Harry a look of disappointment as everyone in the group shot questions at him. He raised his hand to silence them all and they all immediately fell silent.

"Voldemort he fled the chamber…he is fleeing the grounds on foot, Remus take the children and get them out of here" Dumbledore said, before turning and dashing off

Without paying the slightest attention to Lupin's attempts to restrain him; Harry dashed after his headmaster. As he caught up to Dumbledore on the 5th floor there was a cry of 'Expelliarmus' from an apparently blank stretch of wall and Harry was thrown to the ground, stiff as a board. Harry could not see anything that was going on and he began to panic.

Dumbledore lay slouched against the wall as a paler then usual Severus Snape stood over Dumbledore with Draco Malfoy standing immediately behind him, his wand in his hand. Behind him stood the gaunt white figure of Lord Voldemort, Harry heard the cold laugh of Voldemort ring in his ears as a silent scream failed to escape his lips.

"Good job young Draco" Voldemort complimented as Draco could not believe what he had done "You will be rewarded richly if you can finish the job"

Draco said nothing as he stared at the limp figure of Albus Dumbledore

"Very well then, I shall punish you later, Severus if you will" Voldemort smiled "You can have the honor"

Snape looked into Dumbledore's bright blue eyes as Dumbledore muttered "Severus, Please"

"Avada Kedavra" Snape called pointing his wand at Dumbledore's body, as he did so Harry's body sprang free and he became visible for all to see

"Ah, Potter, well today will be a wonderful day for Lord Voldemort" Voldemort called "Avad…"

"Lord, we must leave, now that Dumbledore is dead we have only ten seconds to remove ourselves from the castle before we will be sealed in" Snape called, glaring at Harry

"Consider yourself lucky potter, we will meet another day" Voldemort said as he slipped into the room of requirement with Draco and Snape, disappearing into the night

Harry sat in the Burrow's living room with Hermione in his arms, three weeks after the incident at Hogwarts.

"Look Hermione, we have gone over this 100 times, Snape killed Dumbledore, it proves what we have been saying all along, why are you so sure that there was an ulterior motive?" Ron shot at her

"Think about it Ron, he stopped Voldemort killing Harry at the last moment…he made up a story about needing to evacuate, we were in that castle for an hour after…it…happened and we got out just fine…"

"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP!" Harry yelled "He's dead because of me and I want it to be as far from my mind as possible, I may as well be a murderer!!"

Bolting out the back door and running to the oak tree in the Weasley's meadow he was soon caught up to by Hermione who wrapped Harry in her arms while the first tears fell from his eyes. After what seemed like forever Harry finally stopped crying and looked into Hermione's eyes, and no matter how sure Harry was that it was his fault nothing he could do could stop him seeing the conviction that her eyes that she had thoughts to the contrary.

And as the sun set over the flowery meadow and petals fell from the tree high above them, Harry sighed and was in some small way, Happy. The emotion made no sense but was so absolute there was no mistaking it, Harry was happy and in love and the fact that those emotions could still live inside of him was proof of what Dumbledore had always said, love was the power to end it all, and Harry knew that no matter what lay ahead as long as he could still love he would overcome it all.

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Sorry that was a little Anti-Climactic guys but I lost my passion for this story 4 chapters ago, oh well. I hope you liked My privet Romance and I hope this wasn't too anti climactic.

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