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this story has been dedicated to an indian movie "om shanti om" . read below about the movie . but careful a lot of spoilers.! be warned! om shanti om is a story about a junior artist "om" who falls in love with a superstar "shanti" and not just a celebrity crush!

but shanti likes him as a friend only and breaks his heart. shes pregnant and also married to the famous producer "mukesh" but mukesh doesnt want the baby so he decided to dispose of it and her painfully . i wont tell u how he kills her but it will be told in the story. romance. drama . hurt . comfort. sad . tragedy . death etc etc etc


Always and Forever

it was a quiet town in alburqerque. nothing exciting ever happened.

the story takes place in the gangs senior year after the winter musical and sharpay and ryan are nice and troys not a jerk.

the gang tries to get them together...

gabriella and sharpay sitting in gabriellas room laughing and painting each others nails

"So... gabs... got an eye out for somebody ?????? coughtroycough???? " sharpay smirked

gabriella blushes." no not really... i mean im not interested in my love life only concerned bout my acadamic life.. so no..sorry to burst your bubblr though shar..."

"Psh. its ok... youll find someone... ill make sure because i dont want you living all alone when your grown up with twenty seven cats!. by the way ? waht about troy ? i thought u had a thong for him gabs ????"

"troy" gabriella blushes,,,," i mean hes cute and gorgeous and all and totally sweet but i dont think hell be interetsed in a nerd like me"

" dont worry when sharpay evans is through with you.. hell surely change his mind!. so deal ? i help you win T-bears heart ???" sharpay squealed

"T-bear?" gabriella giggled

fate brought them together

gabriella and troy making out in his room . her hand reaches up to pull off his shirt..

"cant take your hands off me can you montez?" troy smirked

gabriella giggled and smiled seductively.

"who are you and what have you done to the shy and freaky math girl????"

But... fate decided to interwine with their perfectly happy life

"hi im Todd Carter. you are...??"

"gabriella. gabriella montez. nice to meet you"

they shake hands

todd eyes gabriella up and down and eyes at hur hungrily

Theres a deep mystery to his past...

kelsi is sitting in the library searching the past family records of alburqeruqe for the carters...

" oh my god! i cant believe todds a..." trailes off

"whats wrong kels ?" jason asks worriedly

"we have to warn troy! and fast! cmon!" kelsi drags jason out .. clutching the book after issuing it

Todds got something planned for troy...

"hello troy... nice of you to drop by..." smirks weirdly

"hey man... wheres everybody ?? i thought this was a party??" troy asks backing towards the exit

" you wont be going anywhere troy ma man... were gonna get reaqauanited to settle our differences..."

"what are you talking bout ?"

"you have something that i want" raises his voice

"what would that be?"

"gabriella montez" he asks huger in his eyes...

the whole house is ablaze.. fire is creeping towards slowly and its getting hot and boiling... theres no way out ...

a figure is screming and pounding on the glass window for help. the sound of plea is muffled.. the end is near ... tears roll down and sinks to the ground in vain and prepares for death...

a scream is herd and ambulence sirens are heard a while later...

2 bodies are found damaged and are sent to the hospital but the third body hasnt been found... that body was the one of the person in the ablzae house... the police search the burnt house but no luck ... where is it ?????? a dead body cant walk out on its own...

2 months later

gabriella is sitting on her swing ... the wind bellowing against her hair .. brushing it lightly


gabriella screams and looks up

WHO IS IT ????????????????????? a past returns...

what is todds secret ?

who has come back for gabriella ?

whos body was gone ?

who was gonna get burnt in the house?

wht is todd planning to do to troy ?

can kelis get in time ?


"awwww troy its beautiful!"

"thanks gabi.. it didnt come cheap you know!" troy chuckels

" i love you troy...promise me one thing..."


"youll always be there for me and never leave cause i promise to always be there for you".

"ill be here for you gabi. always and forever and while im here no one can harm you..."

"your so cheesy!"

"and you love me for it!" smiles lopsididly

" i know.,..." sighs dreamily...

"nothing can go wrong..."

someone over hears them...

"ha! thats what you think! wait till tomorrow you two you wont know what hit you.. it ll be swift and easy cause im one of you closest and dearest friends and you wont suspect who i am...i could be anyone ... chad... taylor... kelsi...jason...sharpay..martha...ryan...zeke... whatch your back cause im going to make your life miserbale... piece by piece... enjoy your life while you can...psh.. always and forver ... done make me laugh...""

i know its a crappy trailer but the stories awsome so please read it and review ill post a chapter every 2 days or maybe even 3...

thanks ...