Always and Forever - A Troy And Gabriella Story

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Chapter 18 - Revenge

Cheyanne sighed as she looked at the alarm clock beside her hospital bed. It read 2: 30 pm in bright green colours. She sighed. She had been stuck for 2 days in hospital now and was missing school.She felt happy that she had made up with the gang about her actions and had broken upwith the 'Dark-Todd'. After the confrontation, Cheyanne coudltnt imagine how she would react if she saw him again.Cheyanne groaned as she realised it was time for her medicine.

"Maybe i can fake the 'sleeping due to injuries' act?"Cheyanne thought to her self as she heard someone walk through the corridors towards her room.Quickly she opened her mouth slightly and spread her legs wide beneath the hospital blankets and closed her eyes to give the illusion that she was sleeping.As soon as she was finished, the door opened and a nurse arrived.

The nurse frowned at the sight of her patient sleeping.

"Oh looks like shes sleeping...i guess she'll have to take them when she wakes up..."The nurse muttered as she walked back out and closed the door.Cheyanne smiled and sprang up, grinning from ear to ear,

"Guess i could rival Sharpay in the Drama Club!"

Cheyanne grabbed the remote for the t.v and clicked it.The T.V turned on and the channel 'MTV' Popped with a blast.

"Oh this is my fav song!"Cheyanne giggled as she started moving her head to the beat of the music.The door of the room banged open followed by a smirking nurse with a triumphant look on her face,

'Aha! Gotcha missy! No acting now! Your getting your medicines right now!'The nurse exclaimed as she turned of the T.V

"Awww man..."Cheyanne pouted as she glared at the nurse with a killing look in her eyes.


Alexa and Kelsi giggled as they sat in Alexa's living room watching 'Americas Most Funny Videos'.Clearly they were having a blast.Between the week of drama, Alexa and Kelsi had bonded quickly and soon became fast friends.It would seem that the girl who normally seemed a snob who wanted to steal Troy, became great friends with East Highs gang and replaced Cheyanne. Although Alexa knew that pretty soon Cheyanne would come back and take her place back again as the 'bestfriend' of Sharpay, Alexa without doubt knew that she would miss the extra time she was able to spend with the gang with Cheyannes absence.All in all, Alexa wasnt going to let this thought of Todd ruin their afternoon today cause the gang were on a mission, "To help Todd". All they had to do was to get Todd to agree without showing violence and physical assualt.Since there were two of them, Alexa and Kelsi felt pretty confident that they would be succesful.

"Are you sure hes coming?"Kelsi quiered

"Positive...Todd always comes here at this hour to eat kunch with me...we both were taught to have at least one meal in a day together by our parents..."Alexa explained as she glanced impatiently at the clock.

"Aww thats so sweet Alex!"Kelsi cooed

" got know??"Alexa motioned for the hangbag Kelsi was carrying.Kelsi glanced at it and back into Alexas green eyes and nodded slightly, fearfully.

"Are you sure this is necessary Alex?wont be get in trouble??"Kelsi stuttered

"Its for safety saw what he did to Cheyanne Zeke Sharpay and you want to end up the same way??"

"No way!"

"Then its the only way..."

"Please god...let this work..."Alexa and Kelsi prayed silently as they looked at the clock.It read 2: 45. Where was Todd?


Time 2: 35

Cheyanne yawned as she turned the page of her book.She was sitting alone in her hospital room, bored.Gabriella and Troy had dropped by and left her a bouquet of roses as a sign of wishing her a 'Get Well Soon' They had stayed for five minutes only.It was five minutes before she drank her medicines and still the taste was in her mouth.Now she was reading her book and drinking water from a bottle at the same time to drown the taste.

Just as she took the bottle to her mouth for another sip the door of the room opened and a certain blonde dude entered the room smiling at her.One look at him and Cheyanne spat out her water.Todd Carter?How dare he come here?

"Hey Cheyanne...who did this to you?? How come you didnt tell me someone beat you up?? Ill kick his sorry ass...'Todd started as Cheyanne stared at him confused.

He doesnt remember? Oh wait! She recalled the fact that Todd had no idea what ever action his split-personality did.So he was...innocent? Cheyanne sighed.She was confused.Was he innocent or guilty of Physical assualt?

"Chey you there..."Todd snapped his fingers infront of her face.

"Oh yea im fine..."Cheyanne smiled weakely watching him grin at her and telling her all about school.

"Oh and as soon as you are discharged im taking you on a very special date!'Todd promised

Cheyanne's thought suddenly came crashing down.Date? Oh shit! He didnt rememeber them breaking up.She coudltnt break his heart by telling him.She watched him closely noticing how excited he was about the date.He would be really upset if i tell him and i dont want him upset otherwise ill end up just like last time.

"Thats great Todd...cant wait..."Cheyanne mumbled.

"Ok well heres a rose for you Chey..."Todd blushed as he handed her a rose. "Its a sign saying 'Get Well Soon'"Cheyanne smirked at him.

"Thanks Todd...i love it..."She placed the rose seperately on her bed side table.

'Well i better be heading home...Alexa and i always eat lunch in the afternoon together.."

'Ok..."Cheyanne inisde was feeling glad.She couldnt bear how much uncomfortable she was feeling around him.Todd walked upto her and kissed her lightly on the lips taking Cheyanne by surprisde.As he pulled up, Cheyanne saw his face upclose and saw that his eyes were dark grey.He was smirking at her lustfully.Cheyanne immediately started praying inside her head and she watched him leave the room.

' was you..."Cheyanne mumbled answering Todds earlier question.How was she gonne tell him?


Alexa and Todds Mansion - Time 2:45 Residents Kesli and Alexa Close

"Alexa! im home!'Todd replied cheerfully.After his visit to the hospital he was in a very bright and cheerful mood.Nothing could ruin his day and put a damper on his mood.

"Hey Todd! im in the living room with Kelsi!'Alexa called back from their living room.Todd smiled and walked into the room cheerfully.

"Hi Todd..."Kelsi greeted uncomfortabley.She was still scared of him and his split personality

"Hi Kelsi! isnt it a wonderful day today??"Todd cooed as he plopped down besides Alexa on the couch with Kelsi being on Alexas left and Alexa being on Todds right,

"Why are you so happy??"Alexa asked curious

"Well i visited Cheyanne in the hospital before coming here."Kelsi and Alexas eyes widened.He visited her at the hospital??

" did...thats...great..."Kelsi mumbled

"Im sure Cheyanne to see you..."Alexa finished for Kelsi, forcing a smile.

'Are you guys okay??"Todd raised an eyebrow.Alexa sighed and looked at Kelsi who just nodded and stood up.

"Todd...i told them..."Alexa muttered to Todd in his ear.Todds eyes widened.

"T-told t-t-them what??"

"Your disease,,,,"

"im perfectly alright and healthy! i have n-n-o disease"Todd choked as he stood up and glared at Alexa and Kelsi.Alexa sighed and stood upaswell.

"Todd...theres no point in denying...the gang knows...Cheyanne knows!"

'Chey knows????"Todds eyes turned dark


"She'll break up with me...i love her...and she'll never want to see me again..."Tears spilled from his eyes.Kelsi walked upto him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Now Todd...dont be too sure...Cheyanne wont dump you...why dont you just talk to her??"

Todd's eyes suddenly flared up as he snapped Kelsi.

"How can you be so sure??"He advanced over to Kelsi.

"Todd please dont get have to keep yourself in control!'Alexa warned.Todd turned to Alexa.

"I trusted you...and you betrayed me told everyone my secret...everything will be taken from love...she'll hate me..."Todd advanced towards Alexa with her word, his eyes turning dark grey.Alexa just backed up into the wall and Kelsi stood frozen in fear.

"Todd please control..."Alexa gulped as she decided to take a plunge and say it.He deserved to know."Youve got to control yourself! Or youll do the same with me what you did to Cheyanne Sharpay Zeke and Gabriella!"

Todd froze.'What do you mean...i ddint do anything..."Alexa placed a hand on his shoulder."Todd was you...dont you recall anything???"

Todd massaged his temple as he tried to recall."I didnt do it...i dont remember anything..."

"Remember what the shrink said???"Alexa crossed her arms and looked at him sadly.Todds eyes widened."You wont remember anything you do when you change..."Todds eyes filled with tears.

'What have i done?? i can hear Gabriella and Cheyanne's pleas and cries in my a freak..."Alexa went up and hugged Todd."I love them both and i hurt them a lot...they hate me dont they..."Kelsi and Alexa hung their head.

"Im a freak...a weirdo...please Alexa...when is this going to end??/ i just want to be normal..."Todd ranted as tears flew from his eyes.Alexa just hugged him, muttering soothing words and Kelsi looked at the two of them pitifully.

"My father hated me...i assualted you and crazy..."Suddenly Todd stopped and gripped Alexa firmly.Scared Alexa tried to remove her self from his grasp but coudlnt.His eyes turned the darkest colour imaginable.

" told everyone...bitch...i wanted everyone to think of me as normal...but you blabbed...Gabriella and Cheyanne will hate me...i cant let that will pay dearly Alex..."With that he pushed Alexa back into the wall and wrapped his arms around her neck in an attempt to strangle her.Alexa did all she could to escape.She was starting to turn blue from lack of oxygen.Kelsi stood there paralazyed in fear.Todd continued his assault.

"Im sorry Alex...this has to be have to pay...and after that i can take care of the rest of the one can know...Sshhhh it'll only hurt for a little while...'Alexa's eyes widened."Say hi to daddy for me..."Todd smirked.

"K-k-elsi,,"Alexa rasped.Kelsi immediately recovered from her paralysis and immediately took action.Alexa was soon gonna be killed infront of her if she didnt do anything.

"Tood stop it!'Kelsi pleaded to the aggresive blonde standing infront of her.Todd just smirked.

"Keep your panties up! Your turn will come true...Poor Troy..."Todd chuckled.Alexa's vision was becoming a blur and she could feel herself starting to loose control of her body.This was the end.Kesli cmon.

Kelsi quickly opened her bag and took out a dagger from within.She held it in her hand nervously.She coudlnt do it.This was wrong.Her dad gave her for emergencies only.Troy will kill me.


But Alexa needs me! Within a flash Kelsi stomped over to Todd and placed the sharp tip of the dagger against his pale neck.Todd froze up, feeling something against his skin,He turned to Kelsi after letting Alexa go, who fell to the ground clutching her neck and breathing hard.

"You woudlnt dare..."He whispered in a hoarse voice.

Kelsi was nervous.He was too close."Try me..."She grabbed the edge/hilt of the dagger tighlty in her palm.Todd looked from Alexa to Kelsi and smiled as he took a step towards Kelsi.

"Your bluffing..."

"I..."Kelsi was interuppted by someone knocking on the door,

"Kelsi its me your mom! You said to pick you and Alexa from here. Remember? We were going to the mall..."Kelsi's moms voice rang out from behind the door.

Alexa stood up, still pale from the attack.She wobbled over to Kelsi and stood by her.Todd looked at the ground.

"Tell the gang...never to talk to me again...i dont need perfectly fine..."

"Todd..."Alexa tried to reason with him for the last time.

"No Alexa! I have Gabriella and Cheyanne! They'll help me! I dont need you guys! Get lost!"With that Todd kicked the nearby chair and stomped off to his room.

"So much for trying to help him...we gotta tell Troy this...we are meeting at his place..."Alexa mused as she and Kelsi and walked to the door and opened it for Kelsi's mom.

'Poor Todd..wonder how Cheyanne will tell him..."Kelsi sighed

"Cmon girls! Were going shopping! dont damper the mood !"Kelsi's mom cheerfully exclaimed as she dragged the two of them to her car.

'Rememeber mom...we have to be at Troys at 4 ..."Kelsi reminded

"Sure...sure...2 hours of fun are enough for me!"

Alexa and Kelsi groaned.One thing was in their mind.How were they gonna help Todd? How would Cheyanne tell Todd that there over and what was Troys secret ( in Kels's case...since Alexa knows)


Troy sat on his bed, thinking over the stuff that had been happening.

Ever since Alexa and Todd had arrived in their lives, everyhting had changed.Gabriella was raped.Cheyanne Sharpay and Zeke were assualted.Kelsi was almost raped.Things were out of control.

On top of it all, the match against the West High Knights was drawing near and Troy had to be prepared.His mind was still filled with memories of his past.He mused on how Alexa and Kelsi would persuade Todd into letting them help him and how was Cheyanne doing.

Gabriella and Sharpay had given him an no choice.He was going to tell them their secret when they came over.He had no say in this.

Troy sighed.Might as well tell them.Hope they wont think of me differently.Oh Godd...Troy rubbed his temple as he paced his room.

He had to tell them.He had to get it off his chest.They deserved to know and he was going to tell them when all of them came to discuss Todd.It was final.Troy had his mind made up.


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