Okay. This is an OC story. And before anyone thinks "Oh, great! Another Mary-Sue!" I will point out your mistake. My story revolves around four OC arrancar, some of them former espada, Aizen, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow and Gin. Aizen has successfully taken over the world. The arrancar live peacefully. Or so it looks. Now,let me introduce my characters.


Arrancar Number: 107

Personality and other info: Friendly but dark. Sarcastic with a burning sense of humor. One of the smartest Arrancar to be created, that's why Aizen keeps her in his close circle although she's not an Espada anymore. She was an Adjuchas before becoming an arrancar. She hangs out with Naoko, Takeo and Akio. Also, she's friends with Ulquiorra and they are partnered for missions many times.

Looks: Tall, fit, no breasts what-so-ever(lol, I just want something wrong with every character). Has white hair and dark green eyes . Wears a black shirt with a sleeveless white jacket over it and the standard arrancar hakama.


Arrancar number: 32

Personality and other info: She is hyper and smiling most times, but when she gets serious you really don't want to be there. When someone insults her, she begins to stare at him, a shadow of a glare in her eyes. Then she starts moving closer to the person and punches him in the gut, sending him far far away. She is a good friend with Gin. Grimmjow doesn't like her much, because he was beaten by her in an arm wrestle once. She's a bit dense and very impatient. She is Suki's best friend.

Looks: Short and slim, which is unusual because of her insane physical strength. She has light blue eyes and brown shoulder length hair .Has the body development of a teenager. Wears a white hakama and a white shirt with black designs.


Arrancar number: 112

Personality and other info: Calm, collected, a bit unsocial. Very well connected, he loves to gossip and generally spread rumours. He is a very perceptive man, and has huge knowledge of how a person's mind works. Aizen likes this ability, so he often sends him to uncover any sort of rebellions and such things.

Looks: Black hair and hazel eyes. Tall and thin. Wears a hakama ,a black shirt and a white coat. Also he wears glasses sometimes.


Arrancar number: 33

Personality and other info: Very loud, aggressive and loyal. Has the character of a 15-year-old. Would do anything to protect a friend. He loses his temper easily. He is adored by most female arrancar because of his childish and spontaneous behaviour. Has a special bond with Naoko, he thinks of her as his sister. Likes to find nicknames for everyone.

Looks: Short, fit. Has short spiky red hair and black eyes. He wears the same uniform as ulquiorra, expept his jacket is shorter and V-necked.

What do you think? I really need your opinions for this. If the Ocs suck, please tell me and I will not continue the story.