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Orihime Inoue felt surrounded by warmth as she enjoyed peaceful, dreamless sleep. Her and Rangiku Matsumoto, the woman she loved so dearly, slept naked in each others arms atop Orihime's bed. A gentle smile adorned the girl's face as she slept. Then, suddenly, Orihime was awake.

The door had slammed open. The young Captain of Division 10 of the Gotei 13, Toshiro Hitsugaya, stood at the door with a look of urgency about him, he started in a shout, "Lieutenant Matsumoto, the hollows are..." The young man's voice trailed off to silence as he let the entirety of the scene, his lieutenant and another woman sleeping together, naked, in the same bed, set in. In utter shock, Toshiro demanded an explanation, "M-Matsumoto, w-what is the meaning of this?!"

Orihime gave a short shriek as she realized what was going on and quickly grabbed at some blankets and hastily pulled them up to cover her nude figure. Rangiku on the other hand simply gave a healthy yawn as she sat up in the bed, making no effort to hide her spectacular figure from view and not looking the least bit embarrassed.

"Huh, was there something you needed to tell us, Captain?" Rangiku let her yawn become a soft sigh as she shot her captain a playful expression.

"I demand an explanation, Lieutenant!" Toshiro said staunchly, though his voice was a little shaken and he was trying his hardest to not take his eyes off the floor.

"Explanation? Whatever do you mean, Captain?" Rangiku spoke in a overtly teasing manner. She then added with energy, "Oh I know, this is the first time the Captain has seen me without any clothes on!" She smiled wickedly, "So, Captain Hitsugaya, is my body everything you always imagined it was?"

"Why are you and Inoue both naked in the same bed?!" The young shinigami seemed somewhere right between infuriated and completely uncomfortable.

"Really, Captain, That one should be obvious. There really is only one reason two people would be sleeping naked together." Rangiku said in a lightly mocking way. Further goading her superior, she added, "And don't you always try so hard to deny it when people call you a little child, Captain?"

"In that case why don't you enlighten me, Matsumoto. Because I really don't see any reason as to why the two of you would be doing this." Toshiro spoke with deep bitterness in his voice. He was still staring at the same spot in the floor.

"Well, you see, Captain. When two people love each other a whole bunch then eventually they start crawling into bed together naked so that they can do a whole bunch of naughty things to one another to make each other feel good." Rangiku said this in a sharply patronizing manner, causing Toshiro to shoot the floor a nasty glare, and Orihime to turn redder and sink even deeper into the covers.

"You can't expect me to believe that you and Inoue are in love, Matsumoto." Captain Hitsugaya said, seeming perhaps even more awkward then before.

"Oh and why not?!" Rangiku said in protest. She returned ot her gentle tease then to add a new accusation, "I bet the Captain is just disappointed to learn that I swing this way." She began to caress her ample breasts, "I bet you think it hurts your chances of ever snuggling up to these soft, wonderful, big pillows."

The young man gritted his teeth in rage. Still he kept his eyes averted as he said in a shout, "Lieutenant Matsumoto, this is inappropriate behavior for a high ranking officer of the Gotei 13!"

"I don't see what's so inappropriate about loving someone." Rangiku said with a sigh and a short, dismissive laugh.

"This is never going to work and you know it!" The white haired shinigami said with a final certainty.

"Yeah, whatever Captain." The shinigami woman continued to dismiss her superiors words. She then gave a reminder, "Didn't you have some message you were gonna tell us?"

"What message?" The young man replied having honestly momentarily forgotten his initial purpose for being there.

"I don't know, probably something along the lines of 'The arrancar have started invading and destroying everything, but everyone can wait for me while I scold my lieutenant for being a lesbian'." Rangiku said quite harshly in a callous sigh.

"No, it isn't the arrancar. Aizen seems intent on testing our patience before making a big move. A small army of roughly 100 hollows has appeared in the are just north of here. Lieutenant Abarai and Kurosaki both were already headed in that direction but for these numbers it be most efficient if all of us helped." The young shinigami returned to a level tone as she remembered his intent and thus his duty.

"Alright. You go ahead, Captain. We'll be right with you just as soon as Orihime here gets dressed." Rangiku said with a laugh and a smile.

"Inoue should stay here." The male shinigami suggested sternly.

"You're crazy if you think I'm gonna leave my cute lover behind undefended, Captain." Rangiku gave another laugh, though her voice held insistence.

"Fine. Do as you please." Toshiro scoffed loudly before turning to leave without a parting word.

As soon as the captain level shinigami had left Orihime sat up and let the covers fall off of her frame. She smiled faintly as she decided to speak, "You enjoy teasing Toshiro, don't you, Rangiku?"

"Of course! Teasing total stiffs like the Captain is a lot of fun." Rangiku said proudly. Then noticing the smile on the other girl's face was not necessarily a cheerful one she added reassuringly, "But don't worry cutie, even if I tease him the same sort of way I teased you the last few days that doesn't mean theres anything between the two of us."

"Oh, I know that. Rangiku's like that with everyone. It only worked like it did between us because we had such a strong bond." Orihime said in a forthright manner, a serious expression crept across her face and Rangiku seemed to realize then that something really was troubling the young girl.

"Then what's got my cute little Orihime looking all mopey?" Rangiku said in a pout. She added fearfully, "Don't tell me you're beginning to have second thoughts."

"Of course not! I love you Rangiku, I really do. It's just... what Toshiro said..." Orihime trailed off, sadness crept unto her countenance.

"I've never slept with another woman while I was sober before, so I was pretty surprised when it happened, and pretty surprised that I liked it so much. It is different. Some people might not respond to it so well. But just because some loser says our love's 'inappropriate' don't let that eat you up inside. We can't help who we love Orihime; this love is just a natural as any other." Rangiku said with a warm smile, making the other seem more contented.

"It makes me happy to hear you say that, Rangiku... but that wasn't what I was referring to..." Orihime said with a friendly sigh.

"Oh, then it's about... that..." Rangiku said in a downcast way.

Orihime started to let out what she was feeling, "It's just I don't know how it will work. I'm a human and You're a shiniga-"

Orihime suddenly found herself cut off mid sentence. Rangiku had pulled her forward and forced their lips to join. This kiss was different then the other ones Orihime had experience. Their first kiss had been short and shy, one sided, and somewhat awkward. Their second kiss and the many more that followed during their heated night together had been hard and sexual. This kiss was closest to the very short, gentle kiss Rangiku had given her just before they fell asleep, except it was longer, more romantic, and infinitely more fulfilling.

"If you say it won't work, then it won't Orihime. If you have faith in what we have, then we'll find happiness." Rangiku said in a comforting way. Orihime wanted so badly to believe her.

"But, I don't see how happiness could last between us." Orihime said still doubtfully, cursing herself that she had to say this.

"Even if it doesn't last, Orihime, even if, in the future, all I was to you was a bridge to find happiness elsewhere, that doesn't matter. What matter is that right now, at this moment, the two of us work hard to love each other and make each other happy." Rangiku said in a very realistic way. This time Orihime knew she could believe her.

"You're right. I can't think about where it will lead, or how long it will last. All I should focus on is my feelings now." Orihime was smiling again. She bent her head forward to kiss Rangiku yet again.

This kiss was very passionate for not being sexual. Orihime wanted to feel more of Rangiku's radiant warmth. She outstretched an arm to take the other into an embrace while she gazed endlessly into her eyes. Instead of finding Rangiku's waist or back, Orihime found her hand stopped by one of Rangiku's massive breasts. For whatever reason the girl didn't remove her hand but rather allowed it to cup the soft flesh gently.

As she felt the warm pillowy flesh in her hands and Rangiku's lips against hers, Orihime slowly began to recall all the incredible new sensations she had seen the previous night. She suddenly got an incredible urge to let her tongue out into Rangiku's mouth, as she felt a slight dampness develop between her legs. It was of course then at hat Orihime remembered that at that moment her friends were fending off a small army of angry hollows without her and Rangiku. Right now wasn't the best time to be getting serious with her girlfriend.

Orihime broke the kiss and stood up at once. She fumblingly grabbed her underwear off the floor and began to dress herself. Rangiku, confused asked, "What's with the sudden hurry, cutie?"

"The sooner we leave to help everyone, the sooner we can get back." Orihime explained with an invigorated nod. She was in such a rush that she grabbed her clothes from the nearby shopping bags rather than her closet. Removing her sexy new blouse and a cute skirt she had picked out the previous evening from the top of her bag.

"Ooh, and what's so good about getting back." Rangiku gave a sensual laugh.

"When we get back we'll be able to pick up from last night." Orihime said excitedly with a little jump as she made sure her outfit was straight.

"I see. In that case we really should get going." Rangiku cooed hotly as she reached for her pants on the floor. She pulled some of her Soul Candy from her pocket and swallowed it, causing her shihakusho clad shinigami from to emerge from her naked gigai.

"Wow, it sure doesn't take long for shinigami to get ready." Orihime commented upon seeing Rangiku's spirit form appear. Rangiku's gigai was looking around the room confused as Rangiku tossed it some clothes to put on.

"Yeah. Though this makes me wonder... I wonder if loving you would be better if I did it directly without the gigai..." Rangiku pondered earnestly while putting a hand to her chin.

Orihime, who was already desperate and excited, felt her heart leap at this new prospect of loving Rangiku directly. She couldn't wait any longer She grabbed the other woman by the wrist and dragged her out the door.

It didn't take the two women long to reach the battle site. All their comrades were already engaged in combat with the large number of fierce looking hollows. Ichigo Kurosaki was cleaving his way through a Gillian level Menos while Renji Abarai let his Zabimaru slice through several lesser hollows all at once. Captain Hitsugaya and Rukia Kuchiki both had a great number of the evil spirits frozen in their zanapakutos' grasps. Yumichika Ayasegawa and Ikkaku Madarame were each dueling their own hollows as well. Rangiku decided to join at once, Orihime following behind her.

Rangiku used her shikai and her Haineko took on its ashen form. Swiftly Rangiku began to cut through hollow after hollow while Orihime kept up a perfect defense with several well timed barriers. Their team work was flawless. Soon it was drawing attention.

"Whoa, I've always known Lieutenant Matsumoto to be a slacker. Kinda strange seeing her so into a fight." Renji remarked casually as he dispatched a weak hollow.

"What's more surprising to me is Orihime. She can't attack, yet I've never seen her to be so focused on helping out in battle." Rukia observed as the frozen form of the hollow she was dueling shattered.

"Come to think of it. It is interesting. I mean last night these two ran into a single hollow and it gave them real trouble. Now they're taking on so many at once..." Ichigo said reflectively as he watched the two women vigorously fight the enemy; all the hollows in his greater surrounding area were already gone.

'They must really be bonding. I can see Rangiku's already started giving the girl fashion tips." Yumichika said, noticing Orihime's new clothing.

"You've been living around them, right Captain Hitsugaya? You know what they've been doing to get this good?" Ikkaku asked as he killed one of the last nearby hollows. All the rest seemed to be charging at Rangiku and Orihime.

Toshiro Hitsugaya did know what his subordinate officer and this other girl had been doing together. However he had chosen to remain silent throughout this conversation. He wouldn't be able to explain this if he tried. He simply lied with a nervous twitch, "Umm... I haven't really noticed anything in p-particualr."

"The way you just said that made it sound like you do know something..." Renji said in skepticism.

"What?! No... Of course not. Whatever it is... it's their decision... It has nothing to do with me..." Toshiro was trying hard not to look anyone in the eye as he gave a short laugh, a rare occurrence for the usually strictly serious captain.

"What are you talking about 'it's their decision'? What the hell does that mean?" Ichigo asked completely baffled.

"Why don't you ask them your self?" Toshiro suggested backing away, and then quickly departing the scene all together; Rangiku had just eliminated the last hollow.

"Hey you two. Good work out there!" Rukia called with a smile as the other two females came to greet the group.

"Yeah you guys really seemed on top of things today. Tell me, what's got you so focused?" Ichigo asked intently, giving his own pleasant smile.

"Oh, we just wanted to get back home quicker." Orihime replied casually.

"And why's that?" Ichigo questioned further, not satisfied with the simple answer.

"Well let's see..." Orihime said as she went into deep thought. When they got home, her and Rangiku were going to have lots of fun exploring each other's mouths deeply with their tongues, teasing one another's breasts, licking each other's delicious, hot slits, and doing whatever other fun things the two of them decided on. Orighime decided she'd just tell Ichigo that, "When we get home we're going to have lots of fun ex-"

"Eating breakfast. Yup, that's the reason me and Orihime here are in a hurry. We're just both really, really hungry." Rangiku, who was of the opinion that it was best not to have the whole group find out about her and Orihime all at once like this, said rapidly, a blush ingrained on her face as she covered the other woman's mouth with her hand.

"Oh I see..." Renji said more than a little bewildered by the scene before him.

"Wow I didn't know I was getting breakfast too. Come to think of it I am pretty hungry... You could make me another omelet Rangiku; I don't know if we have any eggplant left, but I'm sure there's still some Octopus... oh and I think we have some radishes and at least one avocado..." Orihime said cheerfully as Rangiku removed the hand covering her mouth.

"You know it's really pretty obvious you two are hiding something..." Yumichika said shaking his head.

"Well yeah, maybe we are. But you'll just have to learn about it later." Rangiku said in a smug way as she grabbed Orihime by the arm and turned from the group.

"Good bye everyone. I hope you all have wonderful, fun mornings too." Orihime said with a warm smile as she was led away from the group by Rangiku. The other's just stared on speechless. Orihime knew then that there didn't have to be pain, that her life could be one of happiness, her life could be one of love. In Rangiku's warmth, Orihime could enjoy a peaceful existence.

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