Here is a story I thought of when I saw a cool pic on photobucket!

There is a tale of the river that goes right through the southern mountain. Whoever goes up, or through the river, never comes back. I have seen many Merfolk go through, and I never saw them again. Many believe the Angels whom live up in the southern mountain take them away. I believe these Angels, men with wings, are good and innocent. But no one has seen them for years, they disappeared long ago when Phoenixes were said to destroy them all. They are currently trying to take over Merfolk, and Sagittarius's. I know a Sagittarius, my friend Toph. I hope that we will all survive, and the Phoenixes will go down soon.

I went to the shore of the southern mountain, I saw Toph standing there, she had the body of a black horse, and the upper body of a human, she wore a green mini top and a green headband through her long black hair. She is blind, her milky eyes starring into the distance, but she can hear very well, she can sense a human before they see us.

"Hey Katara." She said, "Hi Toph." I said flipping my blue tail and pulling up my blue seashell top, which had pulled down some from the swim. My brown hair flowed down my back.

"Where's Sokka?" She asked. "He stayed home, he wasn't feeling good, bad shrimp." I explained.

Toph nodded, "What's up?" She asked. "Nothing much, I am soooo bored though!" I said, Toph groaned, "I know what you mean, there's never anything to do up here!"

"The ocean isn't that exciting either."

We heard a crack of thunder; I turned around and saw a huge storm cloud. "We better head for shelter, I'll see you later Toph!" I said, swimming off.

I was on my way, back to the underwater castle in which I lived, with my brother, Sokka, and my father, King Hakoda.

As I swam back I saw a shadowy figure above, flying! I swam back up and saw what I thought I'd never see, an Angel! He was soaring through the sky, a worried look in his eyes, lightning flashing right by him, he had light blue wings, which was weird for an Angel. He also wore yellow pants.

All of the sudden, a lightning strike hit him immediately in the back, and out his foot, and he fell. I gasped and swam straight toward him; my heart was beating fast as he fell into the ocean.

I found him in the water, sinking. I saw a big hole in his back, his blood flowing through the water. I grabbed him by his arms and pulled him up so that his head was above the water, then a dragged him to shore, the rain was falling heavily.

He didn't seem like he was breathing, I got worried until his chest finally rose and fell, he coughed and shot up and groaned, he fell back and saw me. His eyes were a startling grey, like the storm clouds behind me. "Who-who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Katara, who are you?" I asked.

"Aang." He said, sighing as he lay back trying to relax.

This would be hard to explain to my father.

Here's the first chapter! Let me know what you want to happen next, I may take some of the ideas.