Angels & Rivers ch. 5! This one is gonna be really cool! Enjoy!

I followed Toph up the river, my heart aching knowing the fact that Aang was wounded by my own father.

When we arrived at the lake the river lead up to, everything disappeared from my mind. The water was so clear, every creature that lived in it was visable from the surface. Colorful, exotic plants surrounded the lake keeping it clean from weeds and other various blemishes. Many forest animals came to drink from the lake, the sunlight reflecting beautifully off the surface. The grass was as fresh as spring grass, very green and a little damp, but beautiful all the same. Many different fruit trees surrounded the lake and gave tired animals shade. It seemed so peaceful and calming, like nothing could go wrong. By the looks of it, nothing did go wrong. I turned to talk to Toph, only to remember Aang.

His unconcious head lolled up and down from side to side in a very dead looking manner. His skin was ghostly white, even his strange arrows looked paler. His beautiful light blue wings were stained with the clashing red color of his blood. The same blood rolled down Toph's back as she walked along carefully. You could see the muscle that was supposed to be under his wings, moving and oozing blood. The bones that connected his wings to his back were sticking out of his ripped off wings in jagged edges tipped with blood. A small trail of the familiar red liquid trickled down from his mouth. It was a sickening sight.

Suddenly all the animals left, and the lake spell bound creatures went deeper into the water. The day was soon dark as dark purple-gray clouds rolled in. The lake lost it's charm and the water was no longer see through. It was as if the sky was sad that it may lose it's only friend, and wanted the rest of the world to see it's pain.

It was soon raining when Toph layed Aang down softly under an apple tree. "There, that should keep him safe." Toph said, "Let me get a healer, I'll be right back."

She left me there, with Aang. I stared at him, looking at his wretched state. My father did this to him, my very own father! Tears formed as it finally set in that he could very well die because of my mistake.

The tears fell from my face and into the water, small ripples formed on the surface. Suddenly, I heard Toph come back. An old woman sat on her back, comfortably enjoying the ride. But she was most definatly human.

"Toph! What do you think you're-"

"Katara relax, the spirits allowed her to know the secret as long as she keeps it to herself and heals those who need to be healed." Toph explained, cutting me off.

"But, how...?"

"The spirits gave her a special healing ability to keep us alive. It's a shame she didn't get them when the pheonixes attacked the Angels."

"How I wish I could, I've heard they were such majestic creatures." The woman spoke suddenly, she sounded very wise and trustworthy. So I decided to give her a chance. She leapt off Toph and strode over to Aang, then kneeled down. She examined his broken body, and his pale skin, his nearly lifeless eyes.

"Hmmm, this is very troubling." She whispered to herself. "What? What's wrong?" I asked, worried. "I will be able to heal this boy, but I cannot revive his heart." She said. "W-what? Is he dead?" I asked, my heart skipping several beats.

"Not yet, but he's nearly there." She said, "This ritual may be too much for him." I nodded to her explanation. "At least try, please."

Soon, the woman started singing a chant in a language I was unsure of. The water around me glowed and went in one long thin ribbon to Aang. The glowing ribbon surrounded him in a brilliant light and lifted him off of the ground. The wind started picking up, my hair flew around my tear stained face as I looked up at Aang's floating mangled body. The wind ruffled his pants and his jet black hair. Soon, the ribbon wrapped Aang's entire body (except for his head) into some sort of cocoon and started spinning around him, the glow grew brighter to the point where I had to look away. And then, it was over.

The ribbon slowed into it's thin state before and gently lowered him to the ground. His wings were completley healed and no blood stained his body. But it didn't look like he was breathing.

He was lowered by the edge of the lake, like the ribbon knew I wanted to see him. I went up on the grass, my tailfin still in the water and grabbed his face between my hands, he still felt warm, but he wasn't exactly moving. I then brought him into my lap and stroked his hair gently. His breathing was very shallow and I could feel him getting cooler and his face was losing color. The tears glided down my face and fell on his chest. "Aang...Oh Aang..." I said gently. I kissed him softlyand looked at his face again. At least when he died, his face would be calm and gentle instead of contorted in pain.

Suddenly, the color had started coming back to his face. He took in a sharp intake of breath and his eyes shot open. "K-katara?" He asked. It felt like a giant weight had been lifted from my heart as I stared at his sparkling eyes. "Aang! Aang you're alive!" I hugged him, I gave him the biggest, longest hug I think I had ever given someone.

I looked up and I saw the woman smiling. "I knew the legend was true."

"What legend?" I asked, only half concerned. "The legend of the Mermaid's Kiss."

"Mermaid's Kiss?" I asked, she nodded, "It is said that if a mermaid believe's that someone or something deserves to live, and I mean truly believes that they had been taken at a very wrong time, she could kiss them and it would revive their heart." She explained.

"Aang deserves to live more than anyone." I whispered, she nodded with a big smile on her face. "Yeah yeah alright, if we're done with your love fest I think I'll take back the healer here." Toph said impatiently. Once she and the healer where gone, I looked back at Aang.

"So, you kissed me, huh?" He said, a slightly smug look on his face. "Hey, I thought you were gonna die! What do you want me to do, leave you?" I asked.

"If it was that gross..."

"No, no I would never leave you in a million years!" I told him. "Thank you." He said, chuckling a bit. He leaned into me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. I blushed as he took off flying. "Whoo hoo!" I heard him scream as he did a couple of loop-de-loops in the now clear sky.

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