Bandicoot Within 2: The Return of Demon Crash:

A/N: Wow, everyone is bugging me to make a sequel. OK, OK. I'll do it! Jeez... I can't let my friends down huh? Anyway, here's the beginning of my new story. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: He's back!

If you remember last time, Crash had done a gruesome quest to save Pasadena and Spyro from the clutches of Dr. Neo Cortex as well as stopping Demon Crash, a demon inside him, from taking over. Demon Crash had taken over him and almost taken over the world until Coco, Crunch and Aku Aku saved Crash. Crash destroys Demon Crash and saved his friends as well as thwarting Dr. Cortex's plans.

Now it has been two years, and Crash, who had grown into a fine young man, was relaxing on the beach with Benjamin Bandicoot, his friend who had just helped him from Dr. Sly, and his best friend, Spyro the Dragon. Crash is still wearing his jeans and sandals and his hair has grown a lot longer which almost covered his eyes. Benjamin is still the same and so is Spyro.

"It's been relaxing hasn't it?" asked Spyro.

"Yeah" Benjamin said "It has been long since Dr. Sly and Dr. Cortex are defeated."

"Yeah…" Crash's voice has gotten deeper as well "Still, what if something like happens."

"Like what?" asked Spyro.


"Like THAT!" Crash said sitting up.

There was smoke coming from over the trees on the other side.

"That's coming from your house!" Benjamin cried "Come on!"

And the three raced back to Crash's house, only to find it was in ruins. Coco and Aku Aku crawled out of the rubble. Benjamin and Crash helped them up.

"Thank you, Crash, Benjamin" Coco said "but how did our house fall down like that?"

"What happened?" asked Spyro.

"The house suddenly exploded" Aku Aku said "I don't know who or what did, but there is something evil going on?"

Crash looked around. "Where's Crunch?"

They looked up at the fumes and sees two figures. The small figure held the huge one in the air and then the smaller one's hand went through the chest making the heroes gasp. Then the smaller figure threw the huge one at them. The huge happens to be Crunch who fell onto the ground. Blood came onto the ground.

"CRUNCH!!!" Coco and Crash ran to where Crunch is and Crash lifted Crunch's head in his arms.

"Crunch, are you OK?" asked Crash.

"C…Crash… I'm sorry…" Crunch gasped in breaths "but… he just… came back… he surprised me…"

"Who?" asked Benjamin.

"He meant me, little boy".

The heroes looked up to see the smaller figure emerge from the fumes. He looked like Crash expect he has spikes on his shoulders. He has red eyes. He has claws with blood on them. He smiled evilly with sharp teeth. Crash, Coco, Aku Aku and Spyro gasped in shock and fear.

"AH! DEMON CRASH!!!" Crash gasped.

"HE'S BACK?!" Coco gasped.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Aku Aku said.

"BUT… HE'S DEAD!" Spyro gasped.

"Crash Bandicoot, we meet again" Demon Crash smirked evilly "Sorry about your pal, but he will be a nuisance."

"You…" Crash snarled "How… How did you return?!"

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!" Demon Crash laughed and then said "You want to know how? Well, let me explain it to you. It's true you did destroy me, but that won't stop me from conquering this world. You see, my darkness still lives on. And how did I became this form again? Well, I should thank Dingodile for that. I managed to enter his body and transformed him into me. I don't want to half dinosaur-crocodile body so I merged into my bandicoot form as you can see."

"W…What happened to Dingodile?!" Benjamin asked.

"He's now lost in darkness" Demon Crash said "I made sure of that."

In the darkness…

An naked Dingodile was all wrapped in chains and was gagged and he was floating in darkness.

Back to Demon Crash and the heroes…

"You monster!" Spyro snarled.

"Ah, so you must be the dragon who kidnapped by Cortex last time" Demon Crash smirked nastily "It's an honour to meet you." He turned to Crash and smirked "But more importantly… it's an honour to see YOU again."

Crash grasped his fists. "For what you done to Crunch, I'll kill you!"

"Oh really? A rematch? That sounds like fun" Demon Crash cackled folding his arms. "I'll tell you what? Do you remember Cortex's old castle? Well, it's mine now."

"You mean you took over Cortex Castle?" asked Spyro "but it burnt down."

"Oh, but I am rebuilding it into my own castle, dragon" Demon Crash said "I invite Crash to come to my castle, alone."

"No, he still need our help" Coco said.

"Shut up!" Demon Crash said as he fire a beam towards Coco. Crunch quickly pushed her out of the way only to get shot in the chest.

"CRUNCH!!!" Crash cried. He turned to Demon Crash in rage "Fine! I'll come! And I'll make sure to destroy you this time for sure!"

"Good, good. I'll be waiting" Demon Crash said as he disappeared laughing evilly.

"Grr! That guys burns me up!" Benjamin said "Just who is that guy anyway?!"

"That was Demon Crash, Benjamin" Aku Aku said "a darkness monster that once lies within Crash. The evil bandicoot had once taken over Crash and almost conquer the world. If it weren't for the crystals, Crash would never have been separated from him and destroyed him."

"Guys… Crunch… he's dead…" Coco said as she expected on Crunch.

"No…" Crash said.

Crunch lies there motionless. He was dead. This brought sadness to Coco, Aku Aku, Benjamin and Spyro, and fury and rage to Crash.

"But why?" Benjamin said "he's a bandicoot like us."

"That bandicoot is more than pure and evil" Spyro said.

Suddenly, Crash begins to runs off. Coco took notice.

"Crash, where are you going?! Crash!!!"

Ignoring his sister, Crash continued to run. He was very angry and at the time, upset as tears comes from his tears.

"That monster! I'll make him pay!" Crash said to himself.

Suddenly, Benjamin and Spyro caught up and pushed Crash to the ground.

"I know how you feel Crash, but listen, if you go and fight Demon Crash now, you be killed!" Benjamin said "I know it's hard to see Crunch die, but that's life." Crash just wept some more. "And besides, me and Spyro are coming too."

Crash stopped weeping and got up. "What?! NO! I can't risk it!"

"W…Why not?!" Spyro asked.

"Because if you get killed too, I will never forgive myself!" Crash said.

Spyro licked Crash on the cheek, making Crash stunned. "Crash, I'll never leave you. You're my best friend. And best friends stick together."

"And I can never forgive Demon Crash for what he done to those innocent people!" Benjamin said "So we're sticking together wherever you like it or not!"

Crash stood up, wiped his tears off and said "You know… I never had close friends before. OK, guys. You can come, but please don't get killed."

"We promise" Benjamin and Spyro said together,

"Right, let's go".

And Crash, Spyro and Benjamin had entered the thick jungle.

Meanwhile, in the Ice Berg Lab, Dr. Cortex was just found out where Crash is heading.

"Excellent. Excellent! He's falling right into my trap" Cortex said. "He'll pay for messing up my plans from last time. This time, I will use the evil relics and destroy Crash once and for all!"

N. Brio approached him. "Err… Dr. Cortex?"


"We were ready with our secret weapon" Brio said "When will we use it against Crash Bandicoot?"

"Very soon, Brio. Once he gets to the forest clearing, we will be waiting" Cortex said.

To be continued…

A/N: Uh oh. Trouble is brewing for Crash and the others. Demon Crash is back and Cortex is up to no good again. Stay tuned.