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Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts

Rule 1:

"I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor will I insist that their House colours indicate that they are 'covered in bees'."

The Slytherins were having an especially difficult time that year, because of the rumours going round. Of course, everyone naturally assumed that the heir of Slytherin was in Slytherin- that was logical- so they had suddenly all become suspects.

Even though they all knew that they were innocent, they would never be able to convince the other Houses of that.

With the increased surveillance and tense, jumpy atmosphere of the school, the students were unable to sneak out of their dorms at night and prank other students, so the Slytherins had to find other ways to get rid of their frustration at becoming the unwilling suspects of the terror circling the school.

Given their companions, that is the Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, and the necessity to stay out of trouble, they decided that the Hufflepuffs would be the best targets.

This was because the Hufflepuffs were too kind-hearted, and would not report them, although it may also have been because the Ravenclaws were too smart for them, and the Gryffindors too stupid to understand their jokes.

In any case, this was why Draco Malfoy, who found it rather amusing, as the immature twelve-year-old he was, to bug the little first year Hufflepuffs, was sauntering towards the afore-mentioned House' table.

Sissy, a little blonde Hufflepuff, whose hair colour told a story about her intelligence, was chatting animatedly to her companion, Marilyn, in between large bites of her syrup-drowned toast.

Suddenly, she felt a dull poke in her side. Pausing in her conversation about "that cute guy in the year above who had smiled- yes smiled- at her the other day", she looked down to see what had caused the sensation.

Seeing nothing, she continued. A moment later, something poked her again, hard.

"Ouch!" she hissed, jumping a few inches off her seat in shock.

She looked around in as much anger as her mild Hufflepuff temperament allowed, but saw nothing. As she went to go back to her discussion with Mari, she saw her friend's eyes go wide and point blankly to something behind her.

Turning, Sissy came face to face with what was considered by the firsties to be the most horrible and scary thing anyone could be faced with in his or her entire life.

It was a Slytherin.

And not just any Slytherin. Oh no, it was Draco Malfoy, who was towering over her, leaning towards her and-


Sissy let out a wail of pain. "Stop it!"

Draco the Evil and Sly gave a sly smirk and poked her once more, slightly lighter, before leaning over and poking Mari as well; just to check he had their full attention.

"Buzz, buzz," he told them childishly.

"Huh?" The two girls looked up in confusion.

He grinned. "Buzz, buzz. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like bees in your uniforms?"

Sissy's jaw dropped as she realised what he meant. A few tears gathered at the corner of her eyes and she glared up at him defiantly.

"Hey, that's mean!"

Draco smirked and poked her again hard.

The tears fell and, wailing loudly, Sissy scrambled up from her seat and ran for the exit of the hall, tripping over her own feet on the way.

Noticing that Mari was still sitting there, happily enjoying her last mouthful of bacon and eggs, Draco turned on her now.

"Buzz, buzz! Look out; the bees are coming to get you!"

He swooped on her dramatically, spoon extended. She too let out a wail, and followed her friend away from their tormentor.

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