Dear Diary FanFic 1!!!!!!!!!!!

This first "Dear Diary" FanFic is for M+C. I will publish sequels on here about other pairings/people. These FanFics are about how they are drawn together, and it tells it from their POV through diary entries. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Diary,

Today was a normal day for me. After the war, I guess everything is normal. I had lessons with Indik (more sword-fighting, I thought I was done with all that) and Silvia and I practiced music together. I never knew that Silvia could play the lyre so well! Of course, playing the lyre always reminds me of my old one. How I wish I had not had to break it! It was all I had of mother, and yet it was all the Elidhu had at all. I guess it's fair, but I just wish that I hadn't had to destroy it to save the light! Cadvan says it is all for the best, and I believe him, but it is so hard.

Anyway, after the music, Cadvan and I dined in a tavern for lunch. It's nice, just the two of us together. Kind of like old times…To tell you the truth, I kind of miss the days we used to have; traveling and joking and laughing. Of course, we still have those days, but I miss it all the same.

Then Hem and I went on a ride. His new horse is so funny, merely a colt, and it spooked at about everything we passed! Not like Imi. I love her so much!

We went over the meadows in front on Innail, and then we came back and had dinner with Malgorn and Silvia and Cadvan. Saliman is away on business, and Hem was a little uncomfortable (still, I can't believe it!) around the others, but he relaxed when we went into the music room. He likes it there. We talked long into the night, all of us. One thing that came up was the future. I'm scared of it. I don't know what I'm going to do, now that everything is all over. All this talk of settling down and learning frightens me, although I would love to go back to my books. I'm just afraid of what comes after that……No, I am not afraid. I am terrified.


Dear Diary,

Today was a normal day for me. I slept in late (how good it is to sleep in a bed again!), then had breakfast with Malgorn. He seemed preoccupied as we talked, although I know not with what, so I left him there. Now that I think back, it was actually a sort of boring day for me. With no more traveling and fighting, there's nothing to do. Secretly, I miss the days when Maerad and I traveled together, just the two of us. It was exciting and all new to me, but now there is nothing.

After her lessons, I met Maerad on the way and we decided to have lunch at the Mare's Tail, the quaint little tavern down in the town. We chatted and laughed, and it was almost like old times. Talking with Maerad always relieves my spirits. She's the only one I can really trust, I guess you can say, while Saliman is away. It's sort of scary how she knows so much about me; she's so in tune to my emotions. It's never been that way with anyone except Saliman and Nelac. And maybe…no, not really. Never mind.

Later, Maerad and Hem went on a ride. I decided to check on Darsor. He told me that everything was going fine for him, although he chaffed at the stabling. Of course, he does that at any stable. I am beginning to wonder whether I should let him go free again. After all, he will always come back when I need him. But I want him here, he is a person to confide in, not just a horse. I will think on that tomorrow.

For dinner, I dined with Malgorn and Silvia and Maerad and Hem. It was funny to see how Hem is still uncomfortable around me! There is something about that boy that I find trustworthy, and I am willing to be his friend, yet he fears me. Although I am intimidating, some would argue. Ah well. I shall think on that tomorrow as well. It gets late. Only dreams await me now…

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