As the angel looked out the window

At the beautiful sky above

He begins to think about the one

He once loved

He thinks of the good times

He thinks of the bad

And he thinks of how he threw that love away

And he becomes mad

The angel felt the familiar pain and emptiness

That only his heart could feel

N one knew of his urge to steal

At least one last kiss

The pain and emptiness grows even more

As he thought of Duo to be married soon

Then another surge of pain overtook him

For he remembered that Duo was to be married this afternoon

He left to stop the wedding, but he was too late

The pain he felt has now reached its peak

He takes one last look at the love he lost

And a tear rolled down his cheek.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is actually a Heero and Duo poem/fic. If you must know, Heero is the angel. The angel does try to commit suicide right after only to fail. The angel, that's Heero, falls into a deep, disturbing sleep. Inspired by Gundam Wing fics that I read.