Chapter Nineteen: Last One Out, Hit The Lights

For subtitles of Optimus ( ) will surround a sentence

Frenzy and Starscream stood on top of the base with Soundwave behind them.

"Hey Frenzy."


"You ever wonder why we're here?"

"No. I never, ever wonder why we're here. Semper Fi, bitch-bot."

Optimus' spark entered Soundwave's body and began possessing him.

"Keegakergerk," Soundwave yelled.

"What? What's wrong with Soundwave," asked Starscream.

"I don't care," replied Frenzy. "Hey, Soundwave, uh... you okay man?"

(Guys. I need to give... you a... warning... What? Why am I speaking Cybertronian? I don't know Cybertronian!)


(No, listen to me! This mean terminatrix is going to kill you! She is fixing the tank!)

Jazz saw that R-C was almost finished.

"Aw, crap. Bumblebee, she's almost done fixing Joan. I better radio Optimus and tell him what's going on."

"Oh, oh, oh, Jazz please, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, please."

"Yes, you can be the one who radios Optimus."

"Thanks man," Bumblebee turned his radio on to contact his leader, "Calling Optimus. Come in Optimus. This is your close, personal friend, Private Galvatron."

Jazz was confused by the new name that was heard.

"Galvatron? You said your name was Bumblebee."

"I never said that, you guys did," replied Bumblebee/Galvatron. "Why didn't you correct us?"

"Because I didn't want to be difficult. Come in Optimus. Do you copy? Soldier unit R-C almost has the armor vehicle situation rectified. Okay. We require verification of your... mission...ness. How is your progression?"

Optimus response was in Cybertronian,

(Bumblebee! No one here is listening to me! I can only speak Cybertronian for some reason!)

"…He says he wants to talk to you," Bumblebee told Jazz.

"Thank you for activating the M-808V Ark Battle Tank," Joan said as R-C entered the tanks driver seat and began ignition.

"Oh shit. We got trouble," said Jazz.

Back at the Decepticon base, Optimus was trying to explain that the tank was coming but all that came out of Soundwave's voice filter was Cybertronian.

"Hey. I think if you are going to live in this country, you should speak the language," commented Frenzy.

"What country? We're on an alien planet," replied Starscream.

"What're you, a communist?"

Just then Joan fired a blast that hit the side of the base.

"Son of bitch-bot!"

"Son of bitch-bot!"

(Son of bitch-bot!)

At the Autobot base Jazz and Bumblebee were looking at the battle across the canyon.

Bumblebee was looking through the sniper rife.

"Okay, I'm getting really sick of asking people what's going on through that sniper rife," said Jazz.

"Optimus is getting mad at us," said Bumblebee.

"Ohhhhh. Well that's a nice change of pace."

Megatron got into the Scorponok and began calling on the radio, "Starscream. I'm coming around in the Scorponok. Get ready to take the gunner position when I come by."

"Roger that."

"I'll uh…I'll stay here," said Frenzy.

"Yeah. Stay here, and guard this cement ramp. It's vital to our success."

Megatron skidded around the base and Starscream jumped onto the gunner.

They began taking off to the tank, "Alright, I'm on board," said Starscream.

"Alright, here's the plan," Megatron began but the tank blew the Scorponok…again, "INSECTICON!"

The two left the jeep and returned to the top of the base where Frenzy was waiting.

"Wow, back so soon," he asked, "You guys win the war already?"

"Yeah, uh, did you want to finish telling me the plan now, Megatron?"

"If we survive this, I'm going to kill both of you. Slowly."

"Hey Starscream? By the way, the ramp is secure."

Joan kept on firing at the base when Rumble came up from inside of the base, "Hey, what're you guys doing up here?"

"That fembot in the black armor's back," answered Frenzy.

"What fembot, the one that stuck the grenade to my head?"

"That's the one," said Starscream.

"The same fembot whose fault it is that I'm stuck with this light red armor?"

"Rumble, I understand the need to safeguard your robot masculinity, but really dude. It's a whole lot faster just to say pink," said Frenzy.

"Ohhuw. Oh I have been waiting for this."

Rumble ran up to the edge of the base.

"Hey Bitch-bot! Remember me!? I saved something for you!"

Rumble threw a grenade that took a long distance across the sky.

"Man, that girl's got a really good arm," said Jazz.

The grenade landed on the tank, right in the driver's seat.

"Aw, crap," cried R-C.

"Hell yeah! Three points, you dirty whore," yelled Rumble.

The tank exploded…again.

Optimus ran off to the tank while screaming in Cybertronian.

"Uh…where's Soundwave going," asked Frenzy.

"To fight the enemy, head on, in hand to hand combat. Mano e mano. What a brave little comrade," explained Megatron, "Soundwave, I never understood a word you said. But I do know one thing. You hated Frenzy, and that's the most important thing there is. Adios, amigo... Adios."

"Shouldn't we help him," asked Starscream.

"Naw… that would just ruin the moment."

Optimus was looking down at the body of R-C.

"Optimus, is that you? It, it's gone, Optimus. The A.I., it's gone. Thank you. Heeeee, bleah..." R-C said in her dying words.

"Crap. Optimus is going to be pissed, and now he's got a body to kick our robot ass," said Jazz, "Come on Bumblebee, let's get back to base."

"I told you, my name isn't Bumblebee," he said in a deep voice, "My name…is…Galvatron…"

End of Season One