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It was quiet. Too quiet. A series of footsteps and then silence. Bobby jumped out from under the tree. Quickly scaning the area for Saint Dane he moved his eyes every which way. "Safe", he thought to himself. Satisfided he moved over to a deserted bunker. Inside he found a gut wrenching site. Dead bodies were flung around everywhere. Blood covered the walls. Everywhere except a small star carved on the walls. Bobby hastently took a step forward and called out, " First Earth." Immediatly the flume appeared sucked in Bobby.

First Earth was a reck when he got there. Fire in trash cans were a common site.

He ran over to what once was the best hotel in New York. It was crumbled and shattered.

A body was strewn at the edge of the rubble. Bobby sprinted over to it. What he saw raged him. Gunny lay on his back with a burn and knife sticking out. Quickly Bobby turned him over. Gunny's eyes were open turned bright white. "Saint Dane!" Bobby scriemed at the air, tears in his eyes. Gunny his friend and fellow traveler, was dead. Bobby cursed under his breath. That was when he realized it would do no good. He srambled to his feet ,and ran back to the flume. "Third Earth," he yelled, still upset.

As he traveled he prepared to see Patrick. Hoping atleast he would be alright.

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