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Bobby jumped out of the flume and scrambled to the door. Quickly he threw it open and sprinted across the old subway tracks. Still afraid of the third rail Bobby did slow down when he realized that no body was there. The subway station was a dark room. All the walls were peeling. Blood marks had been made on the walls. How long have I been gone? Bobby asked himself. A newspaper blew over to were he was standing, so he picked it up.

December 31,5010 the mayor of New York was shot yesterday. Officers have arrested some likely suspects... Then something caught his eye. It was a picture. It had the New York Library that had been recently been robbed in it. Bobby recognized it by the loins immediately. Bobby looked down to the caption. A person wearing an Asian suit walked in to the New York Public Library the day it was robbed. Supposedly this person was looking for a teacher there named Patrick. Bobby's mouth went open. Patrick, he thought to himself. Bobby cursed under his breath than started reading again. Luckily Patrick it seems was not there because the man left the library almost immediately. Good ,Bobby thought to himself he was safe, I just hope he is safe now. That was when Bobby remembered the red remote Patrick had given him. Quickly he pulled it out and pressed the red button. Bobby, curios to see the outside ran up and what he saw almost killed him.

Saint Dane was everywhere. He was on boards, on buildings, on roads even, frankly everywhere. Only one thing puzzled Bobby then, Where are all the people? His question was answered almost immediately. Except in the worst possible way. A tall man, about seven feet tall, wearing an Asian looking suit, and with eyes that were white like snow with blue streaks, walked up to him. "Hello Pen dragon," Saint Dane said," good to see you." "Go to Hell," Bobby remarked. "To bad Bobby, you are already here. Are you ready to die?" " No, the question is are you." "Bye Pendragon." With that Saint Dane lunged at Bobby, but Bobby was expecting it. "You will have to do better than that to kill Bobby Pendragon." Then Saint Dane did something impossible. He stopped moving and said, "Your right Pendragon. I will have to do more better." With that Saint Dane then vanished from sight. As soon as Bobby felt safe again, he felt himself loosing conscienceness. The last thing he heard was Saint Dane screaming in his head. "Bye Bye Pendragon." With that Bobby fell to the ground motionless.

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