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Chapter 1-Kidnapped

Thurs- 7pm

"Well see you guys later I'm going home," said Olivia as she started packing her things.

"Why are you leaving early? Do you have a date or something?" asked Finn curiously.

"Yes I have a date, plus it's slow right now. Anyways talk to you tomorrow," said Olivia walking towards the door.

"Hey John do you think there is anything going on between Olivia and Elliot? Things seem to be different with them lately. You know what I mean?" asked Finn curiously.

"Yeah but it's none of our business. If they wanted us to know they'd tell us," said John.

"True, well lets get this paperwork done so we can get our asses home," said Finn.

Meanwhile outside Olivia and Elliot were talking. They had been dating for a few months now, and were happy together. They didn't want the other detectives to know they were dating, because Elliot and Olivia thought it would jeopardize their chances of staying partners together.

"Well Elliot I'll see you in a little while I'm just going home to freshen up," said Olivia as she gave Elliot a hug and a kiss on the lips.

"Remember to meet me at the restaurant at 8:30 pm ( it's 7:00 right now)," reminded Elliot.

"Got it 8:30 won't be late," replied Olivia as she got into her car.

Meanwhile as Elliot and Olivia were talking a man was in the bushes watching them. "So you and Elliot are going on another date I see. Why him and not me. We'd make a good couple. You'll be mine you'll see. You will be in love with me," said the man to himself as Olivia drove off. This man was about 6 feet tall and was Caucasian. He had short curly brown hair, and was unshaven. He also was average size( around 200 lbs), and was named Tony Martin. Tony had been following Olivia for about 4 months now. Ever since he got out of jail he had to be with her. Olivia put him in jail 4 years ago for kidnapping a women. Ever since he layed eyes on her he'd been obsessed. Her big gorgeous brown eyes, beautiful hair. He loved everything about her, and promised himself as soon as he got out he'd make her his.

After Olivia drove off Tony got into his car and followed Olivia to her house. He knew exactly where she lived! He knew everything about her; like where she ate, shopped, did her laundry and more. He should after following her the last 4 months. Tony planned on making Olivia his tonight. No way was he having that bastard Elliot have her! Olivia was his and no one else's!! He knew as soon as Olivia would see him she'll think the same way; if not he'd make her like him just like the last women.

" I don't love you get it through your head. Why don't you just let me go back home," said a woman desperately as she tried and free herself from the rope holding her to a chair.

"Kelly you belong to me; why fight it? I know you know deep down I am the one, stop denying it. What do I have to do to get you to love me damn it!" said Tony getting ticked as he hit Kelly in the face.

"If I say I love you will you let me go?" asked Kelly desperately.


"Fine I love you."

(At Olivia's Place, 7:20 pm)

"I wander what I am going to wear on this date," said Olivia to herself. After about 20 minutes of looking through outfits she found one. A dark green sleeveless dress that went just above her knees. It was V-neck and low cut, but not to low. She decided on a pair of black heals to go with it. After fixing her short hair, she headed for the door (it's about 8:00 now. takes 20 minutes to get to restaurant). But little did she know that Tony was waiting outside her apartment to make her his.

As Olivia opened the driver side door of her car Tony came quietly behind her. Just as he was about to grab her Olivia turned around to face him.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Olivia startled.

"Olivia I am shocked that you don't remember your lovers name. You put me away, but I know you didn't mean it,"said Tony reaching for her face.

"Look I don't know who the hell you are, but leave me alone," said Olivia backing away from Tony.

"I can't do that you are mine Olivia," said Tony now getting agitated.

"No I'm not, now leave me alone before I call my partner since I am a cop," said Olivia grabbing her cell phone out.

"Why are you being so resistant I know you love me, you'll see now come with me before I have to force you," said Tony strongly as he grabbed Olivia's wrists; knocking the cell phone out of her hand. "You are coming with me so stop resisting our love."

"Look you sick bastard I'm not yours or ever will be. Now let go of me," said Olivia angrily as she tried to get out of his grip. But as she resisted his grip got tighter. Finally she got her hands free and she punched Tony in the face. Then started running to her apartment.

"Oh you shouldn't of done that now I'm mad," said Tony as he caught up to Olivia. Then Olivia and Tony fought. Olivia tried to get away, but it was futile Tony was stronger. Finally Tony grabbed her from the behind in an embrace, and smashed her head against her apartment building; knocking her out. Blood was trickling down Olivia's face.

"I didn't want to do that you made me do it. If you just came with me my love I wouldn't of done this. Lets get you home so I can clean you up," as Tony said this he picked up Olivia and carried her in his arms to his car, and set her in the backseat. Before he drove off he wrote a note and put it in Olivia's car on the drivers seat. Now Olivia was his and Elliot was never going to have her again; he'd make sure of it...

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