Chapter 19 Final Piece of the Puzzle Pt2

Rage building up in Elliot as the team reached the outside of Allison's room. How was he supposed to talk to her? She betrayed everyone. Everything she did and said was a lie. So many questions ran through Elliot's head as they walked into Allison's room.

When they got into her room Allison turned her head to face the team. Her left hand handcuffed to her bed. Her cold dark eyes stared blankly at them. She then said with a cold tone to her voice, "So how did you like Tony's final performance? It was a beauty wasn't it? Did little Olivia survive? Or is she dead?"

"Olivia is going to be fine, no thanks to you. Why the fuck did you shoot Olivia?" asked Elliot looking into Allison's eyes as he stood right beside her bed.

"Before she answers that I should ask her, Allison before we question you do you need a lawyer?" asked Casey

"No I don't. I did nothing wrong. Everything I did was justifiable." Allison then paused and looked right into Elliot's eyes and said, "Because I love Tony, and would do anything for him. He loved me and you brought on his death. You and your band of baboons. If Olivia would have listened to him in the first place none of this would have went on. It's your fault she almost died Elliot. It's your fault Tony's dead. You couldn't keep your hands off of Olivia. Olivia belonged to Tony, not you."

Elliot held his tongue and took a deep breath. Before he got a chance to speak Fin spoke up from the other side of the bed. "Allison do you know how messed up you sound right now? The guy you so call love is after other women, tortures, rape and kills them, and you're OK with it? How can you love someone who doesn't care about you, and treats women so badly. You are seriously messed up."

Allison then chuckled. "See you don't know me or Tony at all. Tony and I have a special connection. These bitches mean nothing. They deserved to die. Tony and I know each other completely. We were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Now because of you all HE IS DEAD! You brought on all yourselves what happened the last few months. If you left well enough alone things would have been fine. Olivia and the other bitches need to fucking learn their place, and Tony was teaching them that. Tony is not the problem. Det. Finn you and your police crew fucked everything up. If you all stayed out of it, Tony would be here still, and thinks wouldn't have got complicated. Olivia deserves to die. She is just like the other bitches that had to die" As she finished she rubbed her arm where Finn had shot her.

At this point the Captain spoke up. "Well Allison you sound like you can justify everything that has happened. However have you thought of this." Then Cregin paused and walked passed Elliot to see her face to face and continued, "If Tony loved you then why would he need the other women? He used you, just like he did those other women. You are blind to the truth, but deep down you know I'm right."

Allison glared into Cregin's eyes and didn't speak for a couple minutes. The whole room remained silent. Allison then spoke with anger in her voice, "Fuck you all…. Tony had to teach those bitches there place in his life, and unfortunately some made him hurt them. If they just stayed loyal to him, and respected him nothing would have happened. He had to get it out of his system for other women, so we could be together I understand that. So put me in jail for life I don't care…. Tony and I had a plan and our plan will work out." She then put her hands on her stomach and smiled. "Tony may have had to die because of you all, but he will still live. I am pregnant and in 7 months his little girl or boy will carry him on. We have a family Tony. I didn't get to tell you, because of all that went on recently. Tony you will be a dad," As Allison finished this she looked at the ceiling.

"Captain and Casey can I talk to you for a second outside," asked George as he looked at Allison.

Cregin and Casey looked confused at George but nodded his head and followed. As he walked he said," Detectives finish your questions for Allison as I talk to Dr. Heung.

As they reached outside the door and closed it Cregin turned to George, "Heung what is it? What is your reading on Allison?"

George took a breath and replied, "Well there is a lot going on with Allison. I feel she has to please Tony, and would do anything for him. She can't function without him. She has some kind attachment disorder, and disassociated disorders possibly. As a child something happened in her life that made her have to please people. She fixates on that one person and will do anything for them. She has no real emotional connection with people. She probably was anti-social growing up. She and Tony planned this for months, and he manipulated her into helping him. She not absolved from what she did, and should be held responsible. I feel she is a danger to herself and others. She should be watched for signs of suicide. Her whole world is gone now that Tony is gone. However she should be in a mental health hospital, not jail. She needs psychiatric help."

"Thank you George for your input, I agree with a lot that you said, but I don't know…. She should pay her dues in jail. She planned and knew what she was doing," replied Casey. "However I can talk to my boss and scheduled her a psych evaluation. George can do the evaluation."

"Sounds fair Casey, for now let's go back into the room to finish our talk with Allison," replied George as he walked back into the hospital room.

As they walked back in they heard Allison talking to Fin and Elliot. "Well I met Tony 2 years a go when I started working as a Detective. He approached me at a café and we clicked from day one. We had this magic connection. However he did have urges to be with other women. I respected that. I loved Tony and he wanted to have someone on the side I was fine with that. He was a great guy. But none of the women he met suited him. They never respected him like I did. They brought on their own deaths. Tony never once did hurt me, because I showed him what he deserved to be treated as. I got into SVU to get close to the case of Olivia to help Tony. But it didn't help, because now he's dead and you all drove him to that." As she finished Allison broke down crying and looked to the ceiling again . "Tony I'm all alone…. Why did you leave me here? I love you. Your baby needs you. I failed I tried to kill that bitch Olivia. I'm sorry I failed you."

Everyone looked at each other confused at what they were seeing. Casey then spoke, "Well Allison we will let you rest, we will be back tomorrow to take you to jail. Hopefully for the rest of your miserable life." As she said this Allison completely ignored her and kept crying. The rest of the team followed Casey out.

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