Author's Note: I know I've got others in the works, but I just wanted time to try and recharge the brain, so I'm writing this as a little short project. It does have anguage in it, but I was trying to make it more real and what Shego would say and do. Sorry about that. Only three more chapters left. And before I forget. I do not own Kim Possible or A Christmas Carol or work for them. I wrote this strictly for fun.




She just growled in frustration as she saw all her men celebrate the Holiday that drove her mad. Her idea of celebrating this greeting card created holiday was relaxing on a beach with the sun tanning her pale skin while she did her best to seduce the hot looking cabana boys. Instead, she was stuck in her hideout while the rest of the idiots she commanded were singing those annoying songs and drinking the horrible concoction known as Egg Nog. How anyone is ever able to stomach that putrid crap, she didn't want to know. How she hated this time of year.

"Merry Christmas, boss!" one thug shouted up at her as he and another exchanged gifts under the plastic nightmare that was supposed to resemble the annoying pine tree that were in countless homes across the world at the moment.

"Piss off." She growled to herself as she made her way back into her little office.

Shelia Go, also known as the world wanted thief and villain Shego, was trying her best not to claw her hair out. It had been almost three years since she had to help her nemesis, Kim Possible, stop the alien invasion of Earth and she hated the fact that for awhile, everyone saw her as a hero. She just tried to relax as she sank into her black leather chair as she tried to forget that it was Christmas again. In the immortal words of Scrooge, BAH, HUMBUG! She hated all the colorful decorations, the annoying music, everyone being nice, and she loathed hearing that dead bastard Bing Crosby!

Bing Crosby got on her nerves so much! Why did everyone like listening to that man? He was a jerk when he was alive, and he used to beat his kids! The world was more screwed up than she even knew, and even more so every time Christmas rolled around. At least she was safe from all that nonsense in her office. At one point, it had been the room of her former employer, Dr. Drakken.

Over a year ago, Drakken was working on another stupid doomsday device without thinking all the way through like he usually did. While trying to figure out a way to make sure the device got power, he accidentally hotwired the self destruct device. Why did he always put one of those things in the lair? When Drakken tried to power up the thing, he blew up half the lair and the explosion took him with it. In his will, he left everything to Shego. So as soon as she had returned to the new lair, she immediately turned his room into her own little office.

She had made several attempts at taking over the world after knowing what not to do and had almost succeeded. The key word was almost. As always, Kim possible had arrived right before the plan would be complete, and handed their butts to them. How did she do it? With Dr. D being foiled, it was always obvious. But this was her! SHEGO! How did she foil her? She had gotten rid of the self-destruct devices in the blue prints for any new lair, and she didn't do any half-assed hack job like Dr. Drakken. But she always, ALWAYS, beat her! HOW?!

As she tried to will her headache away, she began to hear music coming through her door. Not just any music, but Christmas music! She gritted her teeth as she did her best to keep her emerald fire under control. The last time she flared up in anger, she had lost a chair that was actually from the court of King Louis. Her fists tightened so hard that she could hear her knuckles pop as the music seemed to only grow louder and louder. With one massive scream, she grabbed her coat and began making her way to the hanger.

Screw this crap! The only way she would be getting any rest tonight was at her private hideout. The one place that was Christmas free, and it was only decorated with what she wanted. In minutes flat, she was in her hover car and flying through the night sky at almost Mach 1 to get away from the sounds of cheer and merriment.

The flight however didn't help to relax her already frustrated and frayed nerves. Below her, she could see so many reminders of what the time of year it was that it made her want to puke. Decorations, Christmas Tree lots, and holiday lights.

"Everyone down there is nuts!" she growled to herself as she tried to ignore the spectacle around her. "I don't care who says it. If anyone else says Merry Christmas to me again, I'll boil them in fig pudding and drive a steak of holly through their heart!" she said to herself.

When she reached her private safe house, she was going to open a bottle of wine and watch a good scary movie. Maybe The Fog. She had seen the original, but really wanted to see the remake with that Tom Welling guy. She didn't care if he was playing a goody two shoes on TV, she liked looking at the guy with his shirt off.

She glanced at her GPS to see how much longer she had to fly in the cold air before she finally reached the place she called home. She was reading the data on the small screen when it began to flicker on her. She slapped it a few times to get it to work, but that only made it worse. She was balling her fist to punch the device when she saw something that made her question her sight. It seemed that the image was warping until it formed into what she swore was Dr. Drakken.

"Shego" it said in its digitized voice.

"Dr. D?" Shego asked before she closed her eyes tightly and shook her head vigorously. When she opened her eyes again, she only saw the normal layout of her GPS. "It's just stress. That's all it is. Too much work and having to deal with all this cheerful crap." Shego said to herself as she focused her eyes back onto the landscape in front of her.

Shego eased herself onto her soft mattress as she let the silken sheets comfort her bare flesh. Her glass of wine was nearly empty as she let the warmth of central heating keep her relaxed and smiling. With everything she had stolen over her career in crime, she was able to invest and save enough money for her to afford a penthouse in New York. Here, she was at home. It was better than staying in Dr. D's lairs and better than her old room back at the Go Tower.

Here she was at ease and at peace. She opened her eyes and glanced into the TV screen to try and find a movie on one of the many television channels she had. She began flipping through the channels, but only found more shows and programs about Christmas were on. If it wasn't about Rudolph and Santa, then it was something else. Frustrated, she turned off her television. She wrapped herself in her green robe and began to look for a book to read in her book case. As she browsed at her titles, the TV came on. She glanced and saw it was on one of the numerous productions of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. She picked the remote up ff her bed and shut the TV off. As she began looking at the titles again, the television turned itself on again.

"Damn Japanese tech." Shego groaned as she tried to shut it off again, but found that it wasn't turning off. She looked at the screen, and saw that the movie was where Scrooge was facing his door knocker. Her eyes widened though as the image of the knocker changed not into an image of Jacob Marley, but Dr. Drakken!

"Shego." It said.

"You're not real. I'm just buzzed is all. You're not there!" Shego said as she closed her eyes again, and opened them to find that the TV was off. "I'm so tempted to go to sleep in my office right now." Shego said to herself as she grabbed a book from the shelf and quickly crawled into bed.

She glanced at the book and saw it was none other than a copy of A Christmas Carol that she was holding in her hands.

"You've got to be joking." She said to herself as she saw the book. Wait, when did she own a copy of this book?

As she began to try and think, she heard something. At first, she thought it was normal house noises from the combination of heat and cold, until she heard it again. It was – knocking? Three knocks against the front door of her front door. Good luck to anyone trying to get in. She kept that thing dead bolted, and only her thumb print could make it open for anyone to get in or out. As she flipped through the book's pages, her heart almost stopped as she heard the front door unlock and slowly open. She closed the book and carefully balled her fist as a small glow began to emit from it.

She could hear the footsteps approaching her bedroom door; walking slowly. She kept her bedroom door locked as well. Living in New York City, no one could be too careful. Her eyes were glued to it the entire time as she heard the footsteps grow louder as they came to her bedroom door. She could hear them practically on top of her bedroom door now. If they tried to break in, they'd be eating hot plasma energy for dinner tonight. For a moment, all was silent and still. No sound except for her breathing. That's when the knocks echoed through out her room like cannon fire. Three knocks against her door.

She did nothing except keeping her glowing hand ready for any kind of attack. Slowly, three more knocks echoed across her bedroom.

"You're not getting in here, asshole! So unless you want third degree burns as a Christmas gift, you better get out of here now!" she shouted toward the door.

Her eyes widened in a mixture of both shock and surprise as she saw the dead bolt turn, several locks unlock themselves, and a code lock beep and turn green to show the magnetic locks were disengaged. The door slowly opened as she aimed her fist toward the door. When the door was fully opened, her mouth fell slack as her heart rate sped and her breath caught in her throat.

"Merry Christmas, Shego." The ghostly apparition said to her.

"D-Dr. D?" she asked him as the fire around her hand became extinguished.

It looked like Drakken. It was as if he was standing right in front of her. His clothes were partially charred and his skin looked like he had smoke stains all over himself, but he was standing there in front of her like he was still alive and breathing.

"Y-you're supposed to be d-d,"

"Dead? Tell me about it." Drakken said as he walked to her book case and took a seat in a chair near it. "You wouldn't happen to have anything to drink, would you? It's been awhile since I've had something to quench my thirst." He said calmly, like it was one of their normal meetings together.

"T-there's some wine I hadn't finished." she said as she pointed to the glass on her bedside table, still dumb struck.

"Oh, thank you very much." he said as he stood, walked to the glass, and drank the alcohol in one gulp. Both looked down when they heard something spill and both saw the wine splattered on the hardwood floor. "Damn. I keep forgetting about that." He said to her.

"B-but you're – you're supposed to be d-dead." She said to him again.

"I'm afraid I am, Shego. I have been for almost two years now." He said to her like he had received a bad haircut.

"Oh. Okay." She said as he took his seat again, her mind still not fully accepting that her dead boss was talking to her at that moment. "So – what brings you here?" she asked him as she tried to get her mind to working again.

"I came to talk to you." He told her.

"Talk to me? About what?" she asked him.

"Much, Shego. Unlike what I did when I was alive, I've come to help save you." He told her.

"Save me? I think getting your butt blown away might have scrambled your brain, Dr. D. I can handle myself." She told him.

"Not like this Shego. You know all the talk of hell, fire, and brimstone with monsters carrying pitchforks?" he asked her.


"It's not real." Drakken told her. Part of her let out a long sigh of relief at hearing that. That was one great fear of her chest. "It's worse." He said.

"Worse?" she asked him, puzzled by what he had just said.

"Different people receive different punishments. A former senator that was obsessed with money has to listen to all his speeches over and over again while he sits in what was once his favorite office. A murderer has to see the pain his victims went through, and then watch the pain that his victim's family and friends suffer because of him." Drakken told her, trying to give her a clue to punishment in the afterlife.

"And what did you get? A slap on the wrist?" she asked him.

"I have to watch all my failures and world conquest attempts play over and over again in the form of a cartoon show. With Kim Possible and her buffoon as the heroes." He told her flatly.

"Ouch." Shego said.

"That's how it ends for the great Dr. Drakken. Feared by many, and adored by women." Drakken said proudly.

"Adored? Come on, Dr. D. If there were any women, you either made them or paid for them." Shego said as she snickered.

"This isn't about me, Shego! This is about you. With everything you've done, you're headed to a worst fate than mine!" he said to her, with nothing but complete seriousness in his voice.

"Worse? How much worse?" she asked him.

"Believe me, Shego. You don't want to know. My suffering will be as nothing compared to yours. As each year passes, you've been making it worse and worse for yourself. When you finally pass on, your fate may very well be that of nightmares." He told her.

Now Shego never could scare easily. Through everything she had seen and faced through her years growing up as a hero, she knew the outcome of many things before they happened and had complete control over her emotions. But hearing her boss' words echo through her ears about something she had no training or experience with chilled her to her core. For the first time in ages, she was beginning to become frightened of her unknown future.

"Didn't you say something about saving me? I'm guessing there's a chance for me to avoid this little - punishment?" she asked the ghost in front of her.

"There is, Shego. It's you're only chance. You will be visited by three ghosts." Drakken told her.

"Three? Isn't that a little much?" she asked him.

"Expect the first one tomorrow at morning." Drakken said, ignoring Shego's remark. "The second will arrive at noon, and the third will come to you at evening. Listen to their words, Shego." Drakken said to her.

"Can't I just see them all at once? I'm a little busy lately." She asked him.

"THIS ISN'T A JOKE, SHEGO! THIS IS YOUR ONLY SHOT AT SAVING YOURSELF! IF YOU DON'T TAKE IT, YOU'LL SUFFER LIKE THEM!" Drakken shouted as he pointed to a window. As he did, the glass shattered and the screams and cries of thousands began to echo across her room. "Look out there, Shego! Look at the fate of our kind and several others!" Drakken ordered.

Shego didn't want to look, but curiosity had taken her over. She kept the sheet to her breasts, keeping them from being exposed to the chilled air of the city. As she did, she saw the ghostly forms of many people and super villains that had passed on through the years. Many were watching the poor as they did their best to help them. Only the people could not see the ghosts, and that caused the spirit's to scream and cry out in pain and anguish. She could have sworn she even saw Monkey Fist out there as one of the many suffering ghosts.

"Remember Shego! This is your last chance! SO DON'T SCREW IT UP!" Drakken shouted as he joined the rest of the spirits that were walking among the dead. The cries kept growing in volume and seemed to fill her bedroom. She covered her ears in a vain attempt to make them stop, to stop hearing them. They kept getting louder, like a wall of sound that was fixing to fall on top of her. She was ready to cry out when the noises stopped.

She opened her eyes slowly, and saw that her window was still intact. Her door was locked and in place, and her glass of wine was still untouched. Shego tried to catch her breathing and calm her nerves as she began to reel from what had happened. With a few deep breaths, she returned to her bead and said one word to describe what she had thought was a day dream.

"Bullshit!" she said as she turned off her light and went to bed.