Have A Nice Day
By: Rogue21493

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It's A Date
(Normal pov)

When Taylor and Willow got home, Willow escaped to her room, as her mom started to clean downstairs. All Willow had to do really, was clean her room. Which wasn't as messy as some teenagers but it was messy enough. She was organized and messy. You get it? But anyway, she was cleaning, listening to some music of course. She was listening to Green Day's "She's A Rebel", on her MP3 player.

She's a rebel
She's a saint
She's salt of the earth
And she's dangerous
or a melody that

She's a rebel
Missing link on the brink
Of destruction

From Chicago to Toronto
She's the one that they
Call old whatsername

She's the symbolof resistance
and she's holding on my
heart like a hand grenade

Is she dreaming
what I'm thinking
Is she the mother of all bombs
gonna detonate

Is she trouble
like I'm trouble
make it a double
twist of fate
(A/N: Hehe twist of fate. :D Anyone get it??)

Willow was in mid-turn to grab another piece of paper that had somehow, slipped out of the folder it had been in, and almost crashed into her mom. She paused her MP3 player.

"Hey, mom. What's up?" Willow asked.

Taylor smiled a mother-y smile. "Phone. Some boy. One that I've never met."

Willow looked confused and then she couldn't help it. Honestly she couldn't. She smiled. "Well, thanks mom. Do you know who is it?" she asked, even though she thought -or really was hoping- it was Dean.

"His name's Dean," Taylor sing-song-ed.

Willow looked away, to hide the blush, she was sure was on her cheeks. "Mo-om." she groaned.

Taylor chuckled and handed Willow the phone. Willow waited till her mom was out of her room, had closed the door and she could hear her footsteps on the stairs.

"Hello?" Willow asked.

"Hey," came Dean's deep voice.

Willow's smiled wildly. "Hey, yourself. What's up?" she asked, just knowing that Dean HAD to know her heart was beating one million miles a minute right that second and that she was smiling like a damn fool.

Dean chuckled and Willow found herself wanting to hear that chuckle -and Dean's laugh too- more. "Well, I was wondering something."


"You wanna go out tomorrow night?"

Willow opened her mouth to say yes, while thinking, 'Hell yes' but tensed. She couldn't. Her grandparents that she had never met were coming over for dinner.

"Sorry, can't. Huge family dinner. Grandparents and everything," Willow played it cool. No sense in freaking Dean out and telling him the whole story.

"Oh, that's cool."

"It sucks." Willow stated.

Dean laughed softly. "Yeah."

Willow started to say something but got cut off by a beep. Someone else was calling her. "Huh, hold on one sec. I got a beep."


Willow pressed the button to go to the other line. "Hello?"


Willow jerked the phone away from her ear. "Owie, damn you Uncle Sam!" she muttered under her breath. Into the phone she said, "Rie, I didn't tell ya cause of well my dad who I just met being there but I bet he'd be like any other dad and be over protective? And the same goes for my Uncle Jeffy."

"Aw, your already calling them your dad and Uncle Jeffy. Cute! But now for the good shit! What's this guy's name, who is he, where is he from, is he the bad boy, smart boy, jock boy or the weird boy type and how the hell did Jared find out before you could tell me?!" Riley ranted.

"Cause he kinda sneaked up on me, when Dean -the boys name- was talking to me, asked for my number and then kissed my cheek."

Dead silence.

"Rie? You there? You okay?"


"Stop yelling, please! Look I'll IM you in a bit, Aunty. I promise. I gotta go, Dean's on the other line."

"Oopsie! My mistake. I'll get online right this instant!"

"Like you weren't already." Willow teased.


With a laugh, Willow hung up and went back to Dean. "Dean?"


"Hey, sorry about that. It was my godmother, Riley. My uncle -you know him. Mr. Winchester from school, right?- is her husband and told her about you asking me out and she was upset she didn't find out first," Willow explained, as she sat at her desk and turned moved the mouse, making the screen saver go bye-bye.

Dean laughed. "That's cool. So, about that date... How does next Saturday sound?"

"Perfect. It's a date." Willow answered, smiling brightly and giddily.

"Cool. I'll call you later to make the plans, 'kay? My little sister wants the phone."

"That's cool."

"Alright then. See you Monday, at school."

"See ya."

Willow hung up the phone and did a happy dance in her desk chair. Smiling giddily, she got on the internet and signed on to her all of her IM messengers. Yahoo, AIM, and MSN. She started to check her main e-mail on yahoo, while checking her Myspace and also her Flixster page, as she sent a IM to Riley. (A/N: This is totally me xD Doing a million things at once hehe) But right before she sent a IM to Riley, she made another name thingy. (A/N: The damn name's escaping me! I'd remember if I had internet, cause then I could check!) and named it, 'WillowTheWisp2'

WillowTheWisp2: Hey, Riley! Like my new name for the moment?

Willow changed her picture that said, "Total Badass" to one that said, "Admitting you're a asshole is the first step".

WinchesterKicksAssBitches: Ooh, nice! It fits you! Hehe. Your number 2! Lmfao. Everyone says hey!

Matt and Jeff were staying at Riley's for the night, since they didn't have to leave for the road till, Sunday and also for the damn family dinner. And also to hang more with everyone, duh.

Riley's picture had markers on it and said, "I have A.D.D and magic markers. Oh the thrills I will have". It was a icon, that Willow had found and thought was perfect for Riley. Riley, of course loved it.

(Since the names, that Willow and Riley are using are long, I'm gonna just shorten it to this: 'W2' for Willow and 'WB' for Riley!)

W2: HEY EVERYONE! LOL. How u all doing?? Riley driving u nuts?

WB: : HEY! Not funny!

W2: Yes, it is! Hehe.

WB: :P SOOOOOOOOO! Tell me about this guy! Hmm? Dean?

W2: Well... He is older. He's 17.


W2: Hehe yeah. And he's TOTALLY HOT! And yeah, he's kinda the bad boy I guess. That's his rep around the school. And playboy too.

WB: Give me his last name! I wanna check his bad ground!


WB: I mean it!

W2: -rolling eyes right this minute at how crazy you are acting- Riley why do you wanna check his background?

WB: Don't sass me! I wanna know who he is, where he lives and all that shit, so if he hurts you I can kick his ass!

W2: You just sounded like your mom.

Willow waited for Riley to answer.

WB: Did not!

W2: Did so!


W2: Hahahahaha!! Okay, okay his last name is...

WB: Stop with the suspense and tell me!

W2: LOL His last name is Ackles.

WB: And I'm looking the damn fool up

W2: Oh, Lord

WB: Oh, shut up!

Willow talked with Riley a bit longer, as she did a few things on the internet and cleaned her room up as well.

But during the whole time, she couldn't wipe that grin off her face.

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