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Ding Dong

Olivia heard shuffling behind the door. She was freezing and tired - it was 7am after all - and she just hoped she wasn't to early or too late.

The door opened. "Hey Olivia. Dad said you may come. Did you bring presents?" Lizzie asked seeing the bag of beautifully wrapped presents in her hand.

"Yes, you all have one. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas. C'mon in, it's friggin' freezing. I wouldn't be surprised if we were snowed in by noon. Olivia was wondering that herself. The snow was coming down so hard that it was hard to see her car from the porch.

Lizzie helped her carry her stuff into the living room, were a beautiful sight met her eyes. The biggest Christmas tree you could imagine (that would fit into the house) was decorated from top to bottom with so many decorations you could hardly see green.

"Merry Christmas Liv." Elliot Sr. came over and gave her a one armed hug. Elliot Jr. was in his other arm, wide awake and dressed in a green and red stripped onesie.

"Merry Christmas. Can I hold him?" Elliot nodded and passed the baby to her.

"Where's Kathy?" Olivia asked.

"She's asleep. She said it was alright to open gifts as long as we tape it, and to wake her up in a few hours."

"Aww, did someone keep mommy up all night?" Olivia cooed to the baby.
"Kept everyone up all night. Now I know I never want kids. Merry Christmas Liv." Maureen came out of the kitchen in her robe with a mug in her hand. "Coffee?"


"Hey Olivia." Dickie followed Maureen, but with a plate of what looked like leftover Chinese food.

Kathleen, who followed Dickie, didn't even acknowledge that Olivia was there. She sat down with her mug of coffee, and said, "So dad, when can we open presents? I have plans today at 9:00."

"Kathleen, you could be a little nicer." Maureen said as she sat down in the chair opposite the couch.

"Fine, can weplease open the presents soon?"

"I meant saying hello to Olivia."

"Oh, right. Hi."

"Hi Kathleen, how've you been?"

Kathleen just sipped her coffee. Lizzie shook her head and Dickie whispered, "Don't take it personally; she's been a bitch to everyone lately."

"Alright dad," Maureen spoke up. "Camera's ready. Since Little Miss Queen of the World has to be outta here by 9:00, we might as we'll get a move on."

Baby Elliot [babytalked. Everyone laughed. "I think he agrees."

It took about an hour to open everything. Olivia was right, the kids were getting spoiled this year. And she noticed that none of them said From: Santa. Dickie got his new iPod, Maureen got a gift certificate to Aldo shoes, Lizzie got a new DVD player with Harry Potter 5, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Blades of Glory, The Office seasons 1, 2, and 3, and The Simpson's Movie, and Kathleen got a new cell phone and a promise in her card that Mom and Dad would pay for the first 3 months of service.

Olivia's gifts were next, and she was positive they wouldn't measure up to the amazing gifts the kids had already gotten.

Elliot opened the baby's gift, which was a jammie set in pale yellow with bunnies on it, a purple blanket that was the softest thing Olivia had ever felt, a blue stuffed elephant, a green stuffed pig, and a big, soft teddy bear with a red ribbon around his neck.

"Oh my god, Liv, you didn't have to. These are great."

"Well, I was in the baby section at the mall, and I went a little crazy..."

"I'd say. He's too young to even know who he is, let alone that you gave him stuff." Kathleen grumbled.

"Kathleen, that's enough. Olivia is guest and a friend, and you will treat her with the same respect you treat us."

"Dad, that's not a lot." Dickie pointed out.

"Whatever, I'm getting in a shower."

"You don't want your gift? Can I have it?" Lizzie asked.

"Whatever." She went upstairs.

Olivia wasn't sure if Dickie was right earlier, or if Kathleen had a problem with her. She was trying to stay out of the way as much as possible. She didn't even know why she said yes to Elliot's request. This was a family day, and she had no family. Well, Simon, but they hadn't talked since the Millfield thing.

"Jeeze, I don't what her problem is."

"Well, now she doesn't get those three months on her phone from us."

"Dad, she's gonna have a fit." Dickie said.

"Alright, I wanna know what Olivia got us. Hand them out." Maureen said.

Olivia handed everyone their gift. She decided to wait to give Elliot his gift, let the kids have their fun.

Elliot took the camera from Maureen like he had been doing every time she opened a gift. The kids ripped open their gifts and...

To Be Continued

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