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Chapter 1

Harry Potter walked slowly along the side walk to the home of the widow Andromeda Tonks. His face dirty from the battle of the night before. So many deaths, so many of his friends that he would never see again. They were all so young, so full of life. A lump began forming in his throat, and new tears began filling his eyes. He had thought that he had cried all he could, yet he couldn't stop the new tears as he blinked rapidly to clear his blurred vision. They splashed down and formed new streaks on his dirt covered faced. He didn't bother wiping them away. He stopped as he reached his destination and turned to look up the flower lined walk that lead to the front door. He looked up to the heavens as if praying for strength for what he now had to do. He wondered why in the world he had declined the company of his two best friends, insisting that this was something he needed to do alone. How could he tell her?

Determinately he looked again at the door and began to walk towards it. He stopped on the doorstep and reached up to knock, then stopped suddenly as he saw his hand. He lifted his other and looked at them both. They were covered in dirt, and. . . blood. In his determination to be the one to tell Mrs. Tonks about this new tragedy to strike her life, he had completely forgotten to wash up. He clenched his fists, sighed a sigh worthy of an old man, and knocked softly on the door. A moment later a voice sounded on the other side.

"Who's there?" she sounded a little frightened.

"Harry Potter. I crashed your cousin Sirius Black's motorcycle in your garden along with Rubeus Hagrid last July," he waited a few moments then heard her unlocking the door. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her, but regained composure almost instantly. He had forgotten how much she resembled her sister Bellatrix.

On her hip was a baby boy with chubby cheeks, big round eyes and cherry red hair. Harry smiled at the baby sadly, then looked back up at the boy's grandmother. Fresh tears welled up in Harry's eyes , and he swallowed quickly as the lump in his throat returned.

"My goodness child, what is it? Come in, come in," she ushered him inside and motioned for him to sit. He did. He sat for a moment with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. When at last he looked back at her, he saw that her eyes were glistening. "Dora?" she asked quietly, not wanting to believe. Harry took a deep breath, then, almost imperceptively he bobbed his head slowly up and down. Her face crumpled, her shoulder's sagged and she sobbed. She looked down at her grandson playing contentedly on the floor. She looked back to Harry, barely able to speak through her grief, "And Remus?"

Again Harry nodded, but said nothing. He didn't know what to say. First her husband, now her only daughter and her son in law. They sat quietly for nearly half an hour, both of them lost in grief. Finally, Harry rose to his feet and started towards her. He placed a hand tentatively on her shoulder, and when she looked up at him he lowered himself to one knee as to be eye level with her.

"It's over," he said quietly, "Voldemort's finished. Dead. I hope that that at least can give you some small comfort."

She nodded her understanding then he continued, "I know however that it can not extinguish the pain completely. Nothing can." He waited a moment then went on, "They fought very bravely. Little Teddy. . ." his voice cracked as a new lump threatened. He swallowed it quickly. "Little Teddy," he started again, "Will grow up being very proud of his parents. They gave their lives so that he could grow up without the fear and persecution that so many others had to live with." He took a deep breath then added, "They named me Godfather to Teddy."

"I know," she said warily.

"I'd like to help with him whenever possible," he added.

"I'd really like that," Andromeda looked at Harry and smiled softly. But before she could say anything else, another knock sounded at her door. She rose and walked to it cautiously.

"Who's there?" she asked.

Harry heard a muffled voice on the other side, but did not hear who it belonged to. Andromeda turned to look at Harry, shock clearly written on her grief stricken face. Instinctively Harry stepped in front of Teddy and pulled his wand out ready to fight as she opened the door. His jaw dropped in astonishment when he saw Narcissa Malfoy standing in front of them. Before the news of the loss of her daughter and son in law, Andromeda would have asked her what she was doing on her doorstep. But as it was, she was so overwhelmed with happiness at the fact that not all of her family was gone. She let out a strangled sob and threw her arms around her long lost sister.