The months flew past in a blur, and the morning of Ron and Hermione's wedding dawned bright, promising a beautiful day. Fluffy, cotton candy clouds glowed pink in the sunrise. The seams of the Burrow were bursting as people hurried about to get last minute things ready.

Ginny was once again locked in her room with Hermione.

Harry was with Ron, making sure his dress robes looked perfect and assuring him that Hermione did still want to marry him, and that things would be perfect for the two of them. That the day was going to come off perfectly.


Harry stood by Ron's side as the music started playing. Ginny came into view wearing a lovely silk, pale lavender dress that complemented her shape and skin tone perfectly. She took his breath away and it took him several moments to calm his speeding heart. He imagined what she would look like when it was his turn to stand where Ron is standing, and it made him suddenly anxious for that day to come.

Ginny beamed when she saw Harry, and he wondered if she was having the same thoughts he was.

The music changed as Ginny reached the front.

Harry glanced at Ron who looked as though he were about to be sick. He smiled and Ron attempted to smile back. It looked more like a grimace.

David Granger came into view, pushing Hermione's wheelchair.

Hermione looked stunning. She glowed with unconcealed excitement. Her smile was radiant and her eyes sparkled. She looked up at her dad when they were about half way down the isle and grabbed his arm to halt him. He looked down at her, confused, wondering if she were now having second thoughts.

Harry looked at Ginny who had tears in her eyes, she was entirely intent upon watching Hermione's progress toward Ron and did not notice him looking at her. She nodded encouragingly to Hermione.

He looked back to his best friend who gulped nervously, then to the beautiful young woman making her way toward him.

Hermione took a deep breath, and braced her hands on her wheelchair. Very slowly her legs moved and she placed her feet firmly on the ground. She shook her head forcefully as her father tried to help her. She rose carefully to her feet and reached her hand back for her dad.

He looked at her in wonder for a moment then offered his arm.

She slid hers through it as she grasped his elbow. All around her were gasps of amazement and perhaps fear that she might lose her balance and fall.

Ron's mouth was gaping as he watched her walk slowly toward him. He wanted to run to her and gather her in his arms but he was too afraid that if he moved he would wake up from the best dream anyone has ever had.

Her white satin dress was dazzling and her hair was piled, save for the few shiny ringlets framing her face, on top of her head in an elegant bun.

A few feet from Ron, Hermione turned to her father and gave him a vise-like hug and kissed his cheek. His eyes were glistening as he let go of her tentatively and placed her dainty hand in Ron's waiting one.

Ron smiled his first real smile of the day, and Hermione's answering one was truly breathtaking. Hermione had to be the most beautiful bride anyone had ever seen.

As the two of them stopped, Hermione looked lovingly at Ginny and mouthed a 'thank you'.

Tears streamed down Ginny's cheeks as she nodded happily, her smile lighting up her eyes along with her entire being.

Harry smiled as he realized why Ginny had been holed up with Hermione for the last few months, rarely being seen by anyone.

Ron and Hermione turned their attentions to Kingsley Shacklebolt as the music stopped.

The vows were a blur to Harry, whose eyes could not be torn away from his girlfriend. Only when Kingsley had announced 'you may kiss the bride', did he turn his attention back to his two best friends who were now engaged in their first kiss as husband and wife.


Kreacher approached Harry slowly as he and Ginny were dancing. He tugged gently on Harry's sleeve.

Harry unwillingly tore his gaze away from Ginny's face and looked down at his little house elf.

"Master Harry, Kreacher has a surprise for you, Master."

Harry looked curiously at Kreacher. "A surprise?"

"Yes, Master. Will you please follow Kreacher? The young miss can come, too."

Harry wanted to tell the elf to go away and leave them alone for now, but the tone of Kreacher's voice suggested that Kreacher would be heartbroken if he did.

So Harry smiled and said, "Alright, Kreacher. What is it you want to show me?"

Harry let go of Ginny, save for one hand and followed Kreacher away from the busiest part of the reception. Harry glanced one last time at Ron and Hermione. They wouldn't miss him, of that he was sure. He took Kreacher's hand with his free one and together the three of them Disapparated.

They appeared a few moments later in the middle of a large, airy, open room. The layout looked somewhat familiar, but Harry was sure he had never seen this room before.

"Kreacher? Where are we?" Harry asked.

Kreacher looked confused, like it should be obvious where they were, "Kreacher brought Master and the young miss to Grimmauld Place, Master Harry."

Harry and Ginny's eyes popped open wide as they took in the changes to the place that had once been full of dark magic and gloominess.

"Grimmauld Place?" Harry asked in wonder.

"Yes, Master. Kreacher has worked very hard. Trying to make it to Master's liking." He looked up expectantly at Harry. "Is it to Master's liking?"

Harry smiled at the elf he used to wish he could get rid of and nodded. "Yes, Kreacher. You were brilliant."

"Kreacher hopes you don't mind, Master, Kreacher kept some of his old Mistress' things. Kreacher put them in his cupboard, Master. Is Master thinking that is ok?"

"Yes, Kreacher. You can keep anything you want of hers. But I would rather, instead of the cupboard, if you chose a room. Perhaps you could move your things into your Master Regulus' old room."

"Master Harry would give Kreacher his own room, Master Regulus' room?"

Kreacher's orb-like eyes were widened in disbelief, and Harry could sense a house elf fit coming on. "Kreacher, I don't want you to cry. You deserve that room. You've earned it. Now, go, and make it however you want it."

Kreacher smiled and bobbed his head happily and with a snap of his fingers he disappeared, leaving Harry and Ginny alone.

Harry pulled her into his arms and kissed her soundly, then pushed her gently away to look into her eyes.

She smiled at him and in her eyes he could see the rest of his life. He lifted his hand to capture a stray lock of hair and tucked it back behind her ear and whispered, "This truly is the start of a new beginning."

He pulled her to him once again and kissed her with more passion than he thought himself capable, not willing to ever let her go.

The End

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