Granddaughter to the Lioness

A ten-year-old girl with shoulder length raven coloured hair and brilliant purple eyes was swaying aboard the deck of a ship bound for Tortall. A man with deep-set brown eyes and a unique colour of skin that indicated that he was neither raka nor luarin stood solemnly beside her, an arm draped over her shoulder.

"… Da, I'll be fine." The girl whispered as she turned to look at her concerned father.

"I know, Adalia, but you can't force me to be happy that we will not be able to see you for at least eight years, probably much more." Nawat whispered back.

They could both see Port Caynn looming up in the distance, a small speck on the horizon in the early morning.

"Oh Da, don't worry about that. Remember that Ma gave me a darking so I can contact you; we will even be able to see each other!" a frustrated Adalia exasperatedly reminded her father.

"Yes, yes I know." Nawat quickly leaned down and gathered his daughter up into his arms. Adalia hugged him back just as hard.

"You still have Aidan, nothing could stop him becoming a spy." Adalia was referring to her twin who was still at the Palace in the Copper Isles.

"Again, it's not the same as having you. Who will keep all the nobles on their toes with her infamous temper now that you are gone?" Nawat joked.

"Oh." Adalia glanced at her father and remarked, "You don't fool me. I know you will miss my charm and wit."

Nawat chuckled. Adalia was well known for her short and ferocious temper, which it seems she had inherited from the Lioness, even if most of the time she had the personality of her mother.

As the ship docked, the two looked carefully around the port, and, seeing a number of eyes directed towards one certain individual, they left the ship and headed towards her. The Lioness was dismounting from her horse, a mare named Silverwind. Adalia raced forward at lightning speed and jumped on her grandmother, and was rewarded by being swept into a large hug.

When they had both calmed down enough for intelligent conversation, Alanna set down her granddaughter. Tears glistening in both of their eyes, they carefully looked each other over, purple eyes taking in all the features of each other's appearance.

"So. I hear that you want to be a knight." Remarked Alanna, her eyes and voice brimming with pride.

"Yes." Adalia replied simply. Both women were brought back by reality with an apologetic cough from Nawat.

"Well, I trust you will take care of Adalia" – (Alanna nodded in agreement) – "In that case it is time for me to get back on that ship." Following Nawat's finger, the women could see the captain irritably gesturing for all of the passengers to board.

Nawat stooped down and gathered his daughter into a tight hug. "I love you Adalia. Be good. Don't hurt too many boys." At this Adalia grinned sheepishly. She had inherited the crow's amazing strength and speed, as well as the animal's immunity to spells from her father. It had been extremely useful in allowing her to escape punishment, but had also been the cause of a lot of her punishments, when she did not realise her own strength.

"I love you too Da. I'll try not to."

The reality that Adalia was to be left in Tortall without her mother or father hit painfully as she watched the boat leave the harbour. She turned back to Alanna, and saw that she was mounting Silverwind.

"Ok. It's time to go to Corus." Alanna brought around a graceful bright chestnut mare for Adalia to inspect.

"She is for you. Even if you are fast enough without her, you're training masters would prefer that you ride." Alanna stated matter-of-factly.

Adalia's next sentence caught in her throat as she beheld the beautiful horse. "She's for me?" She observed Alanna nod and she danced around in a circle. "This is all too much! Thankyou soo much Gran!" Alanna just shook her head as Adalia jumped onto the mare's back with an ease that suggested she could go much higher. Alanna mused that not many of the boys would be willing to dare to fight with her, not only because she happened to be plainly related to the 'Legendary Lioness,' with her purple eyes, but also because they would realise she was amazing in her own right.

As the two turned their horses around in the direction of Corus, the crowd that had viewed this unique greeting dispersed. Alanna could be seen with a satisfied smile on her face. 'Things are going to be very interesting for the next few years' she mused 'not to mention that she is the first of my granddaughters to be attending the palace as a page. Adalia is the perfect candidate to teach those boys once and for all that girls are not to be trifled with.'


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