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Chapter Seven: Luck Is On My Side


4 years ago

She realized something

4 years ago

She could tell himeverything

Even if he didn't care

Even if he wasn't there




Couples surrounding Sasuke and Sakura on the dance floor hugged, kissed, and jumped into each other's arms. Onyx and emerald met once again. Sasuke slowly tilted his head and Sakura parted her lips. Time stopped entirely.

"Sa…" Sakura breathed. She couldn't even finish his name. Her heart was beating that fast and the close proximity didn't help the situation. Sasuke was leaning in towards Sakura and she wasn't stopping him. For some strange reason Sakura wanted Sasuke to kiss her, but something in the back of her mind startled her. That kiss was going to be on hold.

He's here with you because you're the girl he kissed on the airplane. If it would have been that brunette across the room, he'd be here with her. You were just lucky.

Before Sasuke got any closer, Sakura wrapped her arms around his torso and laid her head on his chest. Sasuke was a little surprised, but he held her in his arms anyway. The logical Sakura wanted to believe the nagging voice in the back of her mind, but Sakura's hopeful side didn't.

"Maybe our meeting was based on luck, but our friendship isn't. I know it isn't. There has to be a reason. I just…don't know what it is," thought Sakura. She wanted there to be a reason for why Sasuke was still hanging out with her, and vice versa. It couldn't be based on the sole fact that they kissed on an airplane.

All that insightful thinking led Sakura to remember something. She leaned her head up towards Sasuke's ear and whispered, "Sasuke…I never got my strawberry daiquiri."

"You never came to the bar," Sasuke replied. Sakura gaped and jabbed his chest with her finger.

"I assumed you were going to bring the drink to me, Sasuke."

"So how was the kiss? …Hahahaha!" voiced Inner Sasuke. Sasuke was annoyed. He didn't like being teased, especially by someone who wasn't real.

"Shut up." He began leading Sakura to the bar and growled, "I'm not your servant."

Sakura pouted. He had been so nice just a few moments ago, rescuing her from her evil ex-boyfriend, but he just had to ruin it. Way to ruin the beautiful moment.

Sasuke motioned for Sakura to sit on a bar stool while he leaned his back on the bar. The bartender rushed over and Sasuke voiced their order in such a way that Sakura barely heard it.

Or maybe it was because her heart was still thumping at a million beats per minute and that was all she could hear. The beating of her heart that echoed like a bass drum.

"I need to let loose. I feel like I have too much energy," Sakura commented. Sasuke handed her the oh-so-coveted Strawberry Daiquiri.

"That's what alcohol is for."

Even logical, reasonable Sakura shut up.


Sakura swung her head back and forth to the thumping beat, and her body swayed under the colorful, blinking lights.

Just like it's snowing in the summertime

"Just like it's snowing the summertime…" She sang along softly. She grinned and twirled around Sasuke on the dance floor. He stared at her with his arms crossed. Why did he have to bring such a lightweight to a party? Why? It was going to be a real pain getting her home.

Sakura was officially drunk, but there was no way she was going to admit it.

Something's different and I can't explain it

"Come on, Sasuke-kuuun! Sing along! Don't be a –hiccup- party pooper!"

And along with Sakura's obnoxious, drunken behavior came the added honorific to Sasuke's name.

-kun. Sasuke-kun.

It's like I'm breathing in sunshine

"The loudspeakers are loud enough, Sakura," Sasuke said. Sakura pouted, in a very cute manner, furrowed her eyebrows and crossed her arms. Was she going to throw a temper tantrum?

Oh, hell no.

"But Sasuke-kuuun! It's fun…" Sakura whined.

It's taken over and I can't contain it

This love is changing me

It brought me to my knees

Now it's teaching me to fly…!

She danced around while singing the words to the song really softly. All of a sudden, Sakura lost her footing and before Sasuke could extend his hand to her, she fell on the dance floor

Sakura rubbed her butt. "Ouch. That hurt." Luckily, no one else was sober enough to care at that moment. And it was then that Sakura heard a baritone chuckle echoing in her ears. The resonating sound was smooth, deep and sexy. Even more surprisingly…

…it was Sasuke-kun!

There he stood in all his Uchiha glory, chuckling with his eyes crinkled in amusement at Sakura's misfortune.

That's how it feels to be with you

It's like I'm finally alive

That's how it feels to be with you

"Sasuke-kuuun! That really hurt," Sakura moaned. Sasuke extended his hand to her, but Sakura gave him a defiant look instead of accepting his help. Eventually, Sakura gave in and accepted Sasuke's hand, but not without pulling him towards the ground. Sasuke fell right next to Sakura and he really tried to be mad, but he couldn't. The only he heard was Sakura's contagious carefree laughter and soon Sasuke was laughing too. It might have also been the previous alcohol he consumed, but nonetheless his prior anger and frustration was gone.

To be with you

"Come on, Sasuke-kun! Let's go get another -hiccup- drink!" Sakura suggested. She stood up and dragged Sasuke to the bar stools. The pair had gone to the bar so many times that the bartender already knew what they wanted. Just as Sakura was about to grab her Strawberry Daiquiri, Sasuke handed it to a woman passing by.

"Wha…why? That was mine!" Sakura argued. She tried to go after the woman, but Sasuke held her by the waist. There was no way he was letting anymore alcohol get in Sakura's drunken system.

"You've had more than enough, Sakura," Sasuke whispered into Sakura's ear. She struggled in his grip and whimpered when Sasuke began to drink his Piña Colada. She was really thirsty and she was willing to share Sasuke's drink if she had to.

I always thought I was invincible

So, Sakura grabbed a nearby straw and shoved it in Sasuke's drink. Sasuke didn't even bother questioning Sakura's normal drunken behavior until Sakura began drinking from his drink.

I never knew that I was waiting on a breakthrough

"Stop…" Sakura quivered her lower lip and Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Fine, but just this once." Sakura grinned and took Sasuke's drink into her hands. It was quite the sight. Sasuke sitting on his bar stool with Sakura pressed up against his chest while drinking her Piña Colada. Kawaii!

My heart was always only half full
Until the moment that I finally found you

Sasuke looked down at Sakura, quietly sipping on her beverage like a little girl. She was such a child when she was drunk. Sakura felt someone's eyes on her and she looked up at Sasuke. She grinned and held the drink up to Sasuke. He drank the rest of it and he felt a sudden buzz surge through his body just as Sakura dragged him to the dance floor once more.

It's everything I dreamed
Even more it seems
To fall into your arms..!

"Let's dance, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura draped her arms around Sasuke's neck and just swayed. Sasuke gave in and held Sakura's waist. She wasn't going to remember anything anyways. She was due for a massive hangover.

"Hey Sasuke-teme! Where have you been all this time?" questioned a loud voice. Naruto and Hinata slow danced next to Sasuke and Sakura.

"With Sakura," Sasuke replied. Naruto looked at Sakura's drunken form and laughed. "You got her drunk? What kind of boyfriend are you?"

Sakura perked up and grinned when she saw Naruto and Hinata. "Oh-my-god! Hey! I haven't seen you guys in –hiccup- forever!"

Hinata smiled, she was probably the only sober person left in the party. Naruto, on the other hand, was probably just as drunk as Sakura, but his obnoxious behavior remained the same.

"I know, right? Did Sasuke-teme lock you up in a dark closet or something?"

Sakura laughed and suddenly yawned. "Nah, but I fainted. Say…where's Ino-pig? I think I wanna go home soon." She separated herself from Sasuke and walked away in a random direction. Hinata, not wanting to let a drunken Sakura wander around, followed after her. "I'll g-go w-with you."

Sasuke walked away from the dance floor and Naruto followed close behind. "Sasuke-teme! Where ya going?" Sasuke reached the bar and took a swig from a random beer lying around. Naruto sat in a stool next to him and laughed.

"Man! You're so wasted…just like me! You should probably take Sakura home. Man, I'm going to miss this place…" Naruto chuckled, but Sasuke suddenly remembered something very important.

"I have her camera," thought Sasuke. He remembered exactly where he left it. At his office.

"Shit. Shit. Shit," Sasuke cursed. He left Naruto sprawled over the bar and searched for Sakura. When he found her, he was very surprised. Very, very surprised.

Sakura and Ino were standing on a table doing the can-can to some degree, laughing and swinging their dresses around. Shikamaru was trying to stop Ino from flashing her underwear to the gathered perverted men. Hinata, Neji and Tenten were trying to break up the crowd, and absolutely no one was trying to stop Sakura. Sakura (normally well-behaved, sweet and kind) was being very naughty.

Sasuke pushed through the crowd and made a grab for Sakura's hand, but missed. Sakura stopped dancing and continued laughing while clutching her stomach. She was dangerously close to the edge of the table.

"Sakura, come down!" Sasuke shouted. Sakura waved him off and stepped closer to edge. The table toppled to the side and Sasuke caught Sakura in his arms before she landed on the ground.

Sakura beamed and looked into Sasuke's pools of onyx. "Aren't I lucky to have someone –hiccup- like you around?" Sasuke and Shikamaru nodded at each other before he left with Sakura.

"We're leaving," Sasuke said. Sakura pouted and hiccupped. "But why? I was –hiccup- having so much fun…" Naruto waved at the pair as they exited the building. While walking towards Sasuke's car, Sakura was surprisingly quiet. Sasuke hoped it was because she was regaining soberness.

"I'm tired. Can I sleep at your place, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura questioned. She leaned her head against Sasuke's chest. She didn't really mind being carried bridal-style.

"Don't you have a house?"

Sakura blushed and twiddled her fingers, "Well…Ino has the keys to the house." Sasuke suppressed a yawn and nodded. He trusted himself. It's not like he was going to take advantage of Sakura.

Or the other way around, right?


"Sasuke-kuuun, why are we at your office? I wanna sleep," Sakura whined. She followed Sasuke out of the car and towards the tall corporate building. Sasuke pulled out a key from his pocket and opened the glass double doors.

"I have something of yours." Sakura followed Sasuke inside and giggled she heard her echoing footsteps.

"Really? What?" Sakura was still marveling at the fact that the building was completely empty. It's not everyday that she got the privilege to wander around an empty, corporate building.

Sasuke extended his hand out to Sakura and she skipped towards him. She wasn't good at walking with heels unlike when she was sober and Sakura fell on Sasuke. Luckily, Sasuke foresaw the event and was able to catch Sakura.

"You're especially clumsy when you're drunk," Sasuke commented. Sakura blushed and she blushed even more when she looked up at Sasuke. Maybe it was the alcohol or the moonlight shining through the glass doors or maybe it was the fact that Uchiha Sasuke really was sexy, but boy did he look sexy.

The way his smoldering onyx eyes seemed to have a mysterious twinkle, and the way his pale skin and gravity-defying hair looked even more flawless. Sakura couldn't even think of a witty comeback and she was barely able to speak because her throat went dry. "Th-thanks f-for…" And when she did, she sounded like a breathless fool.

Sasuke wasn't that well off either. The moonlight created a faint glow all around Sakura and the blush on her cheeks from the alcohol looked strangely cute. Turns out Sakura's eyes weren't just green, they were a twinkling mix of silver and jade. Just when he thought it couldn't get any harder to look away, Sakura licked her top lip and his attention was brought to her plump, red lips.

For some reason, Sasuke stepped forward, which led Sakura to step back. It continued that way until Sakura's back was up against the inside of the elevator. The elevator doors automatically closed and the elevator began to ascend when Sasuke pressed the 3rd button.

Sakura was nervous. She remembered their fateful meeting in the airplane bathroom, how their lips and bodies fit together almost perfectly. Right now, she felt like this was her chance to feel that again.

"Sa-Sasuke…" Sakura hadn't meant for her voice to sound like a whimper, but it did…just as the young Uchiha dipped his head and captured Sakura's lips with his. Instinctively, Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck and Sasuke held onto her waist. Despite the low temperature in the area, Sakura's lips were warm and soft.

"Whoa...never saw that coming," thought Inner Sasuke and Inner Sakura simultaneously.

Sakura gasped when Sasuke started nibbling on her bottom lip. Things started to heat up once Sasuke led both of them out of the elevator and towards his office. Sakura's legs were wrapped around Sasuke's waist and her svelte fingers were running through Sasuke's hair.

Sasuke pushed open the door to the work room with his side and carried Sakura past the empty cubicles. Amongst the sensual touches, Sakura noticed in her peripheral vision that there were no chairs, or computers or papers in any of the cubicles.

"Sasuke, you've been robbe—" Sasuke's soft lips captured Sakura's again and she forgot all about her previous thoughts. Once Sasuke kicked open the door to his office, Sakura decided it was her turn to take control of the situation. She pushed Sasuke onto his desk and straddled him. If Sasuke could've looked surprised, he probably did at that moment.

Sakura smirked and leaned down to kiss Sasuke, but he wasn't giving up that easily. Sasuke flipped Sakura over and she gaped, giving Sasuke the chance to swiftly slip his tongue inside. Her mouth tasted like strawberries and alcohol with a hint of pineapple. He normally didn't like strawberries, but he was willing to make an exception.

Sakura wrapped her legs around Sasuke's waist and flipped him over. As she was straddling him, Sasuke looked up at her. She looked unbelievably sexy with the straps of her dress sliding down her shoulders, her disheveled curls, swollen lips and that impeccable smirk. She looked like, dare he even think it, a seductress.

It took all of Sasuke's self-control not to pounce on her right then and there. But he did manage to slide down the top of her dress to reveal her lacy, crimson bra.

The temperature in the room seemed to rise a couple of degrees and Sasuke threw off his jacket when as he flipped Sakura over. Her hands immediately went for the buttons on his shirt and she admired his firm abs. Out of nowhere, Sakura yawned and wrapped her arms around Sasuke's bare torso.

"I'm tired…" thought Sakura. She closed her eyes and Sasuke stared at her. And just when it was getting good!

"What?! No! No! No, no! Why do you do this to me? WHY?!" cried Inner Sakura, but she was ignored. Sakura was away in dreamland in mere seconds. Sasuke held Sakura in his arms and blinked a few times. For a moment, he struggled to remember what happened just a few seconds ago.

Oh, right. The hot make-out session.

"That's the last time I'm drinking alcohol with Sakura around," thought Sasuke.

"So, you got your New Years' kiss…?" questioned Inner Sasuke happily. Sasuke closed his eyes and frowned.

"Just shut up."


Around eight in the morning, Sakura awoke with a start. She sat up and rubbed her head, attempting to nurse the killer hangover she felt. It was back to non-alcoholic drinks from now on.

"What happened last night? I was probably so wasted," thought Sakura. "My back hurts, too! It feels like I slept on a stone bench…" She rubbed her back using both her hands and glanced down.

"…is this a table? No wonder my back hurts!...ouch, that was loud."

Sakura moaned and held her head. She was busy rubbing her temples that she never noticed Sasuke sitting in a chair nearby.

"I told you not to drink so much," he commented. Sakura turned to him, looking completely startled and annoyed.

"Well…you're a bad influence!...ouch, gotta stop yelling." Sakura pushed herself off the table and walked over to Sasuke. He was wearing a different outfit compared to last night and she certainly didn't remember going to house with him.

"You left me here all alone to go to your house and change outfits? What kind of friend are you?" whispered Sakura, trying not to worsen her headache.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and replied, "The kind that keeps spare clothes at his office." Sakura blushed and smiled nervously.

"Oh. Sorry…man, I need some coffee ASAP," Sakura groaned. Sasuke stood up and carefully led Sakura out of his office. "Me, too."

After the eternal elevator ride and the walk to Sasuke's car, Sakura looked at current state. Her makeup and hair were in complete disarray and her dress was unbelievably wrinkled. Not to mention that she smelled like a bar.

She turned to Sasuke with a determined gaze. "You probably don't care, but there's no way that I am going to go to a coffee place looking like this. You better take me home to change," she growled. Sasuke rolled his eyes and the rest of the car ride was silent. When the car stopped in front of Sakura's house, she grinned and pecked Sasuke on the cheek.

"Thanks, Sasuke-kun!" She was gone and Sasuke leaned back in his seat. Now, all he had to do was wait. And wait.

And wait some more.

Sasuke drummed his fingers on the steering wheel and he was caught off guard when a navy blue car honked beside him.

"Hey Sasuke-teme! Are you looking for Sakura-chan, too?" The obnoxious loudmouth jumped out of his car and leaned beside Sasuke's window. Sasuke wanted to bang his head on the steering wheel. Why did these things always happen to him?

"No. I'm waiting for her."

"Yeah, well, so am I. Ino told me that she never came home last night. Did you have anything to do with that?" Naruto wiggled his eyebrows and his gaze flickered to the front door of Sakura's house. "Oh, look! It's Ino! Hi, Ino!" Both blondes waved at each other enthusiastically.

"Hey Naruto! Sakura just came home! She looked like she had a fierce night!" Ino leaned on the other side of Sasuke's car and eyed Sasuke carefully. She was completely sure that Sasuke had something to do with it.

"Yeah, I was just asking Sasuke-teme if he had anything to do with it." Suddenly all eyes were on Sasuke.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and replied, "If you're asking if I had sex with Sakura, the answer is no."

"But we COULD have…" thought Inner Sasuke.

"Shut up."

Ino put up her hands and shrugged. "Well, all I'm saying is that you'll never be bored with Sakura around. I gotta go. See ya, guys." Ino did a backhand wave and skipped back towards the house.

"So…why are you waiting for Sakura?" Naruto questioned. He had his suspicious and he was pretty sure they were correct, but it was always more fun to make Sasuke admit to them.

Sasuke ran a hand through his hair and mumbled something. Naruto grinned and held a hand up to his ear. "I'm not quite sure I heard that right."

"SakuranadIaregoingtogetsomecoffee." Naruto held in his laughter and motioned towards Sasuke again.

"Can you repeat that please?" Sasuke was aware that Naruto was just teasing him, but it still frustrated him.

Sasuke snapped, "We're going to get some coffee. Happy?" He crossed his arms and glared at Naruto, but the blonde was beaming.

"Very happy. You really amaze me sometimes. You actually took my advice."

"Shut up." Naruto saw the door to the house open again and waved at Sasuke.

"Whatever, Sasuke-teme! Have fun!" Sasuke honked his horn at Naruto, but the blonde continued laughing all the way to his car. A few moments later, the navy blue car drove off just as Sakura stepped into Sasuke's car again.

"What was that all about?" she asked. She was now wearing a black ballet flats and a grey jumper on top of a pink, elbow-sleeved shirt. Her hair was up in a messy bun, but she still looked cute. Sasuke caught himself staring a little and looked away. Shrugging once, Sasuke drove to the nearest café, Café du Soleil.

"Aww! I love this place! It has the best chocolate muffins!" Sasuke exclaimed. She stepped out of the car when they arrived and dragged Sasuke inside. It was still pretty early, only nine in the morning, and the café was practically empty. Sasuke liked this. After last night, he wasn't up for any noisy, crowded places.

"Ooh! Let's sit by a window!" The pair sat in a booth by large window. Sasuke noticed that Sakura was officially energized for someone with a hangover.

"Didn't you have a hangover?" Sasuke questioned.

Sakura nodded fervently. "Yeah! But Ino gave me these pain killer pill-things and now it's not as bad. I still want some coffee though…" The waitress/cashier approached their table while holding a small pad. "Do you guys want anything?"

"Two coffees. No sugar," Sasuke replied.

"Sugar in mine, please. Can I have a chocolate muffin, too?" As the waitress nodded and walked away, Sakura turned to Sasuke and grinned.

"You know what today is?"


Sakura beamed and nodded. "Yeah! And you know what else?" Sasuke shook his head.

"Nothing bad has happened! Bad things always happen on Thursdays. Aren't I lucky?" Sasuke would've come up with a sarcastic retort, but seeing Sakura happy on a Thursday was a rare occurrence so he just nodded.

"Nothing bad has happened yet," Sasuke thought.

"You're so mean," thought Inner Sasuke. Sasuke ignored his thoughts and took his coffee cup when the waitress arrived.

"Thank you!" Sakura exclaimed. She quietly sipped her coffee and replayed last night's events in her head.

Drunk. Drunk. Can-can dancing. Car. Blank?

Sakura could only remember so much after the can-can dancing. She looked at Sasuke curiously and asked, "So…anything interesting happen last night?"

Sasuke almost spit out his coffee. Almost.


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"Funny. That's not what you were calling me last night."

"Hmph. Sasuke-kun."


"This is going to sound awkward, but…how do you choose?"

"If a career fails, you try again until you succeed. If a relationship fails, you can try again, but there's no guarantee that it will ever succeed."

"I see. That makes sense."


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