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He glared at her.

He glared hard.

Normally, this would be enough to make even the bravest of men cower and run for their lives, he had hoped it would work on some petite medic nin with oddly colored hair that smelled like Sakura flowers.

Maybe she didn't notice him yet?

Yes, that was it.

Narrowing his crimson bled eyes, the murdering Uchiha partially bore into the side of her head with his intense glare.

She must have noticed, since she swiveled her eyes to meet his for only a moment, before breaking away with a sly smile that reminded him of a devious fox.

She had seen his heated glare, looked him in the eye, and still she refused to leave his wounded side.

"Woman, leave me and let me die with my pride."

"Im', sorry Uchiha , but I can't do that," with that said, Sakura continued to sew up the torn flesh at his side with excellent skill and amazing speed. Even for a wound that deep, it was if it was effortless for her.

"We are not friends, once I am strong enough I will kill you," Itachi all but hissed, making sure his tone was even and as emotionless as it needed to be.

This female was trying his last nerve, a very dangerous thing that would most likely get you killed.

"No, we are not friends. I know that all too well."

"Then why are you doing this?"

She spared him another glance of her forest stained eyes, smirking ever so slightly.

She was smirking at him!


He should be the one smirking at her!

If it were not for the incredible large gash filled with common poison at his side he would wipe that smirk off her face in less than an instant.

"Answer me, woman."

"You said it yourself, you wanted me to let you die with your pride, I couldn't help but hurt my enemy a bit more. I should think you would know that by now. I am a ninja of Leaf, it is my duty to kill you, but I don't like you especially for what you did to Sasuke kun-."

"They why am I alive?" he snapped, cutting her off.

She smiled slyly, like a mother that knew what her spoiled child was going to say before he said it. "So, instead of killing you like you want me to, I'm going to bring you more pain by doing what you do no desire. "

"You openly mock me?"

"Yes, yes I do Uchiha."

Itachi glared once again.

Maybe she would burst into hellfire this time.

Her hands came to the end of his gash, ending the green healing glow and sealing up the bloodied cut in his side. She smirked to herself for doing what she did. She had gotten the infamous Itachi Uchiha irritated with her actions. She would have stayed to rub it in his face, but she knew that now healed, he would be hunting her down with revenge in his mind.

"How are you feeling?"


There it was, that damn Uchiha word soaked in pride and arrogance. Like she was too lowly of a person for him to address her with actual words. She almost lost her smirk, but kept it in place as she gathered her medical pack with bloodied hands. Preparing to leave, her mind only slightly preoccupied.

"Your left side will be especially sore for a few days, if you were anyone else I would suggest you don't move for a day or so. But, knowing it's you, I know you'll just ignore my warnings."

"Won't that help my pride and hurt your own?"

Sakura shrugged, wrapping up some bloodied bandages before stuffing them in a pocket. "I don really care if you're hurt or not, as long as your don't die. But even then, it won't be that much of a loss to the world. I have no pride for you to kill, Uchiha."


She smirked this time, knowing it was a form of surrender in the Uchiha language. Wiping away a few stay bangs, the color of a dying sky with the back of her wrist, she chose to ignore the low chakra levels she would had to endure on her mission home. It was all worth it to see the Uchiha get mad at her.

Most would think this a death wish. But, being a skilled ninja of he land of Fire, she flirted with disaster and death so often she knew their first names.

"Ta ta, Uchiha," she chirped, standing up to leave, only a bit dazed. "I hope we do not meet again."


His actions were too quick to startle her or curse a reaction other than sudden shock. His hand, that was resting limply at his side only a moment ago, was now wrapped around her ankle bringing her down onto the cold cave's floor, her back next to him.

"I do no take lightly to those who openly mock me, woman," his voice was dark and deep, bellowing with the anger burning in his blood stained orbs.

Even in her ill positioned situation, she still managed to inwardly grin at the way she could provoke emotions out of the ice like man. If it were not for that she would have been shaking in fear as he grabbed her wrist to pin her down, his body now hovering above her own.

"I didn't think you would. Will you kill me now , Uchiha?"

"And let you die with your pride? I think not," his anger seemed to cool down as a dark grin swept over his lush, tempting lips. Mirth twinkled in his eyes that were now the color of a moonless night.

Sakura didn't like the way his irritated emotions soon flickered over to amusement.

Fear flickered through her eyes and Itachi absolutely loved it.

"What is it then? What will you do?" she sneered.

Inside her mind she was cursing herself so strongly it would make a sea man widened his eyes. How stupid was she to forget his arms were perfectly healthy and right there, next to her ankle.






What a brainless girl she was!

She knew she was low on chakra, and yet she still insisted on teasing the Uchiha to the point of a fault. She would surly die at his hands this time. With her woozy state and his healed one, she was in no position to think otherwise.

"You don't know?"

"No, I'm a mind reader, of course I don't! Gosh, who dropped you on your head when you were a child? Most likely kill me in some gory fashion that would make a medic cringe."

Itachi smirked at her petty insults. She was helpless around him now and she knew it. "I find your insults most amusing at the moment, Woman."

"I doesn't matter now. You can tell me my punishment now, you know."

"You still do not know?"

"I already told you, no. Now what is it?"

Itachi smirked with a devil's glint in his eyes. "Why, take away your pride of course. I don't like you especially for what you did to me, you know."

Sakura kept up an emotionless mask that emo kind Sasuke Uchiha would have been proud of. "And just how, do you plan on taking my pride, Uchiha?"

He chuckled, Itachi Uchiha chuckled. The world as we know it is ending. "Just like this of course..."

His lips came down upon her own, crashing in a bruising kiss of passion and raw emotion.

Deeply, he pushed into her mouth, molding his lips against hers. Claiming them in a bruising manner so un Uchiha like. His throat rumbled with animal like grown that was in every man. So may years of keep this all locked up...it had to come out sooner or later.

Sakura had hardly a second to realize what was happening before fire seemed to burst out, upon her body.

Damn, he could kiss!

Loosing her breath, the pink haired medic let herself get caught up in the rapture of their kiss. Once she regained control of her logical mind she would be mad at him for taking away her pride, for now it felt good to be humble.

His tongue darted out, between his bruised lips, to lick her own. She felt it and smiled, opening up, but only a bit. He would have to fight and work his way in. This was nothing to the S class criminal who fought all his life. Now that there was something he really wanted, it was as effortless as blowing a bubble into the wind.

Sakura pouted to herself at how easy it was for him. Maybe she could make it harder. Twirling her Tongue around his she fought for the higher power, determined to get it. The tango of the tongues raged on, Sakura meowing and the Uchiha growling, both from pleasure.

She was not submitting to him, she was fighting him! Even in their hazy passion, she resisted that what other woman would kill for? That which any other female would scream out for in pure lust. She resisted him still?

Oh, now he must kill her pride.

He gripped her trapped wrist, dragging them above her head making her neck arch. releasing his hold on her lips he moved his teeth to her neck, sucking on the dip between her should and arched neck. Butterfly kisses soon followed making her meow even more, her face flushed.

"Say my name, woman."

Sakura whimpered, turning away as he kissed more, setting her flesh on fire. He saw her will slowly crumbling, a smirk now on his sucking lips, looks like he would deepen in order to get her to fall. Pulling away, he made sure to breath hotly on the spot between her shoulder and the base of her neck before swooping down with his tongue to cool the burning flesh.

Sakura nearly screamed at that.


The way he messy, ink black locks dance against her face and neck, tickled her inside and mad her want to reach up and run her hands through. She would imagine they felt as silky as they looked.

Curse him for having her hands bound.

Brushing his teeth against the trembling flesh he inwardly grinned at how she shook under his touch. His fang poised themselves above her skin for only a moment before sinking in. Her eyes opened, widening a great deal upon impact.

This time she did scream.


Licking away the crimson blood that reflecting in his midnight black eyes, he purred softly into her jaw, crimson droplets staining his lips. Kissing it like a ghost would, he traveled up to the edge of her lips.

Sakura whimpered under his gentle touch, and how it held the illusion of a caring man ,tending to his forever lover. It was so soft and teasing, she had hoped it would have lasted a bit longer. She had almost forgotten how to breath properly.

"Shh, my pride-less Woman. I am done. But don't think I won't come back for more if we cross paths again. How dose it feel to be marked by the one you swore to kill, eh?"

"...Once I start... thinking again...I think…. I'll want to kill you...Uchiha..."

"I hope you come after me with that though in your heart. I rather enjoyed myself."

"Then I think I will try to kill you."

"I'll pray for the day."

Another kiss, quick and chaste, and he was gone.

Like the darkness in the presence of the light.

"As do I... Itachi."


Sakura, it's good to see you back from your mission to Snow. I'm guessing you wanted to take your time coming back from such a easy mission," said Tsunade as she leaned over her Hokage desk and reached for a red marked folder.

"Hai," Sakura stated, knowing her teacher and mentor of five years was too busy with her overflowing pile of paper work to pay much attention to the pink haired medic she trusted.

"That's good, how is the village doing?"

"The unknown virus they reported, was noting more than a strong stomach bug, with overacting villagers and concerned mothers."

Tsunade snorted and Sakura smirked.

"And how was your trip back?"

"Successful, of course," Sakura laughed. "It was quite…smooth actually."

"Good, those rumors must have chased off any unwanted bandits or thieves you had in the area." Sakura blinked, feeling left out of the look.

"What rumors?"

Tsunade looked up from her mountain of scrolls and misfiled documents to spare a quick glance at the clueless face of her daughter like apprentice. "You didn't hear?"

Sakura shook her head, her silky locks brushing against her milky colored face. "No, I didn't hear anything."

"There were rumors that Itachi Uchiha was sighted in the area. But if you didn't notice anything, it must have been just a silly rumor," commented the lazy, blond Hokage, turning back to her over piled work.

Sakura looked down, her hand unconsciously reaching up to brush over her barren lips.

"Yeah, just a silly rumor…"

However, Sakura failed to realize, that the silly rumor had been stalking her all the way home, darting ahead to dispose of any thieves, bandits, ruffians, that would wish harm to the woman who was his mortal enemy.

She was his enemy, after all. Only he should be allowed to harm her, or more likely, ruin her pride. He liked ruining her ride, it as less work that hurting her with his hands.

And, No, he was not blushing red like a cherry, when he watch her watch her wash her bloodied shirt in nothing more than her shorts and a black ninja, wrap around top.


Shinobi rule of conduct 25;

A ninja never shows any emotio, no matter what the situation.


Damn it!

He was not blushing at the sight of her

And, no, that was not a nosebleed!

And no, he not still stalking her. He was just watching her as she ate her Kakigori (a Japanese desert made from shaved ice flavored with syrup.) at the little dessert shack three and 1/4 blocks east of her apartment flat. The one with a bedroom window faceing north, right outside the large oak tree that was good for hiding in.

And no, he did not still dream about her ever night and call out her name in his sleep...

...Just sometimes.

Okay, most of the time.

"Damn it, woman!"


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