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The sky was dark, but there was no rain falling.

'They say it's a painful thing when a close friend dies. I know now, that these words hold truth to them. Funny, how I never doubted them before, but never knew them to be true.'

The village hidden in the leaves has lost many a fine ninja over the course of our war with Stone, but this was the first time, Sakura felt the loss of one of her closest friends. It felted bad to only grieve so deeply for one when there were hundreds dead, but the heart is something you can not control.

Two weeks ago Ino's squad was ambushed and separated by enemy nins. It wasn't until three day later did they find her mutilated body deep in the forest, surrounded by the dead corpses of her enemy. She went down with a fight, just like she said she always would. Too bad her enemies did the same.

Sakura was limply resting against the back of a dormant cherry blossom tree, it's leaves a dark green for the summer. The funeral was over and though many tried to cheer her up, all knew it was impossible.

"Why didn't I die instead of her? Why couldn't it have be me? Why did it have to be Ino pig?" she asked herself aloud.

Her words seemed to trigger tears that didn't want to stop once they started.

"Why couldn't it be me?!"


She was too far away for anyone to hear her scream into the evening air that smelt wet with the promise of rain. No one would be able to see her cry or break down, the way she wanted to from the beginning of this God forsaken war.

Others, she once knew, had died in the line of battle. No one as close as Ino, but they were part of her village, her family.

One by one, they all went down.

One by one, they each took their turn to torment her heart.

One by one, they left her with a larger wound than the last one.

Some had even taken their own lives, not being able to cope with the loss of a loved on. Those hurt the worst for the withering little cherry blossom, who was little no more. To see her friends choose to leave her behind...ouch.

Breathing heavily, Sakura felt her lungs push against her ribs, the skin surrounding them was tight and stretched. She hadn't eaten in days, sleep was like a phantom to her, taunting but never there.

Up until yesterday she had drowned herself in so much work that she had blacked out a few times. Tsunade said it wasn't healthy and forced her to take a break.

Sakura knew the real reason her teacher told her to take it easy. The older woman was afraid Sakura would take herself next. And not just her, but Naruto and Kakashi as well. And now with Ino gone...it looked like Sakura thought so to.

Looking down at her hand, she saw the blood stained fabric of what was once a black cloak with red clouds. She had hidden it and saved it before anyone could find out about it. She didn't know why she wanted to keep the stupid thing, but she did.

She wasn't stupid, she knew it was Itachi who healed her enough to keep her from slipping into death. What other enemy from the Akatsuki would care enough to keep her alive, if only to spite her in the future? Sasori, Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu,and that one named Tobi were all dead. Kisame was rumored to have been killed, and Zetsu would have just eaten her. The other pair, Pain and Konan, those two were most likely dead as well. They were like the leaders, and without them, the group fell apart. Itachi was the only one she knew that would talk to her, even if it was nothing more than insults and threats.

She pocketed the fabric and let her upper body fall into the grass, no longer possessing the strength to keep it's self supported against the trunk of a tree.

She was so weak, with an empty stomach and pale skin that could rival the dead. Her eyes were red from tears, her lips chapped from lack of water. In only a few words; she was a mess.

Memories of her and Ino as kids growing up kept playing over and over insider her head, behind a pair of lifeless, forest green eyes.

"Ino chaaan, wait up for me!"

"You have to fun faster Sakura chan."

"I can't go any faster."

"You have to, or else I'll leave you behind, now put some effort into it!"

"Ino chaaaan!"

It hurt so much to remember someone you will never see again. It was worse than knowing they were away on a mission that would last years. On a mission they were at least alive and enjoying life, you couldn't say that about someone dead.

The blades of grass in front of her eyes waved back and forth in the pattern of the breeze, lulling her into a state of sleep she knew she would not be able to find. The reason for this, for once, was not due to her restlessness.

"I know you are there, you can come out...Itachi."

The grass behind her rustled and she felt a dark shadow lower it's self to the ground, edging as close to her fragile body as it dared. "You fail to disappoint me, my little drug."

"Go away..." she mumbled. "I don't want to deal with you now."

Itachi frowned from behind the depressed female. "If I did that, it would be counted as an act of kindness. You are still my enemy, and I just can't find it in myself to help you."

Sakura groaned and pulled her legs up, closer to her body. "Just leave me alone."

"You can tell, I'm obviously not going to do that."

"I'll make you leave."

Itachi smirked at her words, leaning over her shoulder so she could see his smile out the edge of her eyes. "Oh really? And how, do you plan on making me leave?"

"I'm going to ignore you..." Sakura mumbled under her breath, rolling so that her face was pushing into the dirt and hidden by the grasses.

Itachi was not happy with his answer. "That's cold, little flower, even for you."

Sakura shot a glare at the older Uchiha before letting her face roll back towards the ground. Since when did he start calling her 'Little flower?'

Itachi saw the look she gave him and chuckled, if only to spite her. Uchihas do no laugh...normally. But for Sakura, Itachi could spare a chuckle every now and then.

"You look annoyed, something bothering you?"

Sakura mumbled something into the dirt that Itachi could not make out but did nothing more to acknowledge his existence. Why did he have to show up when she was morning her best friend?

Itachi took in her black clothing and frowned at how loose around her thin body it was. She was way too thin for it to be healthy. And last time he checked, she didn't dress in all black It was as if she was going to a funeral...or had just come from one.

"Who was she to you?"

Without even thinking Sakura answered upon reflex. "She was my best friend! We were close since childhood, we grew up together, we became Ninja together, we went to war together... And now she's dead, Ino chan is dead!"

The dark haired man remained silent, for once choosing not to provoke his enemy and torture in his own way. She was his enemy, but she was already in enough pain for a long time. He didn't want to hurt her this way, it would take the fun out of everything.

Sakura choked back her tears and turned away, ashamed that she let an S class criminal see her in such a weakened state. And of course, it just had to be Itachi. He would never let her live this one down. "Please just go away and let me be alone," she managed to choke out without distorting her words too much.

A rustling behind her made her look up in surprise. Instead of moving away, or standing up and leaving, Itachi Uchiha had scooted closer to where Sakura was resting,placing one leg on either side of her curled up body. "What are you-?"

"Shh, it's at times like these we need people around us, to cry on. Shutting yourself and being alone is not the best way to heal. When you come out, you find yourself healed the wrong way, bringing you back to being alone whenever something bad happens. Pretty soon, you're always by yourself, in a place where lonesomenesses is you best friend and your worst enemy. I can't let you heal that way, you're still my enemy and I'm the only one that can could you pain."

"What would you know about the loss of a best friend. You murdered your best friend."

Itachi seemed to pause for a moment before answering. "These words come from a man who has healed the wrong way, from when he was very, very young."

Sakura shivered as she felt his arms wrap around her trembling form and pull her into his large chest, covered in black that radiated a small warmth she seemed to be drawn to. His chin was resting over her shoulder, nuzzling into it in a caring way.

Suddenly she seemed so tired.

"Why?" she managed to breath out.

"Because I am your enemy and you are mine. I can not allow other people or events to cause you pain. If it is required, I will nurture you and tend to your wounds and watch you heal...the right way. You are my drug, my flower, my precious enemy."

Sakura felt herself shiver against the wind that now seemed so much colder than it had a few moments ago. It used to feel empty and calm, not harsh and chilling. Itachi noticed her shiver and began to slowly rub her exposed arms, since her dress sleeves only came down to her shoulders.

"You shouldn't be so close to my village, you know."

"I don't see any danger in it. It's just climbing back onto it's feet right now. It can not afford to be patrolling it's borders so far out," Itachi chuckled with mild amusement at how his little flower had chosen to not ignore him like she said she would.

"It's still risky for you. What if someone comes looking for me?" Sakura replied, her question full of holes he could slip through.

"I don't have to worry about anyone in you little village, you should know that. And if someone did happen to come looking for you I would make sure they never found you, even if I have to drag you away with me," he chuckled with a smirk at the idea of taking Sakura away.

"What if I didn't want to go?"

"Do you?"

Sakura paused thinking over her words. Her first reflex was to say no. But, what did she have left in her village hidden in the leaves? There was so much death and so many bad memories. Getting away from it all wasn't a bad idea.

A vacation would still force her to return once it's over, and there are some things she wouldn't want to see, ever again. There are those dreaded images you parents and elders taboo for you because they know...they know they are sights you can't unsee. Too bad Sakura has seen too many of them for it to matter.

Itachi smiled at her lack of a response, that meant she was thinking it over! It wasn't an imidate no! There was hope for him with her yet!

"It would be wonderful, to get away from this place of heart breaking memories. You would be happy with me, I'd make sure of that. I'd go to the ends of the earth and back for you, you would never have to worry about any of your needs. I could give you whatever you wanted, I'd protect you from any pain, physical or mental. All you have to do is come with me. Come with me, Sakura!" Itachi literally pleaded, using her real name for once to show how much he wanted this from her.

Sakura reached inside her pocket and felt the fabric of Itachi's old robe between her fingers. The one that was wrapped around her bleeding wounds when she was close to dying. He cared enough for her to keep her from death, even though he constantly reminded her of their enemy vows.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Itachi? You're my enemy, remember? You shouldn't be saying such things," Sakura spoke in a dull tone, her insides feeling torn.

"That would be the ultimate victory for an enemy. To steal your opponent away from the battle field and lay them to rest. Sad thing for you is that I have no plans of killing you, or letting you die to anyone or anything else. I'll never stop being your enemy, but that doesn't mean I can't care for you."

Sakura remained silent, but choose to lean deeper into his softly breathing chest and curl up for warmth. His chin on her shoulder moved away and instead settled on the top of her head, kissing her locks secretively, enjoying the faint taste that clung to his lips.

"I just don't want to hurt anymore..." she mumbled, burying her head in his chest, enjoying how his arms tightened around her small, shivering form. "I want to pain to go away..."

"Even if you had to leave your village and come with me?" he asked with hope hidden behind his words, his arms drawing her closer to his own form.

It was as if he was afraid he would loos her if she said no.

Sakura though to herself for a while. There was so much pain around her right now. Would it be such a bad thing to leave it all behind? Right now the village was in such havoc, she had no doubt that they wouldn't notice her missing till it was too late. But still, she had ties to this village. With Naruto and Kakashi and Tsunade and Ino-

Tears started to build again.

They were stinging at her eyes now.

"I just want the pain to go away, I don't care how. I want to forget and be happy again," she mumbled into his chest, trying to hold back her years, despite the laws of gravity that urged them to descend, downward.

"Even if it was with me, Sakura?"

"Even if it was with you."

Itachi breathed sharply and smiled into her locks, hugging her tightly.

He was so happy to have her in her arms, and now he was overjoyed to know she would agree to come with him.

Sure, it was mostly the grief that provoked her to leave, but that was okay with him, just as long as he had her. She would see with time, that he would make her happy.

She would learn to be happy again with him there.

"Sakura, my little drug, you don't know how happy you've made me,: he breathed in he ear with a smile, stretched across his lips.

"You've always looked out for me, I know you'll take hare of me..." Sakura replied, placing the tatter piece of cloak in her pocket into his hand before bending up and kissing him lightly on the lips, just before the rain began to fall around them.

Itachi was only too happy to return the kiss.


Later that day a shadow of black with flashes of red was seen darting along the forests of the hidden leaf village. A small bundle of shivering black and pink in it's arms.

Many months later over the line that marked the end of the Land of Fire, a small village of humble farmers welcomed a newly married couple, happier that you would believe with their whole lives ahead of them. Never had the town seen a pai so in love, not a husband so devoted to his wife.

"You still think it's alright to love me?"

"Oh, don't worry. You are still my enemy, and I plan to keep you as my prisoner of war until the end of our days."





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