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The Music or the Misery

Rukia Kuchiki was never great in socializing. She had some friends, so yeah. Whatever. You could quote her on that. But it was in the dating department where she was a certified loser.

Most of the guys, actually ALL of the guys she had ever dated were jerks who were just using her.

She went to an academy for the arts. The campus was huge, and people filled up every place you looked, therefore she had no where she could go to really think...or even cry. She couldn't do that in her room, she'd never let her friends see or hear her cry.

At the mention of this, she noticed that said tears were stinging the back of her eyes, and she almost ran into some guy sitting on a ledge! She didn't hit him, so instead she looked at him, looked again...then looked some more.

He didn't look familiar to her...he must've been new. At first glance, she decided, the boy was really cute. She looked away...and found herself looking at him again. This time, he looked...handsome, and deep like a poet maybe. Between the first two glances she had looked him up and down.

Orange hair, fingerless gloves, long black coat, black pants and a few chains somewhere in the middle.

"Definitely a punk or an emo, or something..." She thought, then looked down at her own clothing, which was almost the same as his, only she was wearing enough chains to tie down a small city. "Forget it." She told herself and laughed a little bit.

Then, the third glance. It was then that she saw it. Emotion. He looked pretty lifeless from behind, but in his eyes...his dreamy, chocolate was as if, if you looked at him, or made straight eye-contact with him, you would get lost in those eyes...and maybe never be found.

She had somewhere she had to be, and didn't feel like getting lost anytime soon, so Rukia Kuchiki just left the boy behind.

END NOTE: Okay!!!!! This isn't really a chapter...per say...(my friend has been using that for about a week and it's catching on!!!!) but it is more like an introduction. I guess you could call it chapter One!!!