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It's Not An Excuse, It's A Reason

By Fishous

"Bella, what are you doing now?"

Edward watched her as she started pulling out everything in her closet and sorted it out in piles on her bed.

"…I'm cleaning it out. Obviously."

As she often did, Bella was confusing him. She had suddenly developed a furious desire to whip everything in the house into strict order, right after school ended.

First, it had started in the kitchen, where she had had to put all the cereal boxes in order from largest to smallest. Then the pantry got reorganized, followed by the bathroom cabinets, and now her room. It hadn't even been messy or cluttered.

Edward wondered if she had an obsessive compulsive disorder.

"Why?" he asked, thinking there must be some hidden motivation. Was she planning on having guests over or something?

"I just haven't done it in a while," she said, sounding evasive. And it needs it. Besides, I haven't got much else to do tonight."

But it didn't need cleaning, he almost answered, but then stopped himself. There was something odd about her latter statement. There was something she had to do today: her homework. Yet her backpack lay untouched on the table downstairs.

An idea struck him. "Bella, this doesn't have anything to do with the math assignment we have tonight, does it?"

"N-no," she replied, not meeting his gaze and blushing beautifully. Liar, liar.

"Come on, Bella, let's get it over with. Then you can do whatever you like."

First she insisted on finishing her rearrangement of the closet and, after he had dragged her back down to her books, she protested that she absolutely must organize all of her binders.

She sighed as she finally was forced to reach for the dreaded Trigonometry textbook, all excuses gone.

Procrastination could only last so long.