Chapter 1

(Jaspers POV)

" All I want for christmas is yoooouuu BABAY!!" Alice sang. I ran into the room.

"What did you want?" I asked. She giggled.

"I wasn't calling you I was singing silly." She stated still giggling.

"Oh." I said. I went to walk away.

"No dont leave!! I need your help hanging up the mistle toe! I'm to short." Alice said.

" Ok. There." I said. She walked over and kissed me.

" I love christmas." Alice said then went back to hanging the Garland.

Later that evening

"EDWARD!!! You and Bella better get down here or we are going to have all the fun without you!!!!" Alice Exclaimed. Edward was there holding Bella in his arms in a flash.

" Sorry were here." He said.

"So what exactly are we doing?" Bella asked.

" Weeelllllll...we decorate the tree, we tell stories, we eat, we exchange gifts, and we sing CAROLS!!" Alice explained.

"Oh." Bella said.

"Ok time to decorate the tree." Alice said. We all headed for the tree and the boxes of ordaments. Once the tree was filled with lights and every thing else you could imagine we all stepped back to admire.

" Jasper you know your job." Alice said to me. I nodded.

" Whats his job exactly?" Bella asked.

" Oh I put the star on the tree." I replied.

" Why you? Not being mean but emmett's about your hieght." She asked.

" 'Cuz its always been like that. Oh and 'cuz I'm special." I said.

"Oh." She replied. I put it on the tree and Alice exclaimed, "Time for PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ummm..Alice what if the human doesnt like presents?" Bella said.

"Well that human is just going to deal with it because this vampy is the QUEEN of presents." Alice said back.

" Well this human thinks that vampy is very mean." Bella said.

"Well- " I cut Alice of, " Can we please just get on with it?"

"Yup-huh Babe." Alice said.

"Can I give everyone my gifts first?" Bella asked.

" Sure." Everyone said.

" Ok I am going to start with Rosalie the one I am least bonded with." She said. She handed her a small, silver, rapped box.

" Thank you." Rosalie said then unrapped the tiny box. Inside the box was a gift card to the mall for 100 dollars.

" Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!" Rosalie exclaimed.

" I didnt really know what else to get you so..." Bella mumbled.

" This is perfect thank you." Rose said again.

"Ok next since he is the next least bonded with me Jasper." Bella said handing me a box rapped in red paper. Ha ha funny.

"Thank you Bella." I said and began to unrap the box. It was the new apple laptop.

"Thank you Bella! Where did you get the money to buy this for me?" I asked.

" Charlie chipped in on that one." Bella said blushing.

" Well tell him I said thank you too." I said.

"Now Emmetts turn." She said.

Yayyyyy!!! Christmas at the cullens!! Ok any way. Please R&R. To be continued.

What did Bella get Emmett? Why is Jasper acting so insane? What is so bad that Edward doesnt want Bella to know? Why is Rosalie Crying? What did Alice do to Rosalie? Keep reading for the answer to these questions!!!