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Demon voices and Orochimaru.

Ok I changed my mind THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER! Some one sugguested that I write a third story about this...tell me what you think after you read this LAST CHAPTER! I also forgot to mention in the last chapter that the 'mission' Setoru kept refering to was revealed in the last chapter if you forgot what is was it's in a previous chapter way back when Setoru and Setsumi were talking right after Shiori was tied to the tree.

"If you truly can read others minds, then you know what he has asked of me," Kabuto smirked. His skin started to become scaly and ghost white, his grey hair began to grow down to the middle of his back. Fangs over lapped his upper and lower lips and what appeared to be a forked tongue jetted out between them.

"Well? Do you like my true form boy?"

"You experimented on yourself to become stronger in order to try and defeat me? Or you did to allow Orochimaru to have a body in case you never were able to obtain one?"

"I don't need to try... I will defeat you and Lord Orochimaru will be resurrected!"

Setoru's Sharingan began to spin, "I don't even need my full strength to beat you." The black marks of the seal had already started moving across his pale skin. He immediately went straight to stage 2, wishing to finish quickly. His skin turn an eerie grey color, a light purple cross appeared in the middle of his forehead. His short black hair rapidly grew, his bangs nearly covering his face; the only thing that could be seen was his bloodline trait.

"You look like your Father."

"So I've heard... I'm tired of talking, we finished this now."

"Which demon will win boy?"

"It doesn't matter if I win or not... I will kill you, my life means nothing; my purpose in this life is to avenge my Mother and protect my brother and sister."

"And I will laugh when Lord Orochimaru uses your body to kill those precious to you."

Setoru's already rising chakra spiked to a visible level, no more words were spoken between the two. Kabuto performed several hands knowing full well that Setoru could clearly copy them... his normal blue chakra that could server nerves in any part of a man's body, was now black chakra. 'One touch and he will die, then I'll perform your jutsu my lord.'


Setoru didn't seem disturbed by the information he has just obtained. Without performing and hand signs the chidori appeared in his left hand,' I will not survive this fight, but taking him out is all that matters... that is my mission.'

A second chidori appeared in his right hand also, 'Mother... I'm sorry... I can't obey your wishes. If I didn't put this all on my shoulders alone... then I couldn't protect them from this monster. I only hope you can forgive me.' With this last thought both men charged towards the other.

"Sumi you ok?"

"Heehee yup, getting away from him was easier then I thought."

'Yeah... I just hope we're not too late.'

Both teens felt a surge of massive chakra a few miles ahead of them the after shock nearly threw both of them out of the trees they were in.

"Sh-Shiori that was Setoru's chakra... but... I can't sense him anymore!" she panicked.

"It's alright Sumi, he's probably just masking his chakra that's all!" Shiori tried to calm her down.

"But... but what if!"

"Just calm down we'll go find him, ok?" she nodded and they raced off.

Sasuke was a few miles ahead of them but not close enough to actually see what was happening. He felt his heart stop when his son's chakra came his way in that large amount...than nothing at all.

'No! Don't let it be to late.'

He made way into the now cleared out field, trees and rubble lay everywhere. He could make-out several bodies laying still in the mess, he was relieved when he approached them to discover they were sound shinobi.

'The whole base was destroyed in the blast. The men, prisoners, and the experiments are all dead but...where's Kabuto and Setoru?'

"The whole base is gone!"

"Shiori I can't sense him."

"Sis I told he probably masked his chakra."

"No! It never mattered how good both of you were with masking your chakra, I could always sense you!"

"look at me... we will find him... we will find him."

Sasuke had found what use be the tunnel to the underground base. Following what he of the path, he found more dead men. One room caught his attention, the door was completely gone. The first thing he saw when he walked in was a charred body near the back wall, or what was left of the wall. He slowly approached it fearing the worst, 'Setoru!' the body was so badly burned he couldn't identify it properly. 'Wait! These marks are made from the chidori... that means this is!'

Setsumi and Shiori sensed their Father's chakra inside the base, they raced inside without thinking about what might happen. When they walked into the alter chamber, Shiori noticed their Father was standing over a dead body, "D-Dad?"

'Shiori... Setsumi.'

Sumi wasn't paying attention to either of them at the moment, she was looking on the other side of the room. "Set-Set...SETORU!!" she screamed running over to her brother's body. He seemed untouched, there was no marks of him... yet he wasn't moving.

'No! Setoru!' Shiori ran over as well.

Sumi was at her brother's side, tears streamed down her face, "Setoru please... t-this isn't funny... please get up! Open your eyes and get up!" she screamed shaking him.

'He knew... he knew he was going to die and yet he still stayed! All for the mission...he expects me to be able to do my part... look at her! I can't make her happy now that you're gone you idiot! You'd think that you planned it this way. Why... why did you think it was ok to die? What gave you that right!'

"Setsumi only needs one brother to look out for her... now go!"

'Some people can live with loosing a sibling,' Shiori watched his sister crying over their brother's body, 'But not our little sister, she needs both of us to look after her.' Shiori looked to his Father for answers, Sasuke had not moved from across the room.

'He's...gone. I failed...again.' He was on the edge of sanity right now, he was having flashbacks of his genin days with team 7 and Sakura...and when the kids were little, mostly images of Setoru passed in his mind. 'Why is this happening!? We... we just got him back, he can't be gone!'

Sumi didn't know what to do, she knew Setoru was dead but she didn't want to believe it. She looked to Shiori but he looked just as distraught as she did... then she turned to her Father. "You promised... you promised he'd be ok!" New tears started to form in her eyes.

"Setsumi... I."

"He knew."

Sasuke looked to Shiori, "He knew this was going to happen but he did it protect us."

"How can you say that! He's our brother!"

"And that's why I'm saying it! Because he's our brother he did this! To protect us from Kabuto... that was his plan the whole time. That's why he went to Akatsuki to get the strength he needed to kill him."

"But he wasn't suppose to die!"

"Both of you stop it!" both teens turned to their Father, "This is why he did this... he knew as a team you could not defeat him. Setoru made his decision to do this alone when Kabuto appeared in the village...we just never knew."

They didn't know what to do now, a few hours after the discovery the teams that were sent out to find Shiori entered the ruined base. They were shocked to see who was there... and that Setoru had died killing Kabuto. With the additional members of leaf there they were able to retrieve his body and bring it back home.

Once they arrived, they informed the Hokage of what happened during their time away form the village. Needless to say he was quite upset with the outcome of this news. Both Shiori and Setsumi locked themselves in their rooms yet again and would not come out for anything. Sasuke tried several times to coax them out... yet everything he tried failed. The only time they left and entered the village was for Setoru's funeral, during the ceremony they refused to talk to anyone.

'God I hate this... why are all of them saying they're sorry? It's not like they mean it, they all hated Setoru because he looked just like Dad.' Shiori laughed at that thought, 'He always hated to be told that... but you know what bro, no matter how much you tried to deny it... you were wrong. You do look just like him, even acted like him too. I was always afraid to tell you that, and now that I think about it... I don't know why I was. I always used to make you mad, what was one more thing huh?'

Shiori looked over to his sister, she was standing in between both their Father and him... crying her eyes out again.

He pulled her towards his side trying to comfort her as much as he could with all these people staring at them. 'Now you listen here bro... you did your part for now, and I'll keep my part of our mission; but just cause you're dead don't get you off the hook! You still have to protect her, so don't be get comfortable where ever you are... cause you know her just as well as I do, you know she's danger-pron.'

'Why did he do it? Why couldn't he just be selfish and think of just himself and not us for once! Shiori and I need you Setoru, who's going to stop our fights? You know Dad was never good at doing it right, he's looses his temper to fast. And... who's going to help Shiori with all his pranks of the villagers? I was never good at them, you said so yourself that I was the good one of the 3 of us. Even though you were the oldest... I was suppose to look after you to make sure you didn't get into to much trouble, Momma asked that of me; and I couldn't do it. I'm a medical-nin! I'm suppose to help the injured and dying, but I couldn't get to you fast enough. Why did you tell me to stay when you went after Shiori? I could have help, I could have done more then run away! Look at all of them Setoru,' Sumi glared at the people placing flowers near the picture of her brother, 'They act as if they cared for you... but they didn't know you. Not like we did, know one knows you better then Shiori and me. Not even Daddy... I miss you so much already. Why did you leave us? Momma must have really missed you... to ask you do to go to her now, because if you think we'll be ok without you... you're wrong, I wish I could tell you that. I mean, I'm only 14! Who's going to help Shiori protect me from all the boys of the village when I get older huh, cause you know he sucks as a bodyguard. Heehee, he doesn't have the famous Uchiha glare down just yet, not like you did. Who's going to be with us when we take to jounin exam next month? Shiori still needs help with his jutsu, you said he was unstable... I guess I have to do it. We have to help each other now... as if you were never here.'

It rained the day he was buried, just like when his Mother was, Naruto couldn't help but smile. "I guess Sakura is trying to express her pain too."

"Why do you say that Dobe?"

"A Mother would be very sad at the loss of a child, just because she is dead doesn't mean she can't cry."

"Yeah... I guess you're right... for once."

"Hey! What was that?"

"Nothing Dobe... nothing at all."

Setoru was buried next to his Mother, that way Shiori and Setsumi could always visit him. Everyone left the grounds after the ceremony was over, all except the rookie 8 and Gai's team... and the kids. The younger children were getting tired so their parents took them home shortly after.


Sasuke turned his head slightly acknowledging his friend, "If you know...ever need to talk..."

"I know Dobe." He turned back to look at his kids, who were standing in front of the graves. "Hey Naruto," the blond looked back at him, "Thanks."

"No problem Sasuke." With that said he left with his wife and children, even if it wasn't said and truce was finally settled between the two most power shinobi in the village. (By not calling each other those childish names any longer. Finally growing into adults. Even though they are in like their 30s already.)

'I hope Mom's chewing you out up there bro. She never got to when we were babies it's about time she got to be a Mother to at least one of us. Maybe you can take all her nagging before we get up there... which won't be for I know over 60 years! I know she has a lot to say to me. Just be good till we see you again ok? Say hi to the rest of the family for us too, you know both sides.' Shiori smirked.

'I'll try and get stronger ok Setoru? You would say Shiori needs me more than you do, and we know he needs a lot of help right? I want to know all about Mom, tell me if she's a beautiful and everyone says she was. You're the only one that gets to see her... for now. But I swear, we won't be there for a long time! So enjoy her company till we see you again, ok? I'll miss you beating Shiori's butt in training, maybe I can get him better, you think?'

"Shiori! Setsumi!" They turned to their Father, "You ready to go home? You can come back tomorrow."

"Yeah Dad."

"Yes Daddy."

Sasuke turned and started walking down the hill, they quickly sprinted to his side, Sumi latched onto his arm giving him her best smile.

"Hey Dad...can we have ramen for dinner?"

"No! I refuse to eat that stuff!"

"Well what do you want than sis?" he glared knowing she was going to get her way, she always did.



Sasuke chuckled, "You two will never agree on anything will you?"



"Well let's make it even... Oden for Sumi, Ramen for Shiori, deal?"

"Deal!" they both stated at the same time.

"At least that's one thing you agree on."

"It looks like they will be fine, what do you think?"

"It's as it should be, she only needed one of us."

Setoru stood next to his grave watching his family walk away. A woman much older stood not to far away from him. "They won't forget what you did, they will always miss you."

"They should move on, it's not as if I could go back."

"Where did this attitude come from? I surely did not leave it with you. You must have be around your Father to much, maybe it wasn't a good idea that he was your sensei," the woman giggled.

Setoru turned to her, "If he had not decided to stay when he discovered our existence do you think I would have been this way?"

"I think you would have grown into a very nice man, but you still would have did what you did. You love your brother and sister, that much is certain. That's the part of your personality you got from me," she smiled stepping out of the shade of the tree that bore her name.

Setoru rolled his eyes, a slight blush to his face, "Mother."

"What? I merely state truth my dear son, you think you received such prowess from your Father? Your strength and looks yes, but not your heart or your conscience I'm afraid." she giggled again. She suddenly became very serious, "You can't really wish for them to forget you? Can you?"

"It can't be good to dwell on the past."

"Such words from the boy how wanted revenge his whole life for his Mother?"

"That was different."

"I don't see a difference," she approached him.

"I knew what would happen."

"And you still did it. But you didn't answer my question."

"No, I don't want them to forget me. But I know them better then anyone else... they won't forget. I only hope Shiori keeps his part of the mission."

"You know you left him with the hard part right... give him time. It might not be the way you planned it, but they will help each other." she smiled pulling him into a hug.

"Is it time to leave them Mother?"

"If you want to go we can go... there are several people who wish to meet you."

"I don't think I'm worthy enough too."

"I think both your Grandmothers would be very upset not to meet their first grandson." she smiled pulling him away from the graves.

"Of course Mother."

That night both Shiori and Setsumi had dreams of Setoru surrounded by many different yet almost familiar people. They both noticed standing by his side was a woman in her 30s with long pink hair and green eyes smiling at them. Setoru seemed happy though he wasn't smiling they knew he was, after all he was their brother. Who else knew him better... right?

Setoru Uchiha





You Are Gone

But Never Will You Be Forgotten

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